Lin Yanjun collapsed the house, sad only they...

author:It's Mr. Hu Dou

A few days ago, Lin Yanjun's matter was boiling over on Weibo, and for those of us who do not chase the group and do not love beans, there is only one question, who is Lin Yanjun?

Open Baidu, the entry input "Lin Yanjun", found that he debuted for four years, the whole network fans but there are more than 10 million, Baidu Encyclopedia to give the title is actor, singer, debut only four years can get a variety of film and television resources in the entertainment industry, won a lot of awards, needless to say, but also know that he is not an ordinary person with a general family background.

Lin Yanjun collapsed the house, sad only they...

Baidu Encyclopedia

Fans please be reasonable, don't say how hard your idol is, how talented, like the strength of actors Wang Kai, Zhang Yi, all have strength, but still in the entertainment industry for decades to have a reputation.

Back to the main topic, for such a small fresh meat collapse, presumably also see no surprise, after all, the entertainment circle in recent years can be described as a new thing continuously, marriage and divorce, love and cheating, in short, there is no we can not think, only the explosion of the material, and Lin Yanjun is who is sacred, but also set off such a big wave, even occupy nine hot searches?

Lin Yanjun collapsed the house, sad only they...

Perhaps different from the past is that he angered the fans, after being exposed, although the fans knew that the situation was true, but still waited for his response, even if he only told the truth, the fans were still willing to give him a chance, but the result was that he once again lied to the public, which caused the dissatisfaction of the fans, followed by a series of black materials, taking fans as free labor, not waiting to see fans and so on, which finally pushed Lin Yanjun into the focus of public opinion.

Artists like Lin Yanjun who have made their debut are not in the minority, and they are without exception, almost all have a common point, that is, their appearance is outstanding, they can sing and dance, and they only need the careful packaging of a professional team, they can effortlessly harvest a large number of fans, and after having a certain fan base, it is a commercial activity, various resources come to the door, and fans are willing to spend money for them, even if it is just to see a back shadow.

But we seem to ignore the fact that they debuted in the group, themselves are much stronger than most people's family backgrounds, and the fans say "hard, not easy", but they use lame acting skills to enter the group to shoot, but the film remuneration is as high as one million, but even if they have no resources, live broadcast for an hour can also have the salary of ordinary people working for a year.

So, what are you feeling bad about after the collapse of those celebrities?

Lin Yanjun collapsed the house, sad only they...

If you are a rich woman and only want to spend money to buy happiness, of course, it doesn't matter, but the truth is that there are too many fans who are just middle and high school students, or even elementary school students, and their parents are still authentic workers, but they have to spend a lot of time and money to put a packaged star on the altar.

"The drama family affairs are known to the world, and the heroes' dry bones are not asked."

It is true that society is changing, just a group, there is a complete chain of interests behind it, we ordinary people can not do anything, and even will subtly accept their ideas, which is why so many people squeeze their heads into the entertainment circle, because it is really profitable.

I don't know who will collapse next, but I just hope that whether you chase the stars or not, whether your own house collapses or not, you can stay awake, not paralyzed, not frustrated.

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