I played the game in North Korea 2 "I transferred from Angola in Africa to North Korea 83"

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Originally I was going to make the North Korean comrades play the game clearly at one time, but when I wrote it, I always felt that there would definitely be a problem with the review, the number of words was too much, I didn't know where the problem was, in order to facilitate the mistake, I wrote less, and sure enough, it was modified, but this time I knew that it was wrong there, well, it was the reason for the photo. So I immediately deleted the photo when I saw the message, submitted it again, and approved it.

83, I play a game in North Korea 2

These North Korean translators are all children in their 20s, looking at them a little childish with pale gizzards, I have always felt that it is not easy to translate these children, and I have also learned that these children have been in primary school, junior high school, and high school in Beijing since childhood, and later returned to the motherland to participate in the work. One of them also participated in the Chinese Bridge and won the championship, they know the Chinese language more thoroughly than I do, from the little three, miss, three masters to Furong sister can tell the origin and allusions. For us old people like us who say subtexts and hints, they all understand, which makes us very impressed. (Heck, it's a bit of a shame to hide anything)

I played the game in North Korea 2 "I transferred from Angola in Africa to North Korea 83"

Since I brought the computer to North Korea on Monday, they have seized all the time to play, their voltage is very low, the notebook is basically not charged, the wrong light makes me feel when I was a child in the countryside, and later brought a voltage regulator from The country to solve the problem of computer charging.

Seeing that they liked computer games so much that I left two notebooks in the dormitory when I returned home on Tuesday afternoon, and when someone with a special status took me to customs with the translator, I said to the translator that my computer was left in the dormitory, the key was in the waiter's place, and you could play with it. But you have to think quickly about what we are talking about, and people with special status will definitely ask what we are talking about. The young man said solemnly: I said that you have a file that I want to make for you, and you need to use your computer, so your computer is in the dormitory, and you let me take it myself. Shrewd lad, what a clever man, and sure enough, when we were halfway through, people with special status interjected, and although I couldn't understand what they were saying, I felt from my many years of experience working in Angola that I was asking what we were talking about.

I played the game in North Korea 2 "I transferred from Angola in Africa to North Korea 83"

Cut, that's it? We've already talked about it, and you can't understand what I say anyway, just as I can't understand what they say. But for someone like me, who has been dealing with black people for years and has been able to guess the meaning of the expression, this is a small meaning. Seeing the man with the special status turn his head, I understood that the young man had succeeded.

I played the game in North Korea 2 "I transferred from Angola in Africa to North Korea 83"

On Thursday I went to North Korea again, and after the morning meeting, I asked a female interpreter to call the male translator over, took out from his bag two soft Chinese cigarettes he wanted, and the young man took it and gave me cash, and talked to him about whether he smoked the cigarette himself or ... The young man told me that gift-giving, OK, there is a set, it seems that China is not in vain.

I played the game in North Korea 2 "I transferred from Angola in Africa to North Korea 83"

When I asked him if he had been caught playing games by people with special status, the lad told me that people with special status now play with them.

After hearing him say this, I almost said: Hold the grass... Looking at his proud look, I wanted to ask him how he did it, but because the age gap was too big, he didn't ask, then the female translator said that next time can you download some stand-alone games suitable for girls to play, and told me that it must be the kind produced in China, like other countries can not ... Hey? And this requirement? Well, I guess it's the strictness of the pipe," right?

This made me embarrassed, I told her: I am a big boss who usually does not play games, this CS is still played by the children in the company, when I am in the country, I ride a bicycle, go to the park to take pictures, and my biggest pastime in Angola is to chat with black people or watch American dramas. Well, I didn't dare to say anything about watching Japanese movies.

I played the game in North Korea 2 "I transferred from Angola in Africa to North Korea 83"

The little girl took the paper and wrote a list, I looked at it and was just about to clip it into the book and put it away, but the translator told me that you copied it again, hey, there is no need, right? But I obediently copied it into the book and watched her tear the piece of paper to pieces, thinking that this should not be burned? The little girl also handed me a USB stick that I wanted to use when copying things, and I looked at it and said 2G... Didn't take it, said I have a USB stick...

Before returning to the dormitory at noon, the translator asked me if I wanted to use the computer, and I said no, you can use it. But the computer in my computer E disk you don't let people with special status see, especially a folder with learning materials... The boy's face was excited... At night, I heard a cry from their dormitory, and I guess it was nothing more than going here and there to beat him up, you stupid, something like that, right?

When I downloaded the game in China and installed it on the U disk, the leader saw and asked me if I was downloading it for the children inside, I said yes, the leader said download it, but pay attention not to let people see, we are all people who have experienced that era, may be okay but the impact is not good, always be careful, this matter is less. You take the company's spare U disk to them to copy it, and the U disk will be given to them. Good leader, it seems that the ginseng brewing wine that I brought back from North Korea and translated me was not bad.

When I gave the USB stick to the translator, the little girl looked at the 16G on the U disk and was surprised and asked me if this U disk is so big? When I told her that the USB stick did not have to return me, the leader of the company spoke, little girl you are excited, carefully received the bag.

Later, they took the initiative to return the two computers to me, and I asked them if they were not playing? They said they had been playing for a week and it was too much... Ay......

Later, I copied a copy of the CS to the male translator, and found a U disk for him to get a U disk to start the GHOST system disk that can install XP (their computer is many years ago, does not support WIN7). Of course, the USB stick also gave him.

There are always some waiting in life to wear autumn water, and there are unexpected surprises, I think the important thing in life is not how much you get, but to be able to help people in need of help within your ability. In this life, each of us always has to go a long way, and we have experienced countless sudden prosperity, desolation and sadness in life on the journey. Let us be sober, interesting, aware of gains and losses, and aware of advances and retreats in the noisy mortal dust and in the world. Come on, Fox Fairy2022.8.14

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