What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

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Tang Wei's filming of "Color Ring" sacrificed not only the large scale in the shot, the effort and heartache behind this are heart-wrenching, and at one time it was reported that she was "fake drama really done" in the play.

Even Venus, who has always called herself a "sharp" and "poisonous tongue", has been upset with her.

However, why was Tang Wei, who won many awards with this film, quickly banned in a short period of time?

One. Wang Jiazhi identified at a glance

In the show, Venus strongly accused some viewers of "sharp taste and strange vision", and there was more than one female protagonist who filmed "Color Ring", why should women be insulted and hidden, why did they not scold Liang Chaowei and scold the director?

Venus spoke out to defend no one else, it was precisely because the "passion scene" was too real, and Tang Wei, who was tragically banned.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

Tang Wei was born in 1979 in Hangzhou in a scholarly mendi, his father is a well-known painter, a lifetime of indifferent fame and fortune to focus on painting, ten years as a day to adhere to the love, and his mother is a quiet and small famous actor, may be a long time imperceptible influence, Tang Wei's pursuit of "art" is also very dedicated.

Tang Wei was a student of the Central Academy of Drama in 2000, and began to act as a part-time model in dramas in 2001, because of her down-to-earth and hard-working performance and the righteousness of "revolutionary female fighters", she was favored by director Zhang Jing.

Subsequently, Tang Wei starred in "Police Flower Swallow" led by Zhang Jing, and won the first award in his life for the role of "Swallow"- the Digital Film Lily Award for Outstanding Actress.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

But even with the award body, the inconspicuous Tang Wei still shuttled through the various crews for interviews.

In 2006, director Ang Lee returned to the Chinese film industry with "Brokeback Mountain", which won the Academy Award for Best Director, hoping to have a bolder breakthrough in film, so he set his sights on Zhang Ailing's short story " Color Ring" - "Color Ring".

As the name suggests, the heroine must conform to the soul of beauty given to the character by Zhang Ailing.

More importantly, it is willing to take off, and to take off without performance traces, to take off flexible and natural.

Ang Lee is famous, and there is naturally no shortage of actresses to prepare for new movies, and Tang Wei also happened to be recommended by a director in a sea selection in Beijing to go to Ang Lee for the final "trial".

At that time, director Ang Lee was shuttling back and forth among various "big-name" actresses, first rejecting Zhang Ziyi, an old comrade-in-arms who had worked together in Hollywood, thinking that people were beautiful but not stupid enough, and looking at it was the kind of shrewd woman who "couldn't do stupid things".

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

Later, under the recommendation of her friends, she interviewed Lin Chiling, the goddess in the hearts of thousands of otaku men, but finally used the same reason of "not being stupid enough" to turn her away.

Ang Lee's pickiness did not stop the female star's desire to move, the casting continued, and it was unknown whose hand the deer died.

Immediately after, Liu Yifei, who has the name of "face genius" and the name of "fairy sister", also came to the interview from afar, indicating that he dared to take off and dare to act, hoping that the director would give him a chance.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

But Ang Lee is just not satisfied, he just wants a woman who is stupid enough to be beautiful and charming, is it so difficult?

After a month-long interview, Ang Lee was also tortured crazy, and he even thought to himself, "Or just pick one of the previous interviews."

But just when Ang Lee was about to make up his mind, Tang Wei appeared in front of him.

At that moment, Wang Jiazhi in the book seemed to come to his side.

Although Ang Lee was very satisfied with Tang Wei, in order to prevent bias in the subsequent performance, Ang Lee cautiously interviewed Tang Wei twice.

In the end, the two people's understanding and personal thinking of Wang Jiazhi were all in line, and "Color Ring" began to officially prepare for filming.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

Ang Lee's caution is not only in the role of Wang Jiazhi, but more importantly, what Tang Wei will face after filming this play.

And Tang Wei is also very entangled in his heart, his parents are intellectuals of Shuxiang Mendi, his heart is more or less a tradition of rules, originally he stepped into the show business circle has made them unhappy, if he knows that he wants to shoot a large-scale drama, how should he feel?

Sure enough, when the parents received the news, they felt that the sky had collapsed.

But even if the eyes are "black and black", I also decided to respect my daughter's choice, just hoping that she can think clearly, while gaining glory, there will be rumors stuck in the sky.

The day of bitterness did not come, but after entering the crew, the real devil training began.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

As a person who can win the Oscar directing award, Ang Lee is known for his "effect first" in filming, and all efforts must move towards the ideal state.

In order to be in the ideal state, Tang Weijie suffered for three months.

What kind of Wang Jiazhi in the book "Color Ring" is, Tang Wei must be what kind of person, even if he is flattened and rounded, he must lean on the role.

