The most popular "royal" sparkling wine in Europe is Prince John's "Chardonnay" sparkling wine

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European Prince Winery, presumably few people have heard of it, but John Hill Fort Winery, many people are more familiar. Today's special winery is the European Prince Winery under Fort John Hill.

Located in the Rheingau region of Germany, the European Prince Winery produces very good sparkling wines, which have become a tribute to the royal family and are loved by celebrities and gentlemen from all over the world.

The reason why he is called the European Prince Sparkling Wine is closely related to the history of the winery, from 1814 to 1815, when the French Emperor formulated a new border for Europe at the Vienna Conference after Napoleon's defeat, Prince Metternich presided over the meeting, and with extraordinary talent and diplomatic skill, he won many rights for King Francis II of Austria, including the Château de Johanssan, who originally belonged to Napoleon, and Francis II awarded this extraordinary courage and talent to Clemens I. The identity of prince Metternich, and this distinguished status will be hereditary in the Metternich family; The King's condition was that 1/10 of the total wine production of the Johns Hill Chateau be paid to the Royal Family each year.

Later, when the winery reached Metternich's great-grandson John, he found that the use of Riesling to make high-quality sparkling wines had a very wonderful taste and excellent wine quality; The winery began producing sparkling wine from 1864 until 1925, when it was named after Clemens Metternich, the prime minister and prince of Metternich, the ancestor of Europe, and the label bears the portrait of Prince Metternich.

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Prince John [Chardonnay] sparkling wine is once a royal tribute, loved by celebrities around the world, Chardonnay single variety brewing, let you appreciate a different European style.

Chardonnay, also known as Shedonli, Chardonnay, Chardonnay, native to Burgundy, is currently the world's most popular grape variety, Chardonnay is an early maturing variety. Because Chardonnay is suitable for all types of cold-tolerant, climatic, and high yields and very stable yields, it is easy to grow, so Chardonnay is cultivated in major producing areas around the world.

Chardonnay wines usually have the flavor of pineapple, green apple or pear, the taste is more round, neutral, except for a few cases will not be very sour, and slightly sweet, more suitable for Chinese taste.

The European Prince Winery series

Sparkling wine that can compete with champagne, VDP famous estate, high-end brand hot hit - Prince John [peach] sparkling wine

Rosé sparkling wine is a sparkling wine with a charming pale pink color, charming flavor, body and lightness that can be paired with most dishes and is a versatile wine. The rosé sparkling wine is clean and full-bodied, suitable for a variety of occasions, both before and after meals.

The official grading system of German wine can be divided into: daily table wine, regional table wine, high quality wine, high quality wine, and high-quality wine. Among them, high-quality high-grade wines can be divided into 6 levels according to the sugar content of grape fruits at the time of harvest.

In addition, there are several other styles of European Prince series wines, specifically you can pay attention to the WeChat public account "Leisi Wine" to view previous articles to understand!

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