Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

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"A man who lives,

What a price to pay for a lifetime.

I'm going to climb to the top of the top,

I'm going to see the sunrise again,

I'm going to look at this blessed land that God has promised,

Until the eyes look tired.

Then let the white snowflakes bury me.

On my grave it reads:

No one is buried here.

And then, and then,

Just let it go....."

(Ibsen, Perkint)

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

Tang Wei's new film has recently exploded.......

Of course, it may be more important because the director is Park Chan-wook. The Korean director, who is famous for his works such as "Revenge Trilogy", "Common Security Zone" and "Miss", after 6 years of dormancy, almost tailored this "Determination to Break Up" for Tang Wei.

Although, in the end, at the Cannes Film Festival, only the director won the best director award, Tang Wei did not get the award in the end. But on various film review platforms, "The Determination to Break Up" has triggered considerable reactions and discussions in terms of story, photography and the heroine herself.

With black suspense, the main line of murder, and the entanglement of criminal police and beautiful female protagonists, it has always been an attractive way. The most famous work, of course, is "Instinct".

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

In R Jun's perception, this "Determination to Break Up" is almost the same number of roads, but it is more inclined to Plato, and at the same time it has more of the emotional inhibition and forbearance of Oriental culture. And the role arranged by the director for Tang Wei, just like Wang Jiazhi in "Color Ring", is simply tailor-made, and only needs her to star in her true colors. So it's no wonder that In the end, Cannes didn't award her the actress award, because it was too authentic and lacked the skills and input required by the performance itself.

However, frankly, because it is Park Chan-wook's work, compared with his excellent works in the past, the smooth flow, the careful logical setting and the step-by-step story evolution, this new work is a bit far-fetched and deliberate in many angles, and even a little superficial and insufficient impact.

For example, the love process of "insensitivity and etiquette" between the female protagonist and the male protagonist inevitably makes the "determination to break up" with the trick of life and death seem too exaggerated and too strong; And the female protagonist's repeated and repeated fall into a bad marriage process that leads to various murders is really difficult to convince people, so it can harvest the heart of an excellent criminal policeman; And the various acts she does, whether it is as a nursing job, or an act of revenge, or an arrangement for murder, are all character buildings that cannot be justified by each other...

In a sense, what has triggered a lot of discussion on the platform is the various senses of separation brought about by the role of Tang Wei in the film: she is neither a snake and scorpion beauty heroine who is full of heart, domineering and control desire like the heroine of "Instinct"; It is not an emotional woman who is swayed by fate and eventually shaken by emotions like in "Lust"; It is not like the goddess of vengeance in "Kind Gold", who is full of grievances and can endure for ten years and send a sword...

But the whole story, repeatedly full of depictions of love, ends with an extremely tragic ending.........

So, with such a setting, should we watch this work as a suspense movie? Or when the tragedy of love looks at it?

Is it a snake and scorpion beauty or a poor ill-fated woman?

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

This is probably the most contradictory and unexplainable problem in the whole film.

Song Ruilai, played by Tang Wei, is of course a woman with strong mobility. In addition to her outstanding effect as a paramedic repeatedly shown in the film, the 2 murders and revenge actions are not only simple and bright, but also almost watertight. It shows her strong patience, planning ability and execution ability.

As the youngest police superintendent in the country, Zhang Haijun is naturally also a powerful character with experience, meticulous mind and strong temperament. Therefore, he will tirelessly chase all kinds of truths, examine all kinds of details, and will not let go of a real murderer.

If it is because of Ruilai's beauty that attracts Haijun, it is forgivable. After all, sometimes the fate of men and women is sudden, and there is no fixed law. Besides, Haijun is still a weekend couple.

One sentient being and one righteous, and looking at the right eye, are all natural things.

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

The first half of the story, even until Hae Joon discovers that Ruilai is the real murderer of the cliff murder case, continues to choose to shield Ruilai, which is reasonable logic.

At this point, Haijun admitted that he had lost a "collapse". This represents both the misjudgment of his ability to judge the case and his remorse for falling into this undeserved affection. Therefore, he also chose to quit the game and go to another small area.

But with Ruilai's personality, since she likes Haijun so much and is full of action, how can she let it go. (Even afterward, she goes to Hae-joon's police station and pulls the fire alarm just to see him, which is obviously not something that ordinary emotions can do.) )

Even things that are explained to her as her own are not yet settled, such as the problems of other men. For Ruilai, with these troubles, go to Haijun again, and even provoke another murder. Then this is simply not looking for love, it is posting a challenge.......