On the set, Tang Wei did not leave the cheongsam every day, not only to learn Suzhou bomb evaluation, but also to practice the feeling of pouring red wine with a mineral water bottle, whether sitting or standing, he must have a manner and style.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

However, for Wang Jiazhi himself, this is not the most difficult, and even more fatally, it is still to come.

There are three extremely important passion scenes in the movie, and newcomer Tang Wei is very difficult in how to grasp the "scale".

Dismiss everyone on the set, leaving only the director and cinematographer, in this small space, adapting to the rhythm again and again.

The difficulty of the hell-level challenge made her and Liang Chaowei exhausted, crying with headaches, no scripts throughout the whole process, and completely relying on free play.

Finally, under Tang Wei's countless elaborate action skills, he finally got the non-NG of director Ang Lee for the thirteenth time.

The movie is about to be released, in Tang Wei's anxious expectations, what kind of repercussions will this drama bring? Is it extreme scorn or a grand prize?

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

Two. Forced to sacrifice for the role

Sure enough, as soon as "Color Ring" was released, it was full, and Wang Jiazhi, played by Tang Wei, entered the public's field of vision with a posture like a head, and everyone was tied up by this young and innocent, but bright and hot woman in the film.

But with the overnight explosion, people have paid more attention to the "big scale", especially the matter of whether the film is "fake and really done".

Others have filmed big dramas are "Mou Girl" and "Star Girl", but when it comes to Tang Wei, it is not "An Girl" but "Beautiful Girl".

Although this play allowed Tang to win the Golden Lion Award and the Golden Horse Award, two heavyweight awards, in the public eye, the label of "beautiful girl" is still closely attached to the body, and it is talked about after cooking.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

As early as when filming this drama, director Ang Lee anticipated various situations and knew that It would be difficult for Tang Wei to be difficult after that, so he recognized her as a dry daughter.

The current situation verifies Ang Lee's expectations, Tang Wei's peak fell in a short moment, from winning the award to being a god to having no drama to perform, all because of "Color Ring".

Because this drama is too sensational, so that the investors of the big drama feel that there is a risk, the director of the small drama does not dare to please.

He fell to the bottom in his career and planted a big heel in his feelings.

It turned out that the boyfriend who had already talked about marriage could not withstand the pressure of "Sex Ring" and finally chose to break up with her.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

But this gap did not make Tang Wei delirious, and after there was no way out, she chose to go to London to study with the help of Ang Lee.

During the period of enduring everyone's insults, Tang Wei never regretted it, let alone complained, Ling Ran felt: "Since the clothes are taken off by himself, then there is no regret in the road ahead."

After arriving in London, Tang Wei's life was very poor, because she did not earn a penny for endorsements and invitations in China.

But going to school costs money, eating costs money, and without money, it is difficult to walk in a big and unfamiliar city.

In order to live, Tang Wei began to show his "eighteen martial arts".

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

Like a street performer, she wears her own "strange costumes" on the streets of the United Kingdom to do fashion shows, moves a small horse to paint portraits on the street, and sometimes when she is tired, she puts thick oil paint on her face, plugs her ears with MP3s and listens to songs and does nothing. Any act that is perceived as art will be rewarded, and soon there will be many people in front of you to throw coins.

The days in England went by day by day, and soon Tang Wei's life was not so difficult.

Because of her "artistic" behavior on the street, she also met many designer friends in foreign countries.

Life began to get better, and careers took a new look at this time.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

"Full Moon Hennessy" issued an invitation to Tang Wei, and after a few years, Tang Wei returned to the film world with new film and television works.

The film queen is the film queen, and then in 13 years with "Beijing meets Seattle", adding a new milestone to the urban romance film of the Chinese film industry.

Under the leaning of multiple "best actresses", Tang Wei is ready to go, and with Hyun Bin's "Late Autumn", he has won many film awards at the Korean palace level.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

There is also "The Determination to Break Up", which recently broke through the million-view mark in fifteen days of release in South Korea, and its acting skills are even more amazing.

These achievements make Tang Wei no longer limit the impact of the fixation ring, and for Tang Wei, who has long been "reborn", will the audience always remember her label of "beautiful girl"?

Similarly, after chewing on the play "Color Ring" many years later, will the audience have a different understanding of the three passionate scenes filmed by Ang Lee boldly?

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

Three. The collision of "color" and "ring"

Time diluted the yan of "yan girl", and took the word "intellectual" from many words and gave it to Tang Wei.

And when the public talked about the "Color Ring" that led Tang Wei to "soar to the sky", there was finally a little more admiration for "acting" in his eyes.

It can even be vaguely understood why director Ang Lee is so "inky" to shoot three "forbidden scenes".

