Something to ask | short comment: "Swiss King" and "Basket Boy": the beauty of sports, no questions

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China News Service, Beijing, September 18 Title: "Swiss King" and "Basket Boy": The Beauty of Sports, No Questions Asked

China News Service reporter An Yingzhao

Something to ask | short comment: "Swiss King" and "Basket Boy": the beauty of sports, no questions

Roger Federer, known as the "King of Switzerland", recently announced that he was about to retire. The 41-year-old veteran has performed more than 1,500 performances for fans in his 24-year career, winning 103 singles titles, including 20 Grand Slams, leaving countless fans with admiration, applause and admiration. Among them is a 14-year-old Wa teenager from Yunnan, China, Wang Fa.

Something to ask | short comment: "Swiss King" and "Basket Boy": the beauty of sports, no questions

Wang Fa carried a basket on his back on the field. Photo by Li Jianyi

Who is Wang Fa? Perhaps one of his photographs is more well known. In the photo, a dark-skinned teenager smiling and spitting out his tongue carries a small bamboo basket with a wa characteristic bamboo basket containing two tennis rackets. This photo went viral on the Internet after Wang Fa recently won the 2022 ASICS Junior Tennis Tour Guangzhou U14 men's singles championship, and people affectionately called him "Basket Boy" and wished him a special basket to the stage of the World Series in the future.

From the age of 8 to the age of 8 to the age of 14, Wang Fa neither complained about the hardships of training nor squandered the joy of success, but continued to train hard towards the dream of becoming a professional player, and it was Federer who inspired his idol.

Something to ask | short comment: "Swiss King" and "Basket Boy": the beauty of sports, no questions

On October 5, 2019, tennis star Federer appeared at the Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center for pre-match training and participated in the master training camp activities. Photo by Tang Yanjun

The Swiss king came to an end, and The Chinese rookie emerged, showing the beauty of sports.

The beauty of sports, the beauty of no matter where you come from.

In the world of sports, heroes don't ask where they come from. Wang Fa was born in Cangyuan, Yunnan, on the Border between China and Myanmar, but the Dream Gate has never been closed due to remoteness or poverty, and behind the championship is his no less than 7,000 swings a day. What helps athletes succeed is never a talent or a favorable condition, but hard training. Federer, who has always been known for his talent, elegance and enjoyment, also said after winning the championship, "People think I am talented and underestimate my diligence"; His most popular quote is also "there is no other way but to work hard, embrace it".

The beauty of sports, beauty has nothing to do with it.

As the Olympic motto advocates, sports should strive for faster, higher, and stronger, but the true meaning of excellence is not to surpass all competitors, but to beat yesterday's self. Among the many records of Federer's career, one is very moving - never retired. He inspires many fans, not because he once achieved the state of "invincibility", but because he was defeated by his opponents and knocked down by injuries and still returned to the field again and again, bravely challenging himself and challenging the limits. People will undoubtedly marvel at the production of new records, but at the same time, those who are not afraid of hardships and persevere, even if they are tired or even limping, will still receive the warmest cheers, which is where the sportsmanship that never gives up lies.

Something to ask | short comment: "Swiss King" and "Basket Boy": the beauty of sports, no questions

The "2022 Tennis into School Activity" activity in the Tibet Autonomous Region was held at the Red Army Primary School in Liuwu New District, Lhasa, where tennis coaches guided students to practice playing tennis. Photo by Gonggaraisong

The beauty of sports, the beauty of things that do not ask.

Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic movement, once said: "The ideal of reviving the Olympic movement aims to bring together tradition and modernity, Eastern and Western civilizations in one place. "Sport knows no race or borders, as the fireworks over the Bird's Nest at the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics read "One World, One Family." For example, Zhang Depei, Sri Chapan, Li Naomi, naota Osaka, who have shone in the history of tennis, perhaps one day, the new "oriental face" can also take over Federer's "racket" and become the next "tennis giant", this inheritance across the East and West will make the beauty of sports lasting and new. (End)

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