Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

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The "old north wind" whistled south

Strong and fouled, the old north wind threw himself into the anti-Japanese resistance, attacked Haicheng three times, and attacked the southern Liaoning

In the summer and autumn of 1932, in many towns in southern Liaoning, especially in towns along the railway line, there were posted everywhere the japanese Kwantung Army's wanted orders, offering a reward for the arrest of "Old North Wind" Zhang Haitian, and the arrest warrant read: Catch the "Old North Wind" alive, reward the ocean with 20,000: kill the "Old North Wind", reward the ocean with 10,000.

Honjo Fan, commander of the Kwantung Army, also personally ordered two divisions, Doi and Duomen, to enter Tai'an and Haicheng respectively to "encircle and suppress" them in the form of heavy troops pulling nets in an attempt to eliminate the "Old North Wind" team.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

Who is Zhang Haitian of the "Old North Wind"? Why did Honjo Fan spare no expense to arrest him and then encircle and suppress him? Can the "Old North Wind" dodge the Kwantung Army's open gun and dark sword? In order to ask the Japanese army for weapons, the old north wind actually kidnapped the British businessman, why is this?

"Old North Wind" is the nickname of Zhang Haitian, Zhang Haitian is the commander-in-chief of the former enemy of the volunteer army in southern Liaoning, which is the anti-Japanese armed force transformed from beard after the "918 Incident", and the team has developed into more than 10,000 people, organized into 10 brigades and 20 independent regiments, which have repeatedly created the Japanese army.

Zhang Haitian founded the Liaonan Volunteer Army, because most of them were from bearded (northeast dialect, that is, bandits), debauched, heavy habits in the rivers and lakes, and even some people privately went to do the work of kidnapping tickets, and even his dry son also went to flirt with the women of the good family, as the leader of the team, how did zhang Haitian, the "old north wind", restrain this anti-Japanese armed force?

Today, I will share the general "Old North Wind" of the bearded anti-Japanese volunteer army:

In the ranks of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army, such a group of people were active. They used to gather in the mountains and forests, rob the rich and help the poor, and they also ate meat in large bites and weighed the scales to divide the gold. The Japanese Kwantung Army tried its best to win them over, but there were few successful examples, because they had the simplest idea in their minds - "We are also Chinese."

In the northeast, the so-called "bearded" are mostly such a group of people, dressed in rags, drinking ice and lying in snow but misunderstood. But being able to fight japan for three years without surrendering is enough to be called a hero of the Chinese nation.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

The poor boy became the leader of the bandits, and reported the number "Haitian"

"Old North Wind" Zhang Haitian, formerly known as Zhang Henian, was originally a native of Jiutaizi, Shaling Town, Panshan County, and later moved to Zhengjiatun. Originally from Shandong, Shandong suffered natural disasters during the late Qing Dynasty, and the family fled to the northeast. He was the eldest in the family, so he came out early to work and support his family. Later, he advocated the Highland family as a gunner, that is, the housekeeper of the nursing home, but his life was not much better.

The following year, when Zhang Hailan asked him to go to the local police branch as a miscellaneous servant, Zhang Haitian could not bear the bullying and insults of the police, so he simply stole a gun and defected to the local soldier bandits who reported as "old man's vote" and began to embark on the road of robbery as a bandit.

After becoming a soldier and bandit, Zhang Haitian was like a fish in the water, although he had no culture, but he was bold and careful, and he was righteous and trustworthy.

In the career of a bandit, for many years through the forest and valley, robbing and kidnapping tickets, but also at any time to avoid the pursuit of the officers and soldiers, Zhang Haitian practiced a good marksmanship, and also had a stunt of crouching and running like a fly. Later, because of his popularity, he was promoted to the position of big leader, and reported the name "Haitian" to the outside world, which means Haicheng Datian and lao tzu is the first in the world.

Zhang Haitian is tall, loud, decisive, and strong in character. In 1929, Zhang Haitian, who was over 40 years old, became independent (that is, he began to work alone and became a force of his own), and in less than two years, he grew to two or three hundred people, and he was already a large gang of bandits in the southern Liaoning region.

Zhang Haitian specializes in robbing rich people's homes, not poor people's homes.