"Color Ring", color and ring like human reason and desire are at war with heaven and man, showing "struggle", "temptation" and "sinking" in a short shot.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

In the first scene, the two people have just been reunited after a long absence, and Mr. Yi is a trickster on Wang Jiazhi, who is high up in the air, and is like a cat catching a mouse with an interesting torture.

"Body search", "belt", "whipping" and "binding", these almost perverted methods are all embodied in Wang Jiazhi, just like every woman who has just begun to approach Mr. Yi, forced to endure the methods of wanton abuse with insults and pleasure.

At this time, Mr. Yi and Wang Jiazhi did not have any emotional basis, but just liked to watch this "Mrs. Mai"'s clumsy performance with bad taste.

At this moment, Wang Jiazhi does not care about the harm to the body, she just shows a "meaningful" smile, suggesting that success is approaching and undercover success is successful.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

In the second scene, the extreme pull between the prey and the hunter.

As the head of the secret service, Mr. Yi was also afraid that the head would shift one day, but it was obvious that the situation was very favorable to him after returning from Nanjing, so this feeling of pleasure was transferred to Wang Jiazhi.

Mr. Yi seemed to be gentle with Wang Jiazhi, but he was by no means lax, but in this woman who might assassinate him, he did not mind being more patient.

The two began to communicate more.

Mr. Yi began to show his loneliness of sitting in a high position, a sentence "I have not believed what anyone said for a long time" is a slight confession of loneliness, "so I am still alive" is the fragility of the strong man's bowing, and what makes Wang Jiazhi's heart flutter is after Mr. Yi said the three words "I believe".

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

At this time, the sensibility in Wang Jiazhi's body has spread everywhere, where she actively embraces this lonely man, and even when the clouds are turning over, she can't help but want to take the initiative to kiss it.

This is Wang Jiazhi's "color", it is a sensual impulse, and the "ring" that has been tight for many years makes Mr. Yi rationally and decisively reject this kiss.

In the contest between "color" and "precept", Wang Jiazhi has more and more characteristics about "compassion and compassion because of love".

She began to pity this man, and began to feel pain because of Mr. Yi's enduring shadow.

So she said to Mr. Yi at the end of the sinking, "Give me an apartment."

A woman's sense of belonging to home, and a man's commitment to a loved one, all start with a small house.

At this time, for Wang Jiazhi, it is a "undercover" dog blood drama that falls in love with the "enemy".

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

In the third scene, Mr. Yi unloaded his defenses in Wang Jiazhi's "clear and stupid" true feelings, and Wang Jiazhi felt warmth in this turmoil.

The two approach each other in the tight darkness, using an extreme love desire to release the scruples in their hearts.

Wang Jiazhi completely forgot the identity of the undercover agent, forgetting the ultimate goal of killing Mr. Yi at this great moment.

The guns hanging on the wall and the pillows clenched in their hands are all sharp weapons that can easily end their lives, and at this moment, Wang Jiazhi is like a little girl who has tasted love for the first time, only knowing to provocatively test where the bottom line of this person in front of her is.

Mr. Yi, who faced the glamorous rays in the darkness alone, had an extra white dot in his heart, where everything was dispelled, leaving quiet and gentle, wrapping Wang Jiazhi who lived inside.

In the three passion scenes, there are no extra lines, and each of their collisions is progressing for the emotional layers, until the final finishing touch, "Pigeon Egg", closes the curtain for the play.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

A man bought an immeasurable ring for her, which was a luxury that his wife could not ask for, and it was this opportunity that made Wang Jiazhi confirm that she was in love.

Therefore, in the final life and death contest, Wang Jiazhi blurted out the "fast walk", sacrificed himself, and instinctively chose the more important one.

Before meeting Mr. Yi, Wang Jiazhi studied in turmoil, and later joined the assassination plan after meeting her beloved Kwong Yumin.

After meeting Mr. Yi, Wang Jiazhi withstood the pressure of faith or love and survived in the cracks.

What Tang Wei sacrificed in "Color Ring", Venus was upset for her

On the surface, the good friends of the drama club are for "great righteousness", but in fact, no one cares about what Wang Jiazhi really thinks, and she can only be sent to Mr. Yi's tiger mouth like duckweed.

Although Mr. Yi is the enemy and the target, he has never been stingy in his sympathy and concern for Wang Jiazhi, first allowing her to play in the strict work, and then surrendering her weapons in a playful temptation, all of which make Wang Jiazhi stupid for the love in her heart.

Cutting the bones and bones, lust is not wrong, the six desires of the ear, nose, eye, tongue and body control the seven emotions, this moth-like tribulation, so that Wang Jiazhi and Tang Wei complete each other, creating such an extraordinary color and ring.

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