Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

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27 August 1979 was a black day in British history.

In the morning, the Earl of Mountbatten and his family set off from the Malemore Mountain Resort in Ireland, drove to the small pier in Sligo Bay, boarded his 9-meter fishing boat "Shadow 5", and went out to sea to salvage the lobster basket laid the day before.

15 minutes later, as the fishing boat approached the lobster basket, people on the shore heard a loud explosion. Shadow 5 disappeared, and planks, mats, life jackets, and shoes rained down into the air.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

Mountbatten, 79, was killed on the spot, and his family was killed 3 times and seriously injured 3, including his 14-year-old grandson.

Complete one's misery.

At 16:40 p.m., on the A2 road outside Warren in Downshire, Northern Ireland, soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment were suddenly ambushed in a Land Rover and two trucks on Newry, passing through the narrow water castle section.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

Eighteen British soldiers were killed, including a lieutenant colonel, and more than 20 were seriously wounded, the deadliest attack on British forces in Northern Ireland and the largest loss suffered by paratroopers since World War II.

The IRA issued a statement acknowledging responsibility for the operation.

Mountbatten's funeral took place at Westminster Abbey on 5 September, Britain's largest state funeral since Churchill's death, attended by 1,400 guests, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles delivered a tearful speech, deeply mourning "the most respected member of the British royal family, his own mentor."

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

However, as soon as the funeral was over, a scene of disharmony occurred.

The bigwigs of the British military and intelligence circles gathered together, talking and laughing, and the celebration was overflowing with words.

Field Marshal Baron Edwin Bramore went so far as to say, "Today we are all IRA. ”

A pair of intelligence wrongdoers who have always been intolerable for the struggle for territory are shaking hands and talking happily at this moment. Sir Howard Smith, chief of MI5, said meaningfully to MI6 chief Sir Dick Frank: "I think we should pretend we didn't see anything." ”

People's hatred of Mountbatten came from the bottom of their hearts, and they were happy to see his bad ending.

Why is Mountbatten, the "most respected member of the British royal family," so unpopular?

A life of eminence

Louis Mountbatten was born on 25 June 1900 into a prominent Family in England to the son of Prince Batenberg, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and the younger aunt of Queen Tsarist Russia.

European royal families have a long tradition of intermarriage, while Mountbatten is at the top of the network of in-laws of various royal families in Europe, enjoying eight successions to the throne from birth.

In 1920, Captain Mountbatten met Edwina, a Jewish woman, at a ball.

At the time, Edwina was a sought-after Londonite, inheriting a £2 million inheritance and three mansions at the age of 21.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

In 1922, Mountbatten and Edwina held a grand wedding, which was attended by all members of the British royal family.

After marriage, two daughters, Patricia and Pamela, were born.

In World War II, although he lost several battles, with a strong background, he still became the supreme commander of the Southeast Asian Theater and became the youngest wartime admiral in British history. As a hand-throwing treasurer, he "picked up the leaks" and recovered the Burmese colony.

At the end of 1946, Mountbatten became the last Governor-General of India and introduced the Partition Plan of India and Pakistan, known as the Mountbatten Plan.

In March 1955, he became First Secretary of The Navy. In 1956, he was promoted to Admiral.

In May 1959, he became Chief of Defence Staff of the United Kingdom and became the supreme full-time Commander of the British Navy, Army and Air Force.

In 1960, Mrs. Edwina died suddenly during a trip to India.

Mountbatten retired from his position as Chief of Defence Staff in June 1965.

After his retirement, he often participated in diplomatic activities as an unofficial envoy to Britain.

Mountbatten's life was prominent and controversial, and there were several criticisms of him.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

No military talent

In British military circles, Mountbatten was an object of hatred and ridicule.

Most generals believed that Mountbatten was unlearned, absurd, extremely poor in military literacy and judgment, but long-term power, self-congratulatory, arrogant and conceited.

During his tenure as Supreme Commander of the Southeast Asian Theater, his mistakes resulted in the unnecessary deaths of nearly 10,000 British soldiers.

Although Mountbatten was not good at doing the right thing, he had a very good set of tricks and tricks, which made many British generals miserable.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

Field Marshal Gerald Temple once slapped him at a conference and scolded: "You hypocrite, too dishonest, too undignified, intoxicated with intrigue and trickery." What you swallow is a straight nail, and what you pull out is a screw! ”

Litong Foreign

MI6 suspected Mountbatten was a long-term asset of the Soviet Union.

In 1956, MI6's spy network in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union was completely destroyed, and more than 500 spies suddenly lost contact one by one and disappeared for no reason, and 42 of them were later confirmed to have been executed by the Soviet Union.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

Many believe it was "mole" George Black who did it, but MI6 also suspected Mountbatten was complicit. If it can be confirmed, then even if Mountbatten is 79 years old, it is enough to sign his death warrant.

The United States also suspected that he had sold some of the important plans of action of the U.S. Strategic Intelligence Agency (OSS) to the Soviet Union shortly after the end of World War II.

While such suspicions have persisted for a long time, the Irish problem has made MI6 intolerable and intolerable.

