The Shock of Details, the Manifestation of Human Nature: Re-reading Qian Zhongshu's Novel "Siege of the City"

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The Shock of Details, the Manifestation of Human Nature: Re-reading Qian Zhongshu's Novel "Siege of the City"

Ivy-style literature must be works that depict human nature and life in the humanistic environment created by this human nature. Many years ago, I read "The Siege of the City" and felt that it would flourish for a long time, and it was a masterpiece in modern and contemporary literature. Recently, I have seen many comments and know that it is indeed timeless. A good book does not pay a hundred times to read it, and after appreciating it, I feel even more that in the novel, the living situation brought about by that character, that humanity, and that human nature, the struggle and helplessness, are no different from real life.

  Everywhere Mr. Qian writes, he uses that little bit of detail to refract human nature, such as illuminating people's veins and letting you see carefully. That is true and natural, look like a hand over the skin, in fact, every point is on the acupuncture point, as the saying goes, it is difficult to draw bones, Mr. Qian Zhongshu drew the bones, such a helpless tragedy of life carved out with details and metaphors, full of ridicule and ridicule, how not to make people cry and laugh, sigh three turns, think for a long time, enlighten one or two?

  Let's first look at the portrayal of human nature. Mr. Qian's details can be said to be spicy and sharp, and he often draws the bones of the characters in a few strokes. Let's first look at Fang Hongwei: he didn't know Miss Sun on the boat, so he said to Zhao Xinlin, "We are already making money, but we can not post travel expenses, Miss Sun first came out to do things, where can we tell her to lose money?" When you get to school, you must fight for her with the authorities. "We" ate and ran up the deck, leaving her alone. The first time she left the family, she felt even more uncomfortable. "It can be seen that his goodness is good; Then look at him facing Miss Su and ordering her to kiss herself in a foreign language. "Hong gradually couldn't avoid it, and kissed her back on the face." That reluctant kiss, seeing through him, he couldn't say "No! "Cowardice; However, summing up his experience, he will not be cowardly in his future life, and his resolute departure from the Huamei News Agency, which was bribed by the enemy and the hypocrites, is the best proof. Let's look at the details of Li Meiting: "I bought a sweet potato face and ate it against the wall." "How trivial is the image of selfishness." Li Meiting said that the prostitute's home can not go for nothing, go to the expenses, how to calculate this communication fee, he has already lost a cigarette. "Also, a tall box like a mouth cupboard, take a grain of cod liver oil mixed with Ren Dan to give the sick Miss Sun to eat, the blessing before the meal" A porridge and a meal, it is not easy to think about where it is." Wait, a few details of a selfish, greedy, pretentious man, jumped out of the paper. In particular, the details of depicting the sinister nature of human nature are even more into the wood. When the Fang family saw the photo of the eldest daughter-in-law, Sun Roujia, the third grandmother sneered: "The photos are unreliable, and they must be met to be accurate." Some people take pictures, some people don't take pictures, people who are difficult to see are often well photographed, you don't have to be fooled. Why only half of the body? It must be that the whole body can't be photographed, the veil, the flowers can't be covered, I bet you. Scare! I am married by your family's ming media, and now I want to call this woman 'big sister-in-law', and I have done all the mold! I'm really not willing. Lo and behold, this is college graduate! The second grandmother expressed her feelings to her husband as follows: "Did you pay attention? Sun Roujia had a demonic aura on her face, and at first glance she was a woman who was on an evil path, so she would do such a shameless thing. Your father and mother are a pair of old fools, praise her beauty! It's not that I'm bragging, my sisters are more or less serious and clean, not to mention that they have never had a boyfriend, or they are engaged, and they are not allowed to communicate with their fiancés. ”

  Let's appreciate the charm of the old gentleman's language again. Make a delicious meal, no condiments, no matter how good the taste of mountains and treasures and seafood is not satisfactory. The exquisite metaphors in "The Siege" are anthropomorphic, the satirical and humorous jokes, and the light-hearted and witty are refreshing, enhancing the appeal of the work. You see the author's joke about the diploma, "This diploma, as if it has the function of the leaf under Adam and Eve, can cover up the ugliness; A small piece of paper can cover up a person's emptiness, ugliness, and stupidity. "What an image of irony. Another example is "Mrs. Zhang speaks Shanghai better than her husband, but she always exudes her native local tone, as if the gown is too small to cover the robe inside." The humorous ridicule makes people can't help but laugh.

  Finally, let's look at the inspiration given to us by the characters. Life itself is a siege, work, family, friends, circles, is not it a siege? "People in the city want to go out, people outside the city want to rush in", but in this besieged city, the successful people are a minority. Even success is in a certain aspect, in a certain period, there is no eternal success, and the vast majority of unsuccessful. As a result, "The Siege" has become the analysis and reference of most people's lives, so this book has permanent practical significance.

  The protagonist, Fang Hongwei, a talented person, from the countryside to the capital, no matter what era, such a person is outstanding. It was precisely because of this that the father-in-law, who had lost his daughter, offered to sponsor him to stay in the ocean. However, he was smart but had no ambition, so he picked and chose in Western colleges, looking for those courses that were interested in reading, and as a result, philosophy, history, and literature were various, flashing in the pan, and he learned a lot but did not have a serious diploma, however, this does not mean that he is a playboy with an empty belly, so Su Wenyun, who has the title of Doctor of Literature, can still look at him after he is demoted. There are many such people in our lives, they do not have a diploma, but there is no lack of certain knowledge.