He used to say, "Poor people rob him of three or two buckets of grain." "Let his men still have discipline when they rob, and tell them not to prostitute themselves, not to gamble when they get off their horses, and not to commit adultery." There are also "seven do not grab, eight do not grab." "Seven no robberies" are: "Don't rob your family, don't rob your friends, don't rob widows, don't rob small people's homes, don't rob postmen, and don't rob small traders." ”

Therefore, the poor people said that he was good, and the local rich people hated him and had a toothache, but they had to admire him.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

Shocked by the "918 Incident", pulling the flag to fight Japan; For Honjo Fan, the newspaper number "Old North Wind"

Zhang Haitian's nickname of "Old North Wind" was raised later, and the origin is unverifiable, some people say that in the cold and freezing season, he never wears a cotton hat and goes up against the wind, so he gets the nickname of "Old North Wind".

Some people say that it is mainly because he is brave and good at war, such as the north wind sweeping away the leaves;

Some people also say that the name "Old North Wind" is mainly aimed at the name of the Kwantung Army Honjo.

Ye Shi records that when the "September 18" incident occurred, Zhang Haitian was playing mahjong in Hangzhou in the old camp of Haitian in Panshan County, and he had just touched Zhang 'North Wind' in his hand. The brothers came to report: "The big treasurer, the Japanese son has entered Shenyang." ”

When Zhang Haitian heard this, he pushed off the mahjong cards on the table with a loud roar, looked at the cold light, and was full of murderous anger, coldly spitting out ten words that oozed blood: "Don't play mahjong, pull the flag to fight Japan!" ”

Then, Zhang Haitian slapped the "North Wind" in his hand on the mahjong table and said, "From now on, it will be called North Wind. ”

The next morning, hundreds of good men from the green forest gathered in the compound of the barracks, and the "Haitian" banner that used to flutter with gold edges and walking on a gold line and black background had been replaced by the banner of "Old North Wind".

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

Zhang Haitian jumped on the large mill in the middle of the courtyard and waved his arm and said loudly, "Brothers, Shenyang City was occupied by little Japanese yesterday, and it will soon hit us here." Devils this is to destroy our country, to destroy our home, little Japan is clearly bullying us China no one! His grandmother's, we are the grandfathers of the northeast, can we give our homes to them? From today onwards, I Zhang Haitian will no longer take the big guys to rob people, rob guns, tie tickets and smash open fires, and I will fight the little devils. The brethren have the will to follow me and stay. If you don't want to do it, Zhang Someone will not force it. If the big guys don't want to do it, then split the pole and scatter the gang! One of zhang's heads and a gun fights with Japanese devils to the end! ”

The good men of the green forest shouted one after another, "Fight with Little Japan!" ”

"Whatever the big boss says, we do."

"the Japanese devil!"

Zhang Haitian also said, "Brothers, my 'Haitian' has officially changed its name to 'Old North Wind' from today onwards! From now on, we will be the Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Army. Why is the newspaper called Old North Wind? Yesterday, when I was playing mahjong with a few leaders, I heard that the devils had occupied Shenyang City at the moment when the South Wind was sitting on the zhuangzhuang. Isn't his mother's commander of the Kwantung Army named Honjo Boge? We're going to kill him. If the 'Old North Wind' didn't beat his Honzhuang to the sky and four pestles, the death of zhang would not be blind. ”

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

The traitor Ling Yinqing came to persuade him to surrender, and the old north wind claimed to "submit" and presented the roster, is it true?

After the fall of Shenyang, the Japanese army attacked Jilin and Heilongjiang along the South Manchuria Railway.

At the same time, the Japanese Kwantung Army implemented the policy of "using China to control China," instigated Ling Yinqing, a traitor who had been raised for many years, formed the "Northeast Self-Defense Army," and set up a headquarters in the county seat of Nanhai City in Liaoning Province, in order to enlist Zhang Haitian and other large bandits to disrupt Jinzhou and cooperate with the Japanese invaders' action of annexing the entire northeast.

Ling Yinqing, zi liancheng, Haicheng County Gaotuozi people. In the course of invading Liaoning and Jilin, the Japanese army actively established a puppet regime and organized a puppet military and police. Ling Yinqing was a party stick that the Japanese military had been raising for many years in Shenyang.

