Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

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Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Tang Wei has acted in many "bad films", but her reputation has not collapsed. She is indeed a not very "easy to use" actor, her temperament is unique among actresses, how to shoot her well, the most test of the director's skill.

Finally, here comes the craziest and most romantic movie of the year.

In May, "The Determination to Break Up" premiered in Cannes, France, and the freshness of Rotten Tomatoes quickly jumped to 100%, and the Cannes Film Festival's "Screen" gave the highest score of 3.2 points. The film set a record for overseas copyright sales of Korean films, and recently announced that it will represent South Korea in the Oscars.

The combination of Tang Wei, the "goddess of literature and art" in China, and Park Chan-wook, the "godfather" of Korean violent aesthetics, makes domestic film fans eager to see the whole film. Now that "The Determination to Break Up" has been launched on the streaming platform, fans can finally get a glimpse.

Park Chan-wook has changed his trademark violent erotic style to tell a subtle and dangerous love story.

The director openly admitted that this is a film almost tailored for Tang Wei. Indeed, some people watched the movie and said that she did not have to "act" at all.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

"The Determination to Break Up"

Park Chan-wook is not the first famous director willing to chase After Tang Wei to "feed and eat". Previously, the script of "The Last Night of the Earth" was also tailored for Tang Wei, and director Bi Gan said that "in the process of writing the script, what appeared in his mind was Tang Wei, green clothes and red lips, dangerous and charming."

Tang Wei has never won the mainstream post-film award in the Chinese market, and he did not win the film queen when he appeared in Cannes with "The Determination to Break Up" a few months ago, but this does not prevent many well-known directors from wanting to work with her.

Tang Wei, why did he become their muse?

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

The director makes the muse, and the muse makes the work

Tang Wei brought us new surprises in "The Determination to Break Up".

The core of the story of this movie is simple (spoilers included below).

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

"The Determination to Break Up"

A woman falls in love with a male policeman, but their fate is always inseparable from the murder of the cunning.

Most of the time the film is carried out from the perspective of the male protagonist, and the audience follows him to peel back the truth of the case layer by layer, and finally discovers that the beauty who is stared at is the real hunter.

Douban Film Review said that the film is actually a standard "detective falls in love with a snake and scorpion beauty" story. Park Chan-wook "performed a strange and tortuous sadomasochism with her ability to use the camera to externalize desire", while the heroine played by Tang Wei "is essentially a canvas for a man to project his own desires", and Park Chan-wook "seems to only want her intriguing and staring mystery".

Slightly different from Tang Wei's previous roles, this time, she is more like a dark "villain".

Song Ruilai, played by her, is a "white cut black" snake and scorpion beauty. "White cut black" refers to the innocent appearance of the character at first glance, but when you "dissect" the character to analyze, you will find that she may be pathological, or even vicious.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

"The Determination to Break Up"

Before watching the movie, you may have a hard time believing that Tang Wei, who is accustomed to playing a literary youth, can control this kind of role. But her innate unpredictable temperament unexpectedly fit the dangerous atmosphere of "snake and scorpion beauty".

In the first case, Song Ruilai's husband fell to his death while climbing a mountain. The male advocate Haijun suspects that Song Ruilai is the murderer, and in the process of searching for evidence, he is attracted by the beauty and melancholy of this woman.

But when Zhang Haijun used the telescope to monitor Song Ruilai, the camera pulled away, and the audience found that the person being monitored was actually himself. As the plot progresses, you will slowly figure out that Song Ruilai has been holding his nose. While being stared at by a man, she enjoys, and in turn stares and controls the other person, actually firmly grasping the initiative.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

"The Determination to Break Up"

The surface is not alarming, the inner dark tide is turbulent, and only with Tang Wei's face can Song Ruilai be so complex and real. When she is in love, she is gentle and lovely, but in the blink of an eye, you will catch a glimpse of some kind of extremely strong desire in her eyes. Tang Wei does not need skills, a loose smile, can interpret this moment to the extreme.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Song Ruilai's smile when he applied lipstick to Zhang Haijun. /"The Determination to Break Up"

Foreign media said that Tang Wei contributed the best performance of his career this time. Her performance was truly eye-catching, but she herself failed to win the award, while Park Chan-wook won the Best Director Award.

The reason is that the role of Song Ruilai was tailored by Park Chan-wook for Tang Wei.