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

Normal snake and scorpion beauties, but like to control their desires, on the one hand, they want to let the other party fall under the pomegranate skirt, and on the other hand, they also want the other party to be played and applauded in their own innings, and they can't play themselves with all their efforts. For standards, see Stone Sister in Instinct.

But here while saying that you like it, you also have a bunch of troubles to add to the other party's blockage, if it is not because you appreciate each other's ability and hope to see each other face challenges, that is really not something that snake and scorpion beauty can do........

Some people also said that Ruilai had actually always held the determination to die, and in the end it was also the moth that put out the fire, simply making himself a scene that Haijun could never forget. This is actually very far-fetched...

After all, handling cases is all about evidence. Hae Joon's 2 murders of Ruilai basically came from reasoning, and there was no definite evidence. (A ascent record from the other party's mobile phone; Once from the other side to incite the enemy's actions; And even because Rayleigh killed her second husband because he might coerce hae-joon into exposing her relationship, it wouldn't be so that she would have to go to the point of suicide in the end. (After all, the 2 cases have actually been clearly closed, and she and Hae-joon can both retreat.) And Hae-joon had already let her go once before, and this time there was even less reason to involve her, after all, it wasn't even her who actually did it. )

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

Of course, Rayleigh's fate is quite bad, first because he euthanized his mother, and after smuggling, he encountered domestic violence in his first marriage. But why did she get into a new big liar in her second marriage, and she never gave a good account.

From the beginning to the end of the movie, Rayleigh does not look like a woman with no brains or thoughts. If the previous crime was bad luck, after the cliff case, she could completely return to normal after retreating from the cliff case, and she would not be stupid enough to just come out of the wolf's den and jump into the fire pit. And it is even more incomprehensible that he chose a suicide and died in the end. This is all quite puzzling story setting.

Therefore, this "Determination to Break Up" looks like it can only be interpreted as a deformed love. Then the relevance of this movie and the credibility of the characters are far from it.......

At least, R Jun has basically no feelings for the kind of deliberate, illogical, and unreal touching and sensationalism.

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

But it seems that what the director wants is to show a woman's perseverance. So in the official poster of the movie, Tang is also the only face firmly looking out the car window, while the male protagonist sits next to him like a useless puppet with his eyes closed.......

In fact, R Jun would like to ask:

- If you really feel that the male protagonist is cowardly and break up, who should blame him for choosing a worse vision?

- If you really make sacrifices because you love the male protagonist too deeply, why do you not want to think about why you have caused these stupid things?

Either way, neither convincing, is a wise and determined woman; Instead, it's a broomstick star with an alluring face.

It is a pity that our Haijun, who should be a self-disciplined and promising excellent criminal policeman, has fallen into such an inexplicable aberration, and he is still tossed to death and come back to life, insomnia every day....... What's really the pain? Why? How unworthy?

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

At least, compared with the steps of Sister Stone in "Instinct" and the various traps full of charm, the difference in the level of handling of these 2 women is really the difference between heaven and earth.

Therefore, to be a bully sister, it is really not to kill someone, just set up a bureau. Repeatedly provoking scumbags for themselves, and then turning back to desperately try to get out, but also trying to show how resolute and sacrificial, in fact, in addition to showing their iq and eyes are not good, self-depreciation, in fact, there is really no other gain.

At least, a person who is always troubled can't be said to be a smart person, right?

After all, in the world, as well as our figure, in fact, there is never a shortage of beautiful women, and the real scarcity is always a beautiful woman with a brain.

If you really want to talk about tough women, R Jun recommends that you go to see the research in "Paradise Night". The girl who dared to love and dare to hate, and finally killed a river of blood, eventually committed suicide, which was much more refreshing, excellent and worthy than Tang Wei'ai. (R Jun's film review: This Korean gangster film is full of the jianghu atmosphere of Hong Kong gangster films)

humm....... Therefore, "The Determination to Break Up", even if the various photographic angles are excellent, I am afraid that R Jun can only give it a mediocre score.

By the way, I like the girls to be clear, Tang Wei's role is nothing worth learning or admiring, don't use force where you are forced, you shouldn't touch things to cause a commotion, unless you want your own life, it has become like a mess of her, hahahahahaha.

Tang Wei played The Korean Wang Jiazhi again, but unfortunately the IQ is still not online

R Jun, August 14, 2022, in Shanghai.

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