Givony simulates Sharp 12th pick? Remy: The choice of Chet + Sharp is really fantastic

author:Cowy Leonard

Welcome to this issue of "The Great Voyage - The Sound of Thunder"! ESPN draft expert Jonathan Givony published a long article analyzing the Thunder's rookie selection, and he simulated that the Thunder would select Chet with the eye of the list (magic choice Jabari Smith Jr.) and the 12th pick to get Sheldon Sharp.

Sharp is currently in 3v3 trials for multiple teams, but they're not all teams with the top 10 picks in hand, and the Thunder are sure to look at him and they've studied him more closely than any team in the league.

After this rookie simulation update, foreign Thunder fans are very excited, if the Thunder can pick Chet with the no. 2 pick at the draft, and then use the no. 12 pick to select Sharp, it would be great!

[1] Teammate reporter Nick Crain: "The Thunder and Sharp camp seem to be interested in each other. ”

Givony said the Thunder studied him more closely than any other team, and they were Sharp's first choice. ”

"The draft night will be very attractive."

Seems to be mutual interest between Oklahoma City and Sharpe’s camp.

Givony says the Thunder have studied him more than any team and that they’re at the top of Sharpe’s list.

Draft night will be fascinating.

[2] "Alexander and Sharp had the same fitness instructor in Canada, and if anyone knew Sharp the best, it was Alexander"

Shai & Sharpe both have the same workout coach in Canada if anybody knows Sharpe the most it's Shai

[3] "I really hope Sharp can join the Thunder. ”

"If we weren't a particularly developing team, I wouldn't say that because There are a lot of questions about Sharp, especially positivity and character, but I believe Alexander, Gidey, Dort, The Eye Show and the team can unlock his incredible potential."

"That's the number one reason Sharp wants to be here, and that's why I want to get him. He hopes to grow and progress here. ”

I REALLY want Sharpe to come here.

If we weren’t an incredible developmental team I wouldn’t because he’s got a lot of question marks particularly in motor and heart, but I believe Shai, Giddey, Dort, the No.2 and the org can unlock his INSANE potential.

THAT’S the reason Sharpe wants to come here first and foremost, and why I want to get him. He wants to grow and thrive here.

[4] "There are rumors that the Thunder will pack the draft picks and get another top 7 pick. ”

Rumored that the thunder will package picks to get another top 7 pick.

[-] "The general camp never publishes rumors, so there is no viable news. ”

Prestis camp doesn’t let any rumors out. So there’s no viable rumors.

[5] "It would be a dream to select one of the three interior lines and then sign Sharp on the 12th."

One of the big three at 2, then Sharpe at 12, would be a dream

[6] "Mr. Putong, please take him (Sharpe)." ”

Presti please go get him.

[7] "We have enough ammunition to trade upwards and I think we should definitely do that." ”

We have the ammo to overpay and move up. I think we definitely should do it.

[8] "Sharp is now in a big price"

He’s going to be expensive now

[9] "Please, brother, I wish Sharp had joined the team. He has a lot of potential like any other player and we have time for him to succeed without the pressure to win."

Man please, I want him on the team so bad. Legitimately has as much potential as anyone in the draft and we got the time to let him get reps with no pressure of winning

[10] "It depends on whether we leave Dort on draft night"

Depends on if we leave draft night with or without Dort

[11] "Leave Dorte, for God's sake, please leave Dorte"

Just keep Dort, please for the love of all things holy, keep Dort

[12] "All I know is that a Summer United squad with Gidey, Man, Sharp and Chet is going to be a blast. ”

All I know is Giddey, Mann, Sharpe, Chet lineup in summer league gonna be fire.

[13] "It could be a team-changing draft, or it could be a bad draft. The two rookies (Chet and Sharp) are the highest risk/highest return players of this tournament. ”

Could be a franchise changing draft or could be a horrible draft. They’re 2 of the highest risk/reward players in the draft

[14] "Unlike last year, we're going to get a lot of attention on draft night. It still depends on our success, and it's risky to give up a lot of assets in exchange for Sharp. ”

We’d get a lot of draft night buzz unlike last year. Still depends on how they pan out. Giving up a lot to trade up for Sharpe is risky as balls.

[15] "As long as we don't pick Sharpe for number two, and then we don't sign down the trade charts, I'll be okay with that." If we can improve the pick on the 12th pick, that would be great. ”

I am pretty much cool with whatever so long as sharpe isn’t our #2 pick and we don’t trade down from #2. If we can move up from 12, great.

[16] "Sharp couldn't have fallen that far behind"

No way he's going that late though

[17] "In order to get Sharp, I am willing to pay any price to raise the No. 12 sign"

There's really not a price I wouldn't pay to move up from 12 to get him

[18] "We can make a deal with the Pelicans"

"Thunder got the No. 8 sign"

"The Pelicans got: No. 12 pick, No. 30 pick, Missic signing rights (they need a backup point guard) and Kenridge Williams"

'It's tough to see Kenway leave the team, but if we pick another wing player, there will be a lot of young players who need to play time.

We can maybe do a trade with the pelicans

Thunder receive: 8

Pelicans receive: 12,30 the rights to Micic(they need a backup point guard) and kenrich Williams

It will be tough to see kenrich go but if we draft another wing then there will a lot of younger players that need minutes

[-] "I feel that even if kenway is not included, this chip is enough." ”

I feel like that would be enough even without Kenrich.

[19] "I'm just not sure he wasn't selected by the 12th pick. Some teams will take him down in a desperate bet; Also, I don't think we're going to trade upwards for this mysterious and unproven player. It may be possible, but it will not happen. ”

I'm just not sure that he'll be around at 12. Some team will roll the dice and grab him. And, I just don't see us trading up to get this mysterious and unproven player. Could be, but don't see it.

[20] "If Sharp drops to the 12th pick, it's incredible for the Thunder. I'm a super fan of Kentucky and I'd love to see Alexander and Sharp play side by side. Iron grinds iron, sharpens, the future of thunder is too bright! ”

Sharpe at 12th would be so crazy for OKC I’m a big Kentucky fan and I would love to see Shai and Sharpe to play together. Iron sharpens iron, OKC future is so bright!