The Pelosi family planted! Investing in Tencent,, etc. has made several times, and the 110 billion fund has started at the bottom

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Pelosi will have to pay for her wrong decision.

Pelosi is swallowing the bitter fruit of her own sowing, and the Pelosi family and all their assets in China will be sanctioned for violating China's sovereignty and wantonly sneaking away from Taiwan. Mingji Global Investment (Hong Kong), behind its family, holds a large number of Chinese assets through Mingji Asia Fund, including Chinese Internet giants such as Tencent,, Pinduoduo, Meituan and Alibaba.

The Pelosi family planted! Investing in Tencent,, etc. has made several times, and the 110 billion fund has started at the bottom

Due to the early investment time point, the Pelosi family has accumulated a large amount of floating profits in the investment of Chinese enterprises. Taking 2011 as the starting point of investment layout, Tencent's stock price has increased by more than 30 times since 2011, while's stock price has also increased by nearly 5 times since its listing in 2014.

The sanctions included Pelosi herself and her immediate family. As a result, the Chinese assets held with the Pelosi family will face great uncertainty. From the current point of view, the Pelosi family will definitely suffer huge losses because of Pelosi's own "demon".

The Pelosi family's Chinese assets are exposed

The "great reckoning" for 82-year-old U.S. House speaker Pelosi is coming.

After Pelosi invaded Taiwan, a foreign ministry spokesman announced that sanctions would be taken against Pelosi and her immediate family members in accordance with the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China. This means that the Pelosi family and all its assets in China will be sanctioned, and the investment funds behind their families will most likely not be able to participate in the investment of Chinese companies.

With the introduction of this sanctions order, the Pelosi family's investment in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong has also been dug up.

As early as 2010, a company called Mingji Global Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established, and the controller behind it was Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi. According to official information, this is an asset management company specializing in investing in the Asian region, including Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

The flagship fund of Mingji Global Investments (Hong Kong) is Mingji Asia Fund, which has assets under management of US$17.4 billion (approximately RMB117.7 billion) as of June 30, 2022.

According to the information disclosed on the official website of Mingji Global Investment (Hong Kong), 50% of the stocks held by its "Asia Dividend Fund" are Chinese enterprises, and its list of heavy stocks covers Chinese companies such as Tencent,, Pinduoduo, Meituan, Alibaba and so on.

The Pelosi family planted! Investing in Tencent,, etc. has made several times, and the 110 billion fund has started at the bottom

As of the end of July this year, mingji asia fund's top ten heavy stocks accounted for 43.3%, of which and Tencent accounted for 5.1% and 3.8% of the fund's positions, respectively.

Made huge profits from China, but "eat inside and outside"

Due to the early timing of investment, most of the Chinese companies invested by the Pelosi family have accumulated huge profits.

Taking Tencent and as an example, the fund was established in June 2010, according to the funding arrangement, 2011 began to invest in the layout, Tencent since 2011, the cumulative increase in stock price more than 30 times, and since its listing in 2014, the stock price has also increased by nearly 5 times.

Due to the large scale and long investment period of Mingji Asia Fund, the fund has a large coverage of Chinese enterprises and its influence in the investment circle has gradually emerged.

The Pelosi family planted! Investing in Tencent,, etc. has made several times, and the 110 billion fund has started at the bottom

This can be seen in the IPO market. In May 2021, JD Logistics went public in Hong Kong, and Mingji Asia Fund participated in the IPO subscription. It can be seen that the fund of the Pelosi family is more optimistic about the investment prospects of the JD system, and the investment intervention is also wider.

Despite making a lot of profits in China's new economic assets, Pelosi will smash his "cash cow" for his own political selfish desires. Under the current circumstances, China is bound to carry out a major liquidation of the assets of the Pelosi family.

At the current point in time, China's new economic giants have experienced a huge retracement, and if they are frozen or sold off by sanctions, then the Pelosi family will definitely face huge losses because of her own wrong decision. Taking Tencent as an example, as of the latest closing price, its stock price has fallen to HK$307.6 per share, a cumulative decline of 58.8% compared with the high point in 2021; JD Logistics, which participated in the IPO stage, has gone all the way down, and the latest stock price has fallen by more than 60% compared with the original issue price.

After the drawdown, the valuations of China's new economy giants are very cheap, and the future investment potential and growth are still huge, and all this may have nothing to do with the Pelosi family.

In addition, through the combing of Wind data, Kanjian Finance found that the figure of Mingji International Investment Company (US) often appears in the A-share market, and frequently becomes the top ten outstanding shareholders of many A-share companies.

As of the end of the first quarter of this year, "Mingji International Investment" is the third largest outstanding stock of Aoput, holding 1.57 million shares and a market value of 430 million yuan. In addition, "Mingji International Investment" is also the third largest circulating shareholder of Star Semi-Guide, holding 1.345 million shares with a stock market value of 590 million yuan; at present, the total market value of A-share companies held by "Mingji International Investment" has reached 1.28 billion yuan.

Looking through Pelosi's Return of Interest, Pelosi held more than $1 million worth of Assets in Asia Invested by Minggi Capital Management asia in 2010. Perhaps for political reasoning, Pelosi subsequently transferred the above assets, and now she no longer holds an interest in Mingji International Asia Investments, but still holds a US$50,000 to $100,000 international mutual fund.

With the introduction of the sanctions order, there is a possibility that the above-mentioned assets related to the Pelosi family will be frozen. Pelosi will surely pay a terrible price for her wrongdoing.

Pelosi's passage must pay a heavy price

In addition to Pelosi's husband, his son Paul Pelosi Jr. It is also active in the business field in China.

Up to now, Paul Pelosi Jr. has 3 companies involved in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, and he has also served as a director of the company.

One of them, International Media Acquisition Corp (IMAC), in which Paul Pelosi Jr. serves as an independent director, was founded in January 2021 and publicly available information shows that the company will be looking for acquisition targets in any region, believing that India and China are strong and excellent markets.

The Pelosi family planted! Investing in Tencent,, etc. has made several times, and the 110 billion fund has started at the bottom

In addition, Chinese technology companies are also the key investment direction of Little Paul Pelosi. According to public information, Little Paul Pelosi holds a 700,000 stake in Borqs Technologies Inc, a Chinese technology company that is a manufacturer of embedded software and products for the Internet of Things, providing Android smart connected mobile devices and end-to-end cloud service solutions.

With the explosion of the metacosm, The Little Paul Pelosi's investment tentacles began to extend into this field. In January 2021, Global Tech Industries Group (GTII), which holds 27,500 shares, signed a memorandum of understanding with Datang West Silk Road Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.

According to the data, the project of Tangxi Silk Road Investment Holdings is mainly to develop the first meta-universe concept of Chinatown Art District, display the works of art of the greatest era in ancient China, and provide opportunities to invest in the virtual art world, and invited to participate in the NFT auction.

Husbands and sons are making money in China, but Pelosi is engaged in anti-China political activities everywhere, putting herself against China, which is tantamount to smashing her own job.

Nowadays, Pelosi for her own political selfish desires, so that the little Paul Pelosi's investment efforts in China for many years are facing great uncertainty, or will face the possibility of being frozen and stopped. Pelosi must pay for her misdeeds, and she is bound to pay the price she deserves for what she does.