  He was also a cynical man. Without a secular diploma, it is difficult to travel the secular ladder. Not having a diploma was arguably the first failure of his life. However, he was still quite sincere, and getting a fake diploma was just a game for his parents and his former father-in-law, but he did not use it to deceive. However, when he saw Han Xueyue of Samadhi University use the same fake diploma and brazenly pretend to be the head of the department, he was really a little indignant. Seeing that Li Meiting, a shrewd worldly slippery man, was topped in the original shortage, he not only coerced the principal to sell the medicine brought from Shanghai at a high price, but also let the principal owe him an adult affection, and finally got a director of education to do it. If there is real talent and practical learning, it is just a city servant who can only pick up people's teeth and wisdom, has no ink on his chest, and is full of benevolence and morality, but he is full of male thieves and female prostitutes. Although Fang Hongwei also has these inferior roots, he is not thorough, and the thoroughly brazen ones are the masters of the siege, and the same is true of the real society. They are more than Li Meiting. Such a gray humanistic environment, how can it not make sincere people cynical? Therefore, whenever I see Mr. Qian's portrayal, I feel that he is writing about the current life.

  He is still a useless good man, and due to the influence of moderate culture, such good people account for the vast majority in China, and he is only a microcosm of this majority. You see that he has never wasted others for his own needs, and when he saw Li Meiting stealing sweet potatoes, he was afraid of his embarrassment, so he hid in the alley. Han Xueyu's fake foreign doctoral diploma, who knew that his dirty means were despicable, had not been denounced, but Han Xueyue thought that it was a potential threat, and he tried every means to get him out of Sanyu University. There are no enemies at all times and everywhere, but they are controlled by the enemies. However, which siege is not like this? Later, the Huamei News Agency where he worked, Mrs. Shen, who edited the column "Family and Women", was just a shallow person who played a lot of repetitive repetition every day, and her husband not only bribed the Japanese and the fake, she also acted as an accomplice to bribe the news agency. Fang Hong gradually refused to serve the enemy and the hypocrites, and indignation ignored the opposition of his livelihood and relatives and friends, and resolutely left the newspaper. Think about it: If you were Fang Hongwei, could you do it? At this point, Hong gradually is still a remarkable person. Every step Fang Hong gradually took was the only way at that time, and there was no major mistake. However, he encountered walls everywhere in his life of intrigue and deception, and he was repeatedly treated coldly. His life is our present life, past and present. We live in such "sieges" all the time, just from one siege to another. If you always want to rush out of the siege, then you become a lonely person outside the city, and life has no meaning. How do you live in this besieged city? Mr. Qian lao also created another character for us, that is, Zhao Xinlin, who lived in these besieged cities. He was a man of political ambition, ability, courage to pursue love, and generosity to his friends. First of all, he was a doctor in the United States, obviously higher than Fang Hongwei, he first worked as an editor at Huamei News Agency, and was hired as a professor at Sanmei University, who did not want to come, and recommended Fang Hongwei and Sun Roujia, because they came to Sanxia University to be the head of the political department. Treating his friend Fang Hongwei, going all out, seeing that Miss Sun may be pregnant, he did his father's duty to ask his friend to marry him as soon as possible and send him a large fee; Fang Hong gradually went to Shanghai and recommended him to the newspaper he had originally worked for; Later, he invited him to Chongqing. Since childhood, he liked Su Wenyun, pursued for 15 years, and persevered. Seeing Mrs. Wang, who resembled Su Wenyi, took the risk to approach, and finally was trapped and left. Come to chongqing, the capital of Chongqing, career love double harvest. Although he also went from one siege to another, he was quite successful in this siege, and his ability and talent allowed him not to fall lonely in the siege, always in the upstream position, so he lived freely. Fang Hong gradually did not have the diploma and ability of Zhao Xinlin, if he took out the spirit of Don Quixote, revealed those despicable things, and was willing to have a "go" word, wouldn't life be painful? Sieges like Sam Lu University are also a shock, and may also promote its progress.

  Everyone lives in a siege city, whether it is a siege of the family or a siege of work, human nature is difficult to change, in order to compete for favors, you step on me, I step on you, the indisputable is often a nest of wastes from being eliminated, if there is a good thing naturally no part, work, spend money The first thing you think of is you, because you have no contention, no status, who will step on you. The siege of work can leave, and the family's siege can only be avoided, which is Fang Hongzhi's approach, and it is also the practice of most people. The sincerity and deception, good and evil in the besieged city will always exist, "The Siege" reveals this immutable deep problem, people all hope that good will overcome evil, sincerity will defeat deception, and the function of literature lies in this, so in the gray helpless siege, Fang Hong gradually left the siege of the news agency. Old Mr. Qian, who gave us a little light, is the progress of Fang Hong's character, and it is also the strength of goodness and justice to fight shameless evil.

Text/Han Jianmei