In 1924, Zhang Zuolin, Duan Qirui, and Sun Yat-sen formed a triangular alliance against the warlords Cao Kun and Wu Peifu, and Wang Jingwei came to Shenyang on behalf of Sun Yat-sen to recruit and introduced Ling Yinqing as a distributor of the three eastern provinces of Shanghai (Republic of China Daily).

After the "Nine-Eight" incident, the Japanese brought Out Ling Yinqing to serve his aggression. In early October, the Japanese Kwantung Army appointed the traitor Ling Yinqing as the commander-in-chief of the Northeast Self-Defense Army, and sent five veteran secret agents, Including Futaro Kuraoka, as advisers. The Japanese army attempted to use this team of traitors as the vanguard to first attack Jinzhou and then control western Liaoning in preparation for the Japanese army to drive into the pass.

Ling Yinqing had long heard of the name of "Old North Wind" and wanted to pull "Old North Wind" to serve himself and the Japanese devils.

In early October 1931, Ling Yinqing and 13 Japanese advisers led more than 200 puppet troops, carrying light and heavy weapons and a large amount of military supplies, to camp not far from Zhang Haitian's camp, on the one hand, luring Zhang Haitian to surrender to the enemy with high-ranking official Houlu, and on the other hand, using the threat of force to force Zhang Haitian and his troops to accept the reorganization and "submit" to the Japanese army.

But Ling Yinqing miscalculated. Although the "Old North Wind" was in the green forest, he never forgot that he was a Chinese, and he had long hated the Japanese invasion of the northeast. After consulting with Xiang Qingshan, Gai Zhonghua, and others, he decided to put the plan in order, pretended to agree to accept the reorganization, and first handed over to Ling Yinqing and others the roster of personnel and the list of weapons and equipment to paralyze the enemy, and then dispatch troops and generals to gather and annihilate them.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

After contacting Ling Yinqing, the "Old North Wind" pretended to "return to Obedience" and also made a roster, saying that it was waiting for adaptation.

Ling Yinqing was very happy, thinking that his purpose had been achieved, so he relaxed his vigilance. But he never expected that just when he was proud, the "Old North Wind" had already arranged a plan to surround and annihilate him.

In the early morning of November 3, when the fog was thick, Zhang Haitian immediately made a decision, seized this favorable opportunity, and led his troops to rush to the enemy's garrison under the cover of thick fog, solved the guard post, and then pounced on the intended target.

At this time, Ling Yinqing was lying on the bed smoking a big cigarette, and before he could get out of bed, he was caught by Zhang Haitian. At the same time, Zhang Haitian's men also rushed into the japanese advisers' residences and the puppet army's barracks, and the Japanese advisers and all the puppet troops were taken prisoner before they could resist.

Not a single shot was fired in this battle, and more than 200 people under the capture of the traitor Ling Yinqing and 13 Japanese advisers, as well as Feng Xianzhou, commander of the 15th Brigade of the puppet army. 2 92 infantry guns, 8 mortars, more than 20 light and heavy machine guns, more than 200 rifles and dozens of boxes of ammunition were captured, as well as a large number of military uniforms, vehicles, horses, etc., and dealt a fierce blow to the Japanese puppet army's arrogance.

On January 18, the "Old North Wind" publicly executed the traitor Ling Yinqing and his Japanese advisers in Shaling, and announced that he had sworn to fight the Japanese to the end.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

Zhang Xueliang rewarded the "Old North Wind" battle knife

After the "Old North Wind" raised the anti-Japanese righteous banner, the people of southern Liaoning cheered for it, and even Zhang Xueliang in Beiping was also encouraged, and gave Zhang Haitian and Xiang Qingshan a gold-shell pocket watch with a portrait of a young marshal, a battle knife, and awarded 50,000 pieces to the volunteer army Ocean, and also appointed him as the commander of the 2nd Road of the Northeast People's Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army.

Since then, Zhang Haitian has led the team to birth and death, traversing the battlefield and becoming an anti-Japanese hero. At that time, he was wearing the armband of the "Northeast Anti-Japanese Supporting Nationalist National Army", with a fruit-skin whip on his feet, a box gun at his waist, and a guard behind him, which was very powerful.

