"Drivers are low-grade, very low-status"? The ideal official micro-said that it was a malicious clip

author:Southern Metropolis Daily

On June 23, an edited live video came out on the network, and during the live broadcast, the ideal founder Li wanted to say that "the driver is low-grade and has a very low status", and many netizens have speculated that Li wants to live broadcast the overturn.

At noon on the 23rd, @Ideal Auto official wei clarified the matter, saying that some video bloggers maliciously edited And distorted li xiang's relevant remarks, which caused a bad impact on the reputation and image of Li Xiang and ideal cars.

Ideal APP system crash L9 first day full of orders?

On June 21, the Ideal L9 was officially released and opened for synchronous booking, and the new car was priced at 459,800 yuan. That night, due to the excessive popularity of reservations, the official APP of Ideal Car briefly collapsed and returned to normal after the company urgently repaired the server.

Hong Kong stock Ideal Auto closed at HK$154.20 per share on the 23rd, up 9.94%. The Hong Kong stock market also picked up this morning, and the main force leading the rise in Hong Kong stocks was concentrated in the new car-making enterprises.

According to Futu Niu data, the automaker sector topped this month, becoming the hottest sector in U.S. stock trading. The new domestic car-making forces that have attracted investors' attention: Weilai is up more than 30% this month, ideal is up more than 40% this month, and Xiaopeng is up more than 28% this month.

According to public information, the ideal L9 is positioned in a full-size six-seat SUV, which is an extended range electric vehicle, with a comprehensive cruising range of 1315 km for the new CLTC and a comprehensive cruising range of 1100 km for the WLTC.

According to public data, since the delivery of the first model, Ideal Auto has received 171,500 deliveries with the Ideal ONE product. In May this year, ideal ONE delivered 11,400 units, an increase of 165.9% year-on-year.

Ideal founder Li Xiang said that the production capacity of Ideal L9's Changzhou factory in Changzhou can meet the company's subsequent capacity climbing needs, "At present, the company's pressure at the supply chain level has been alleviated, and the supply chain investment on this generation platform will significantly improve the efficiency of production climbing and delivery." ”

The reporter came to the ideal store, and the store staff said that on July 1, the physical store will have a new L9 debut, and the test drive experience can be carried out on July 16.

For the L9 new product reservation, the relevant sales staff said that many new and old customers visited the store to understand and book in the past two days, and many customers entered the ideal APP on the night of the release to make reservations.

Ideal car pure electric model or equipped with Kirin battery

From the perspective of market analysis, the new energy industry chain continues to rise, domestic new energy vehicle sales in June are expected to exceed expectations, and the battery scheduling of the Ningde era continues to exceed expectations. On the 23rd, the trend of the Ningde era rose for a time, and as of today's close of 536.97 yuan.

On the afternoon of June 23, the third generation of CTP technology of CATL - Kirin Battery was officially released, the system integration reached a new high in the world, the volume utilization rate exceeded 72%, the energy density reached 255Wh/kg, and the vehicle was easily 1000 km endurance. It is reported that the energy density of the Kirin battery exceeds that of the Tesla 4680 battery.

CATL said that under the same chemical system and the same battery pack size, the power of the Kirin battery pack was increased by 13% compared with the 4680 system. It is understood that the Kirin battery of the Ningde era will be mass-produced and listed in 2023.

Subsequently, the founder of Ideal Automobile Li Xiang forwarded the Weibo of relevant news, and the official Weibo of the Ningde era also forwarded Li Xiang's Weibo for interaction, saying that "Qilin has ideals", and many netizens have said that the ideal move may have corresponding cooperation with the Kirin battery of the Ningde era.

After the heavy news in the afternoon of the Ningde era, many netizens also said: the combination of the Ningde era and the ideal, new energy vehicles will return to blood again, and will occupy more market shares in the future.

Will the new energy vehicle return to blood?

Under the premise of national policy support and the release of consumer car purchase demand, the new energy vehicle market is slowly returning to the right track.

As of June 23, NIO is up more than 30% this month, ideal is up more than 40% this month, and Xiaopeng is up more than 28% this month.

According to statistics, WEILAI Automobile delivered 7,024 vehicles in May, an increase of 47% year-on-year; Xiaopeng Automobile delivered 10,125 units in May, an increase of 78% year-on-year; Ideal cars delivered 11,496 units in May, up 165.9% year-on-year

At present, although parts suppliers in the Yangtze River Delta region have gradually begun to resume some production, there is still a tight supply of parts. It is expected that the follow-up production end will recover, in addition, Weilai ideal Xiaopeng, the new models launched one after another, may also be conducive to the release of sales.

Written by: Aoyi news reporter Wu Zhen