10 superstars who have passed away are combined with AI photos, and Princess Diana's elegant temperament has reached a higher level

author:Strange dust anecdotes

Whenever a superstar dies, it will always make many fans feel grief and emotion, and can only infinitely seal the admiration into the memory. But I don't know if you have ever thought about what it would be like if those big people who died young are still alive today? Recently, foreign media Brightside shared 10 "If they were still alive, now they will grow like this" superstar AI composite photos, let's go to see it together

1. Princess Diana, if she is still alive today, must still be equally generous and elegant

2. Marilyn Monroe, even if there are traces of age on her face, is still a mature woman who can be beautiful enough to become a classic

3. Elvis Presley, even as you age, the iconic features of that signboard can still be clearly seen.

4. Bruce Lee, I don't know if if he is still alive, whether Kung Fu is still the same as it was then

5. If the Beatles' John Lannon were still alive, there must be more popular songs today that are famous around the world

6. Prince

7 Paul Walker, if the accident hadn't happened, would have seen more of him in the movie

8. Amy Huaisi, I really miss his unique singing voice

9. Rock chameleon David Bowie

10. Michael Jackson

I don't know if after reading the above AI composite map, does it also make you suddenly feel a burst of emotion?

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