After that, Zhang Haitian reorganized the team into 8 brigades, each brigade was divided into 3 squadrons, and each squadron was divided into 3 squads, and the number of people had reached more than 6,000. Zhang Haitian and Xiang Qingshan were respectively the chief and deputy commanders, and were renamed the Northeast People's Anti-Japanese National Salvation Army. On the arm is a red or yellow logo with the words "Northeast People's Anti-Japanese National Salvation Army" written on it.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

The "Old North Wind" and 9 guards were surrounded by heavy Japanese troops, could they successfully break through?

When the news of the "Old North Wind" executing the Japanese and holding high the banner of anti-Japanese righteousness spread, the common people in the Liaoning region all clapped their hands and applauded, and the Japanese invaders became angry and ashamed. The Japanese army immediately mobilized heavy troops to carry out "encirclement and suppression" in a vain attempt to eliminate the volunteer army led by Zhang Haitian in one fell swoop.

It was the middle of winter, and the troops were scattered and hidden. At a camp near the river, Zhang Haitian and nine guards were surrounded by more than 200 Japanese troops.

Faced with the unfavorable situation of the enemy and the enemy, Zhang Haitian did not panic and led the guards to block the attack separately and rushed out of the camp. Relying on their marksmanship, familiar terrain, and physical fitness, they mysteriously circled with the Japanese and made the enemy dizzy.

Zhang Haitian fired no false bullets, killing more than ten Japanese troops in one person. The enemy prided himself on being numerous and well-armed, and pursued Zhang Haitian closely.

And the "old north wind" Zhang Haitian did not show weakness. When the enemy approached, he and his brothers shot separately to block it; When the enemy is far away, he takes advantage of the familiar terrain to circle with the enemy. One or two hundred devils watched helplessly at these opponents in front of them.

After half a day of fierce fighting, Zhang Haitian and the guards ran out of ammunition, and they decided to break through. Zhang Haitian ordered the 9 brothers to retreat to the river and board the boat, and he personally broke off the rear to take cover. When everyone got on the boat, Zhang Haitian also jumped on the stern and commanded everyone to drive the boat to the opposite shore.

The Japanese army chased after the steamboat, Zhang Haitian fought alone, and a few shots killed the Japanese troops on the motorboat.

The Japanese suffered heavy casualties in this battle, but Zhang Haitian and 9 guards were unscathed. As a result, the "old north wind" Zhang Haitian's voice was greatly shaken, and the anti-Japanese team he led quickly grew to more than 7,000 people.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

In order to prevent the enemy from advancing westward, the "Old North Wind" frantically raided the Japanese headquarters

In late December, The Japanese invaders invaded western Liaoning in three ways.

One of them starts from Yingkou and goes straight to Jinzhou along the Yinggou Railway. On this road, the Japanese army was strong and strong, with about 4,000 infantry and cavalry, and the volunteer army that blocked along the way was defeated by it. In order to prevent the enemy from advancing westward, Zhang Haitian led more than 7,000 of his troops to launch a fierce counterattack against the Japanese army. After several days of fierce fighting, Zhang Haitian's troops contained the crazy attack of the Japanese army, and the enemy could only hold on to help.

On December 28, Zhang Haitian ordered the brigades to step up their attacks while organizing death squads to raid the Japanese command capital. He led the death squad members to rush into the enemy position with a gun in one hand and a large knife in the other, and fought the Japanese army to the death. The two sides fought fiercely for three or four hours, and Zhang Haitian and his volunteer army killed nearly 200 Japanese troops and captured a large amount of military supplies.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

When the enemy's heavy troops attacked, the "Old North Wind" took the attack as the defense and counterattacked the Japanese army in four ways

The "Old North Wind" was victorious in successive battles, which greatly annoyed the Japanese army.

In retaliation, the enemy seized the opportunity of Zhang Haitian's division of troops and launched a large-scale attack of more than 2,000 people in late January 1932.

Zhang Haitian decided to take the attack as the defense and attack the enemy first. He concentrated more than 3,400 troops in his hands and attacked the Japanese army in four ways. The battle began at 9 p.m. that day, and the volunteer army was like a fierce tiger on the mountain, and soon broke through the Japanese defense line from the west and north, and fought with the enemy.

