Anna Karenina

author:Yun Shifeng said

It took a week to read Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, I don't know why, every time I read Tolstoy's works, I can't concentrate, often doze off, but every time I can't leave it, as for why I can't rub sparks with this book, one may be a cultural difference, the other may be that my experience is too far from the content of the book, so that it can't resonate, of course, it may be because the time is wrong, or the fate is wrong.

Despite this, I still like to admire the character of Anna, Anna is beautiful and kind, for love, abandoning her husband and abandoning her son, and then being abandoned by her lover, and finally committing suicide. In the eyes of most people, Anna's life is a tragedy, especially the concept of Chinese, how can it be accepted such a role, not to fall into the well is good, how can you accept her, but think carefully, how many people have her courage, in order to love a person regardless of the consequences, obviously know that the front is a sea of swords and fires, but also like a moth desperate to pounce upwards, this situation is more common among young boys and girls, but Anna is an adult with a husband and children, which requires greater courage. This is probably what the author praises, but it does not seem to be tolerated by the world.

Anna's ending was not good, but she had at least ever been truly in love, and had been desperate to love, even if it was short-lived, like the meteor that crossed the sky in an instant, but the splendor of this moment was enough, after all, beauty was short-lived.

In this world, although the vast majority of people have their own spouses, there are not many people who really have love, and some people have not really loved in their lives, but they have lived together and lived their lives in a hurry, which should be the biggest tragedy of life.

But there are very few mavericks in the world who seek that absolute purity, as Nirvana lead singer Kurt Coburn said in his suicide note, "It is better to indulge in burning than to survive." Then ended his 27-year-old life with a bullet, of course, he is not trapped by love, what he pursues should be that kind of higher spiritual world, the kind of pure spiritual world that we ordinary people can't understand, Zixia said: "If you can't be with your beloved, even if you let me be the Jade Emperor, I will not be happy." Different levels of people, the pursuit is also different. Some people pursue money, some people pursue power, some people pursue material desires, some people pursue love, some people pursue spirit, but no matter what you pursue, a person always has to tear his heart and lungs to love once in his life, otherwise it is really a vain walk in the world. Loved, hated, hurt, no matter what the ending, is better than messing around with someone who doesn't love. Even if that kind of life is ten thousand years, what is the meaning, this should be what the author wants to express.

The pursuit of pure people, the ending is always not good, but the world is not less they can't do, at least they provide different creative materials for novelists and film directors, otherwise, how monotonous and boring the world should be.

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