Park Chan-wook said that he and screenwriter Jung Seo-kyung immediately agreed that the heroine should be a Chinese, so that Tang Wei could be invited to play.

The director and screenwriter used the impression of all of Tang Wei's previous performances as the basis for shaping Song Ruilai. They not only polished her sentence by sentence Chinese lines, but also continued to adjust the character personality after getting to know her deeply and make it closer to her temperament.

"She has an innate elegance – you can see that in the way she sits, the way she walks and the way she speaks. Rayleigh also has a strong self-esteem and is frank. She was never afraid to speak her mind, and she was rather stubborn. These are the characteristics of Tang Wei himself. ”

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Screenwriter Zheng Ruijing talked about creating a role for Tang Wei. / Watch Korean film

Some netizens concluded that Tang Wei's best role is that of marginal people who are outside the mainstream of society.

In "Color, Ring", Wang Jiazhi is abandoned by her family, abandoned by her classmates, and finally abandoned by her lover. In Late Autumn, Anna is imprisoned and has love after seven years in prison with only three days of parole. In "The Determination to Break Up", Song Ruilai is a smuggled immigrant, and when she meets a man who is good to her, she is reluctant to let go.

From Ang Lee, Kim Tae-yong to Park Chan-wook, they all accurately extracted the "wandering" and "tenacity" in her temperament, and excavated the most suitable side of her role to achieve the work.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Not every director can use Tang Wei well

Many people first look at Tang Wei because of her looks.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Tang Wei. /"Color, Ring"

Wandering, mysterious, naïve, intellectual, stubborn... How should You Describe Tang Wei's face?

Zhang Ailing's Wang Jiazhi has a soft hexagonal face with rigidity, "slightly pointed and narrow forehead, hair angle is also uneven, I don't know how, but to the beautiful hexagonal face to add a little more delicate."

Director Ang Lee took a fancy to Tang Wei's face. As the netizen God commented: "Probably the only actress in the Chinese mainland who looks like a book." ”

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Director Ang Lee commented that Tang Wei's temperament is like a Chinese teacher. /Anhui TV

In 2006, Ang Lee prepared to shoot "Color, Ring", and selected thousands of choices for the heroine "Wang Jiazhi". When the popular actresses Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi, Big S, etc. have all been considered, in the end he chose the newcomer Tang Wei. He said, "Tang Wei is the grandfather who appreciates the rice and eats." The look in her eyes listening to the play, I know, is Wang Jiazhi. Her own temperament is something I want to preserve. ”

Ang Lee not only looks at people with poisonous eyes, but also excels at training new actors. It is said that "Color, Ring" was filmed for 118 days, and Tang Wei was filmed for 114 days. After Tang Wei entered the group, Ang Lee arranged a 3-month intensive training for her. Shanghainese dialect, Suzhou pingtan, playing Shanghai mahjong, walking in cheongsam and high heels, etc., can be called the devil.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Wang Jiazhi (Tang Wei), a schoolgirl. /"Color, Ring"

Ang Lee is known for being very strict with actors, and through a long training session and repeated lectures, he helped Tang Wei integrate into the role of "Wang Jiazhi". Her innocence and youth, the side that belongs to the schoolgirl; Her feminine melancholy is the side of pretending to be a spy of Mrs. Rich.

After the release of "Color, Ring", a sensation, Tang Wei also won the Best Newcomer Award at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan that year, and became famous at home and abroad.

"Late Autumn" director Kim Tae-yong chose Tang Wei to play the heroine because he saw her photos and felt that although she was young, she had a sense of maturity. Without makeup, without expressions, without even lines, she fits the melancholy of Anna's character. Tang Wei gave the film its own brand with her temperament of "wanting to talk and stopping", and people marveled: "She is naturally suitable for literary and artistic films." ”

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Late Autumn

However, not every director can use Tang Wei well.

She is a typical experiential school, and her "blunt feeling" is often difficult for directors to control. So when it comes to her acting skills, people's evaluation is usually "erratic".

When filming "Three Cities", director Zhang Wanting said to the point in the way Tang Wei acted: "She must make the movie scene very real before she can enter the play, the explosion scene must really explode around her, the child must be really picked by herself with a flat burden, and the sea jumping scene must really throw her into the sea, only in this way can she feel that it is true and can enter the play." ”

Tang Wei herself said that what she couldn't feel, she couldn't act.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Tang Wei talked about his acting skills. /New Entertainment Online

Once the character's personality does not match Tang Wei's temperament, it will cause a strong sense of violation. This is especially evident in commercial films.