After a night of fierce fighting, the corpses of the Japanese army were everywhere. At dawn, another large group of Japanese troops came to reinforcements with the support of 3 aircraft, and the Volunteer Army calmly withdrew from the battle.

In this battle, the volunteer army led by Zhang Haitian killed more than 100 officers and men under the Japanese wing commander Hideki Daisaku Kono.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

The old north wind attacked Haicheng three times, and the Japanese army heard the sound of firecrackers and retreated

Located in Haicheng, where the Shenda Line is about to rush, it is an important town in southern Liaoning. It strangles Liaoyang, Anshan in the north, Yingkou in the south, Liaodong Bay in the south, and peeks at the Shenshan Line. There was a Japanese armament warehouse here, which was heavily defended by the enemy. In order to deal a heavy blow to the Japanese Kou, Zhang Haitian decided to attack Haicheng.

On March 17, 1932, Zhang Haitian led his troops to attack Haicheng for the first time. They captured the county seat of Haicheng and destroyed a large number of Japanese military facilities. At the same time, Zhang Haitian divided his troops and attacked the townships near the county seat. The volunteers destroyed the Balihe pseudo-police station, occupied the Daegoryeo house, captured the pseudo-police chief of Dashiqiao, and killed the captain of the Haicheng police brigade, winning one victory after another.

On the night of August 2 of the same year, Zhang Haitian led his troops to besiege Haicheng County from the north, west and south for the second time. When the volunteer army fought fiercely with the Japanese Kou for a long time, some of them broke into the city, but because the enemy fought back desperately and the fire was fierce, the volunteer army that broke into the city suffered heavy casualties and had to withdraw from the battle.

On August 3, Zhang Haitian decided to change the main direction of attack and storm the Japanese Koubing Station, two kilometers away from haicheng railway station. The station is surrounded by deep ditches, power grids, bunkers and turrets, and there are enemy warehouses and a large amount of military supplies in the station.

In order to capture the station as soon as possible, Zhang Haitian did not hesitate to organize a death squad and personally commanded dozens of daredevils to sneak through the trenches and cut the power grid.

After rushing into the station, the daredevils went straight to the Japanese haystacks and set fire to them.

For a time, the fire inside the station was raging, the gunfire was loud, and the entire station was plunged into a sea of fire, and the Japanese who guarded the station were either burned to death or killed.

After only two hours, the volunteer army completely destroyed the station and triumphed.

On the night of August 23, a villager near Haicheng set off firecrackers to eliminate the disaster for the sick, and rikou thought that the "old north wind" was coming.

At dawn, the enemy sent people out of the city to reconnoiter, and Fang knew that it was a false alarm.

The devils were so ashamed and angry that they ordered the village to be looted, and the people were killed and injured countless times.

When the "Old North Wind" heard the news, he was extremely indignant.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

On the night of August 26, Zhang Haitian adopted the strategy of attacking the west from the east and leading his troops to attack Haicheng for the third time. The main target of the attack was the Haicheng Railway Station. The railway station was garrisoned with more than 200 Japanese troops, equipped with heavy weapons and strong combat effectiveness. In order to paralyze the enemy, Zhang Haitian pretended to attack the county seat of Haicheng with part of his troops, so that the enemy in the city did not dare to go out of the city to reinforce, but at the same time, he attacked the railway station with the main force.

Under the command of Zhang Haitian, after a night of fierce fighting, the volunteer army finally attacked the Haicheng Railway Station, completely annihilated the Japanese garrison, and burned down the buildings in the station area.

After dawn, the Japanese troops in the city knew that they had been deceived, and quickly sent troops to reinforce the railway station. At this time, the team of the "Old North Wind" had long disappeared without a trace.

Dry son flirts with good family women, what will the old north wind do?

"Old North Wind" is the head of the beard, his anti-Japanese contingent, but also mostly developed from the beard, the beard is the dialect of the northeast, that is, the meaning of bandits, the bandits are bound to me, the team is difficult to manage, some people sneak and do the kidnapping (hostage-binding) thing, and the old North Wind Zhang Haitian's son also flirted with the women of the good family in broad daylight, the old North Wind also felt the seriousness of the problem, will he condone his subordinates and his son to do something wrong?

