The Chinese Snooker Legion set another record! Zhao Xintong took on the responsibility of winning the championship, and the three famous players did not have the opportunity to participate

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After nearly two months of waiting, the 2022-2023 snooker season is finally about to kick off, with the opening event being upgraded to a ranking version of the Champions League kick-off on June 28.

According to the official list, only four of the world's top sixteen players did not register, and many top stars such as Ronnie O'Sullivan, Mark Selby, Judd Trump and many other top stars were on the list.

A total of 28 Chinese snooker players have qualified for the professional tournament this season to set a record for the best in history (25 last season), and the Chinese team has now identified 23 players to play in the opening game of the new season, Fan Zhengyi, who won the first career championship last season, did not register to participate, and Liang Wenbo was unable to participate due to his suspension period.

In addition to the banned Liang Wenbo, Ding Junhui, who is a brother of China's snooker, also continues to miss the season opener, and Ding Junhui is still carrying out various activities in China, and according to last season's schedule, the new season will return during the Northern Ireland Open.

What is more surprising is that Yan Bingtao, who was previously in the list of participants, chose to retire when the competition was about to start, so that the Chinese snooker army will be led by the new generation of young players Zhao Xintong, Zhou Yuelong and others, and Fu Jiajun, who just returned last season, will also usher in a new season debut.

The Rules of the Champions League are a bit more complicated than other ranking tournaments, with 128 players divided into 32 groups, with the player with the highest number of points in the round robin going to the winner's group and the players who end up in the winner's group playing again to determine the final winner.

The prize money of the Champions League is a cumulative increase of 200,000 pounds The championship prize of 20,000 pounds, as long as the player participates in the guaranteed prize, the first place of the group can get 3,000 pounds in turn, and the player who finally wins the championship will get about 30,000 pounds of prize money.

Although the rules of the tournament are complicated and the prize money is small, it still attracts the increase of many players, and for the top players, the two-month off-season is only about eating and drinking, and it is urgent to find the game after the start of the new season and the Champions League is the best time.

For players with low rankings or who have not yet broken through the first title of their career, the Champions League short-term system is full of accidents, there is a great opportunity to attack the championship, and more importantly, winning the championship can get a ticket to the championship (the first round of the championship is also 20,000 pounds). David Gilbert achieved a career title breakthrough of zero in last season's Champions League.

The opening battle will be officially launched at 19:00 on the evening of the 28th, hoping that the young players of the Chinese Snooker Army can seize the great opportunity to win the championship and strive to realize the wish of the first championship of the ranking tournament as soon as possible.

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