In "Beijing Meets Seattle", Tang Wei plays a playful and cute gold worshipper, who is hardworking but unconvincing. Even leaving aside Tang Wei's rough handling of the character's emotions, it is difficult for you to believe that the superficial, sharp-toothed girl will be Tang Wei.

In "The Whistleblower", which cooperated with the same director Xue Xiaolu again, Tang Wei cried stiffly and his acting skills were ridiculed. Some netizens even advised her to stop the film, "so that everyone can still miss her good when they look back at Ang Lee's works in the future."

In "Daming Style", due to the lack of internal logic in the role of Sun Ruowei, Tang Wei seems to be difficult to substitute. The heroine does not integrate with other roles, and Tang Wei has also become an acting "depression" among a group of actors.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Tang Wei's acting skills in "Daming Style" are a disaster. /"Daming Style"

Chen Kexin once said: "The actor did not say that he would not act, only the director would not choose, you chose the right one, he will act." ”

Tang Wei was extremely dependent on the director's choice. She seems to be only suitable for directors who can accurately capture this trait of hers, like a stubborn stone, which needs a sharp knife to polish in order to burst into brilliance.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

"Not good" she is the most scarce

As an actor, Tang Wei seems to be so "unusable", but there has always been no shortage of good acting. You have to admit that she is a very special presence in the film and television industry. Many people squeezed the top resources that they could not win, and the big directors chased after Tang Weizhi.

One by one, they invited her, favoring her for her deep mystery and unconscious seduction. And she herself hardly needs to adapt to the role, because they will always tailor the role for her.

People think that Tang Wei is lucky, she does not compete, but she can always take these "big cakes" with grace.

But in fact, she is not a "Wang Jiazhi" who passively stands on the stage. In a way, she has more in common with "Song Ruilai".

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Wang Jiazhi stood on the stage, looking at and dressing up like a vase. /"Color, Ring"

Tang has only an amazing talent for language. In her many years of acting experience, she has learned Shanghainese, Cantonese, English, and can also speak a certain amount of Korean, and the language advantage has greatly helped her to go international.

She has more initiative in her career than people think, and she is calmly in control. When she was in college, she gained contacts with her enthusiastic and cheerful personality and got her first acting opportunity in her career.

After "Color, Ring", she went to the UK to study alone, and she could also find a way to contact the costume designer Gary through the film and television industry, and volunteered to go to the stage of London Fashion Design Week.

In addition, even if she doesn't have much acting talent, she works hard enough. In order to star in "Golden Age", Tang Wei read through all of Xiao Hong's works and ran to the ice and snow to experience her hunger and cold. She worked so hard and left a good impression on her partners, so that she could gain a good reputation in the industry.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

Xiao Hong, played by Tang Wei. /The Golden Age

Tang Wei is not a skilled actor with a "drama throwing face", she can only eat the bowl of rice of "cold and alienated beauty". It is true that her performance is unstable, but the audience will always expect her new work. Because in addition to the similar personalities of domestic films and televisions, Tang Wei can always bring us a completely different imagination.

Screenwriter Jia Dongyan recently pointed out sharply in an interview with "Fox Factory Entertainment Observation" that domestic film and television filmmakers cannot find a human template that can be applied, so they are not allowed to write new types of roles. Fear of taking risks leads to the same characters and stories.

Therefore, the internal entertainment actresses can only compete to shoot palace fight dramas, fairy dramas, and workplace dramas, which are all romance dramas. At a glance, it is all a fake "big heroine" who breaks up with the scumbag and then falls in love with the small fresh meat. Even when the actress is a little older, she only has to play the mother of the actor of the same age.

Mass-produced film and television works will not give the actors the environment to slowly ponder the characters, and can only create Tang Wei in "Daming Style", and cannot achieve Tang Wei in "Color, Ring", "Late Autumn" and "Determination to Break Up".

Nowadays, the domestic film and television market lacks Tang Wei's type of actor, and her temperament is unique.

What is even more missing is the complex and three-dimensional female character that fits her temperament, and can "gaze" at men in turn, as well as the works that allow "Tang Wei" to play and grow.

And Tang Wei went to a broader stage. She is about to go to the Oscars with "The Determination to Break Up" to "brush her face", and may become the muse of more people.

Some people scolded the rotten film, and no one scolded Tang Wei

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