Ireland is not a nato member, so it is a loophole in Europe's defence umbrella. More importantly, Ireland was right next to Britain and was a vital choke point for monitoring the entry and exit of Soviet submarines into the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

MI6 suspected that Mountbatten had provided the Soviets with Irish defense secrets. Mountbatten's longtime lover, Peter Murphy, was actually a KGB agent.

In 1968, Mountbatten was embroiled in rumors of a mutiny in Britain. They plan to arrest Prime Minister Wilson and other key Labour party members and bring them to court-martial. Mountbatten even asked Elizabeth II to approve the mutiny, but the Queen refused. Although the mutiny was stillborn, it was later disclosed by the parties concerned, causing a public uproar.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

Before his murder in 1979, he also openly defended the Soviet Union by expressing dissatisfaction with the United States over nuclear disarmament.

Personal life chaos

Edwina has at least 18 lovers, and even her youngest daughter, Pamela, says that her mother has always had many "uncles" around her.

She also raised an eyebrow with Indian leader Jawaharlal Nehru and openly flirted in front of Mountbatten. Nehru's secretary revealed that Edwin had spent the night in Nehru's room.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

Mountbatten turned a deaf ear to this and even drove his wife to see Nehru. After returning to China, he also took charge of Nehru's love letters to Edwina.

In fact, Mountbatten's private life is more chaotic than his wife's.

MI6 confirmed that Mountbatten was not only a bisexual, but also a pedophile.

He made frequent trips to Kincora, Northern Ireland, a boys' club that, despite repeated warnings from MI6, went his own way. This provoked outrage at the mi6 top brass, which was a place for the IRA to gather intelligence.

Mess up the royal family

The British royal family has a father and son with a bad reputation: Prince Philip Mountbatten and Charles Crown Prince Mountbatten. The "life mentor" of both father and son is Louis Mountbatten.

One of Mountbatten's sisters was prince Philip's mother. It is said that "nephews are like uncles", which is not false at all.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

Mountbatten played tricks on his own and succeeded in promoting philip and Elizabeth II's love affair, then asked Philip to change his surname to "Mountbatten", and encouraged him to propose to the Queen to rename the English dynasty mountbatten, but was rejected by the strong opposition of Queen Mary.

Mountbatten did not give up, and he fixed his eyes on Crown Prince Charles. The two had a very close relationship, calling each other "my honorary grandfather" and "my honorary grandson".

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

Mountbatten told him: "Men don't think about starting a family until they are 30 years old, they can be debauched before marriage, and the more girlfriends they have, the better." ”

After Charles and Camilla fell in love, they had their first rain at Mountbatten's home.

Mountbatten told Charles that Camilla, though good, was not suitable to be a crown princess and took the opportunity to introduce his granddaughter Amanda to Charles.

As a result, Charles was dating Amanda, Diana and many others at the same time.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

In 1979, Mountbatten planned to take Amanda and Charles on a trip to India to prepare raw rice to cook mature rice, and by the way, to tell the world.

Unexpectedly, mountbatten was assassinated before traveling.

Prince Charles, who was fishing in Iceland, wrote in his diary that night: "Life will never be the same again when he is gone." ”

The mystery of the murder

In 2013, former MI6 agent Gowell Bellfield revealed in his memoirs that Mountbatten died at the hands of MI6.

Belfield was responsible for investigating Mountbatten's murder, and his evidence is fourfold.

(1) MI6 had privately reached a "gentleman's agreement" with the IRA, in which the IRA agreed not to target members of the British royal family for assassination.

The IRA's Operational Manual also stipulates that the target of operations is limited to British and paramilitary personnel.

By any measure, Mountbatten, 79, is not a suitable target. Attacking the elderly, women and children on fishing boats is a cowardly act that will lead to the IRA's defeat in a public opinion campaign that will outweigh its losses.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

(2) The IRA was only over two hundred men and did not have the capacity to launch two large-scale attacks simultaneously in one day. They hadn't done that before, and they hadn't done it since.

(3) The explosives used in this operation are identical in principle to those previously used by the IRA: they are equipped with a Mercury tilt angle switch, activated by a slow-melt fuse.

However, the welding rod used in the production process of the two is not the same. The explosives that assassinated Mountbatten used a special electrode coated with fluoride that had only been used inside MI6.

(4) Afterwards, a suspect was captured: Thomas McMahon, 31. The evidence against him was indirect: he had traces of explosives on his body, and green paint spots from the "Shadow V" fishing boat on the bottom of his boots.

Foreign and rebellious royalty, the Earl of Mountbatten was assassinated by MI6

McMahon was charged with the crime, but was released in 1998 because there was no convincing conclusive evidence. He still lives in Ireland today.

At the time, the court found that he had infiltrated the Shadow V fishing boat parked on the dock a day earlier and placed explosives. On the morning of August 27, he was hiding on a cliff on the shore when he saw the fishing boat approaching the lobster basket and pressed the button.

The key questions in McMahon are: 1) Can he accomplish the whole operation alone? 2) The remote control device was not found; 3) He is hiding more than 3 km from the lobster basket, which is usually not an effective remote control detonation distance.

British lawmaker Enoch Powell claimed that Mountbatten died at the hands of the CIA.

Whatever the cause of death, there is no doubt that Mountbatten ended up falling prey to the British royal family.

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