Zhang Haitian, the "old north wind", changed from a bearded head to an anti-Japanese general, and the path of life took a fundamental turn.

Zhang Haitian called this twist "Ann Head". He said: "In the past, people who worked in our profession hung their heads on their belts all day, lived one day at a time, and somehow they were arrested by the government one day and lost their heads. Now that the country is in trouble, we are leading our brethren to fight Japan, and we are breaking our sins and coming back from the dead, which is equivalent to re-installing a head. ”

Since "settling the head," the "Old North Wind" has indeed changed its mind and strictly put an end to the banditry style of the troops in the past.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

He personally set the "Sixteen-Character Order" policy used to restrain the troops: "No robbery, help the poor, donate food and donations, and do the way for skywalkers." ”

He set the discipline of "four no's": one is not allowed to rob property; (b) No rape of women; 3. It is forbidden to harass the people or harm the crops; Fourth, it is forbidden to surrender to the Japanese Kou.

An iron contingent will be forbidden, and the "Old North Wind" will never tolerate those subordinates who do not change their bad habits.

Once, two brothers who had followed him for many years engaged in the business of "kidnapping" (capturing hostages for ransom) in Tawangtai, and the "Old North Wind" immediately shot them publicly when they learned of it.

"Old North Wind" has a dry son who has always been very favored in front of him. Once, this dry son disregarded discipline and openly flirted with the women of the good family. Afterwards, he thought that the big deal would pass, but he did not expect that after Zhang Haitian received the report, he immediately pulled him out and killed him.

Strict discipline has won the trust of the common people, and the troops of the "Old North Wind" have been warmly welcomed by the masses everywhere they went.

The villagers often sent condolences and volunteered to wash the troops, feed the horses, stand guard and set up sentries, and spy on intelligence.

Many peasants, students, and young squires have come to the aid of the "Old North Wind" because they admire the loyalty and righteousness of the "Old North Wind." The team of "Old North Wind" has continued to grow and develop with the support of the people. By the spring of 1932, his ranks had expanded to more than 10,000 men, organized into 10 brigades and 20 independent regiments. The Northeast Salvation Congress appointed "Old North Wind" as the commander-in-chief of the former enemy of the Volunteer Army in southern Liaoning, and later asked him to serve as the commander of the 3rd Echelon of the 2nd Army of the Volunteer Army, and the headquarters was set up in Goryeo House.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

(Stills of the Old North Wind in the Old Tavern)

Lacking weapons, can the "Old North Wind" kidnap British merchants and ask the Japanese army to pay ransom?

In order to get guns and ammunition, the "Old North Wind" decided to use the previous "bandit" method to deal with the Japanese.

The "Old North Wind" formulated a careful plan: to kidnap several British businessmen and use them as hostages to blackmail the Japanese and puppet authorities, forcing the Japanese to exchange guns and ammunition for hostages.

In September 1932, the "Old North Wind" first sent people to Yingkou to kidnap two British businessmen, and then proposed to the Japanese and puppet authorities that the Japanese side use 1,000 rifles plus 100,000 rounds of ammunition, 500 pistols and 50,000 rounds of ammunition and 20 light and heavy machine guns as ransoms, exchange with him, and limit the time and place of exchange.

This move of the "Old North Wind" caused an uproar. British consulates everywhere have sent telegrams accusing the Japanese side, and the British side has constantly exerted various pressures on the Japanese and puppet authorities.

Forced by the situation, the Japanese and puppet authorities had no choice but to send people to negotiate with the "Old North Wind."

During the negotiations, the Japanese and puppet representatives did not talk about exchanges, but instead promised Zhang Haitian a high-ranking official Houlu, asking him to "turn enemies into friends" with the puppet government.

The "Old North Wind" was furious and ordered his men to beat up the Japanese negotiators and expel them.

Seeing that the deadline for the exchange was approaching, the enemy was forced to send guns and ammunition to the designated place in accordance with the requirements of the "Old North Wind".

