Huawei Second Princess Yao Anna lost weight successfully, wearing a short skirt to expose a section of abdomen, and the leg muscles were too even

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Recently, Huawei's second princess Yao Anna posted a group of recent photos on social platforms, she was always ridiculed by everyone for being too fat, and now she has finally lost weight successfully and lost weight again to a new height.

In the photo, Yao Anna is wearing a short black skirt, stepping on Martin boots, wearing a duck-tongue hat, and taking photos with one hand crossed in the mirror, looking young and beautiful, as if returning to the student era.

Under the background of the short skirt, Yao Anna revealed a slender abdomen, which did not have any extra flesh on it, and the vest line could be faintly seen. In addition, her legs are very eye-catching, white and slender, and the muscles of her large and small legs are evenly distributed, like walking bamboo poles.

In another photo, Yao Anna twisted her crotch slightly, showing a perfect waist-hip ratio, which once again amazed netizens.

Seeing Yao Anna, who is now becoming beautiful and thinner, everyone has left a message in the comment area, hoping that she will share the weight loss cheats. Indeed, compared with before, Yao Anna's changes are very large, once beyond everyone's imagination.

As the second princess of Huawei, Yao Anna has a super good family and education, and has been praised by countless netizens. But who would have thought that such a beautiful female student bully would actually give up business and turn to the development of the entertainment industry, and since then the filter has shattered.

Yao Anna's biggest problem is that she is strong, with a height of 1 meter 7, she is destined to stand out in the crowd, so the ratio of her height and weight has become particularly important, and a little fat will look particularly strong. Previously, Yao Anna attended an event, her face was swollen, her appearance dropped sharply, and she was jokingly called "rural female entrepreneur" by netizens.

Last year, Yao Anna joined "Chinese Restaurant", and in the Reuters exposed by netizens, her body was stronger than Huang Xiaoming in the same frame, causing a ridicule.

Including the dancing video clip that Yao Anna herself shared, even if it uses ten layers of filters, it cannot hide her "straight body".

In a burst of complaining, Yao Anna became more and more low-key, and at the same time began to lose weight silently.

In the photos posted this year, Yao Anna has obviously lost a lot of weight, not only practicing the "ant waist", but also having a "small V face", and the jaw line is very superior.

In fact, Yao Anna's appearance conditions are good, as long as she maintains a good body shape, she is definitely enough to "beauty seats" in the entertainment industry. It is worth mentioning that Yao Anna also released a single and made a movie, and it seems that the future of her acting career is immeasurable.

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