With these guns and ammunition, the "Old North Wind" is like a tiger, invincible, and the enemy is terrified and cannot be at peace at any time.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

In order to build weapons, the "Old North Wind" has thought of some ways in addition to building factories

In order to solve the problem of weapons and ammunition, the "Old North Wind" also tried to build an arsenal and make simple weapons.

In the spring of 1932, Zhang Haitian's Arsenal was established, which was located in the "Qianyuanda" courtyard of the Koryo House where he was stationed.

This incident was strongly supported by Tang Juwu, commander-in-chief of the Liaoning People's Self-Defense Army. Tang Juwu sent him 7 personnel who knew how to manufacture arms as guidance. They built strong scattered trenches outside the arsenal, with fire pits in the trenches, made gunpowder, made bullets and grenades, repaired guns, and developed a rifle called the "Iron Rooster".

In order to build more bullets, they obtained a batch of empty shell casings from the Yingkou puppet army, and later made a stipulation within the volunteer army that anyone who received a bullet must hand over an empty shell. In addition, they filled empty bottles with gunpowder and sealed with yellow clay to make earthen grenades to replenish the ammunition shortage.

During the Russo-Japanese War, three Russian warships ran aground on the Trident River. After Zhang Haitian learned the news, he sent people to dig out a lot of waste guns and guns from these warships, repaired them, loaded with broken scrap iron, and could shoot 3 miles away, and the explosion radius was the size of a house.

The Volunteer Army used this kind of home-made cannon and exerted a certain power on the battlefield.

After Miao Kexiu of the Liaodong Rebel Army founded the officer school, he specially sent cadets to Zhang Haitian's arsenal to visit and study.

The troops of the "Old North Wind" galloped in southern Liaoning and soon became a strong force of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army. This anti-Japanese base area in southern Liaoning was established under his control.

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

The Closing Gate Mountain is high, and the old north wind is scattered to break through, can it be successful?

The "Old North Wind" repeatedly inflicted heavy blows on the Japanese army, causing the commander of the Kwantung Army, Honjo, to have a headache and hate the "Old North Wind" even more, so he posted a notice in the southern Liaoning region, offering a reward of 20,000 to catch the "Old North Wind" alive.

Honzhuang gathered the Japanese army and attacked the important towns of Tai'an and Haicheng in southern Liaoning, trying to encircle and suppress the "Old North Wind" with heavy troops pulling a net.

In the face of the enemy's frenzied attack, Zhang Haitian decided that all the troops would avoid the real situation, disperse the breakthrough, and detour back behind the enemy to continue the struggle.

At the critical juncture when the strong enemy was pressing the territory, the "Old North Wind" resolutely led his troops to fight with the enemy who had entered and occupied Shaling and Goryeo House. He used the terrain to engage in a tug-of-war with the Japanese, attacking the east and the west, erratic, and using ambushes and night raids to beat the enemy for a moment.

In the anti-"encirclement and suppression" battle, Zhang Haitian not only led his troops to eliminate a large number of enemies, but also cooperated with other volunteer troops to set up an ambush at Guanmen Mountain, the enemy's only way, condescending to annihilate the Japanese army. In this battle, more than 50 people, including Lieutenant Nikookakuan, were killed, and more than 500 puppet soldiers were captured.

In February 1933, the "Old North Wind" led the troops to break through the Western Liaoning Defensive Line of the Japanese Kou and enter the Rehe Boundary to recuperate.

During his recuperation, Zhang Haitian suddenly became seriously ill. This was because he had been fighting hard with the Japanese puppet army for many years, climbing ice and lying in snow, drinking blood from Ru Mao, and accumulating fatigue and illness, resulting in worse and worse physical condition. As a last resort, Zhang Haitian had to go to Beiping for medical treatment.

When Zhang Haitian handed over the team to his son Zhang Binglin (nicknamed "Little North Wind"), he said to his son with hatred: "Lao Tzu is really not willing." You swear to me, you must fight the little devil to the end! ”

Dry sons flirt with good family women, for the sake of strict military discipline, how will the bearded old north wind be handled?

In 1939, a generation of anti-Japanese heroes "Old North Wind" died of illness in Beiping at the age of 59.

Hats off to the old north wind! Hail to the Northeast Volunteer Army!