Studies have found that facial mites and humans will merge? To get rid of mites, try these 6 ways

author:Doctor Hu Kan

For mites, everyone is no stranger.

In particular, the family members take the quilts to the sun every three to five minutes, hoping to eliminate the mites through ultraviolet light.

According to the data, 1 gram of mattress dust contains about 10,000 mites, and whenever we clean up the bed, the dust cleared out is far more than 1 gram, which is counted according to the clump and clump.

In fact, the mites here refer more to dust mites and house dust mites.

We also have mites on our faces, but most of them are demodex mites, which are not the same as dust mites and house dust mites.

As a class of conditioned pathogenic parasites, demodex mites do not cause disease under normal conditions.

Once the skin has large physical and chemical factors, the mite's secretions, metabolites or decomposition products cannot be discharged in time, which will be blocked in the pores, causing many skin symptoms in the human body, such as erythema on the face, papules, and even pustules, black scabs, etc., which seriously affect people's appearance.

Where does this mite end up? A recent new study stunned us!

Recently, the medical journal Molecular Biology and Evolution published a latest study, researchers from the University of Bangor, the University of Reading and other institutions in the United Kingdom found that miniature mites living in human pores will merge with humans.

The researchers found that miniature mites are almost always present in humans at birth, and as the pores of the skin gradually increase, the number also peaks in adults.

Miniature mites are about 0.3 mm long and are found in the hair follicles of the face or nipples, including eyelashes, feeding on sebum naturally released by cells in the pores.

Because of its simple life and the simplicity of its organisms, it will soon become one with humans.

Mites, how do we get rid of them?

In fact, although mites are abundant, not all of them need to be removed.

As mentioned earlier, only people who are allergic to mites, or who have an abnormal function of the congenital skin barrier, need to pay attention to mite prevention and mite removal.

Of course, if you are not accustomed to mites, in the perspective of their own hygiene, you can also remove mites.

For example, do these things well:

1, the quilt more drying more change

Mites prefer to live in the quilts of cotton products, because the bed covers are generally relatively moist, and there are still many skin horns left, providing a good environment and rich nutrition for the growth of mites.

The bed should be changed frequently and should be dried once a week, so that the bed can be kept clean and dry, thus eliminating the mite breeding environment!

2, more sun

Mites are averse to the sun's rays, and regular sun exposure can be effective in killing mites that parasitize the skin.

And basking in the sun is conducive to eliminating microorganisms on the surface of human skin, thereby reducing the food source of mites, so more sun exposure is also conducive to eliminating mites.

3. Exercise more

Mites generally parasitize in the human sebaceous glands, because the human sebaceous glands are rich in oil and can provide a rich food source for mites, which is why obese people are more likely to breed mites.

Exercise can make the body sweat, promote the discharge of lipids in the sebaceous glands, and can also bring the mites inside out of the body.

Moreover, the lactic acid produced by exercise also has a certain killing effect on mites.

Therefore, exercise is an important way to remove mites!

4. Develop good work and rest habits

Due to the change of modern lifestyle, many people have the habit of staying up late and living nightlife.

I believe that everyone has had such a feeling - after staying up late, the next day is full of oil, which is because staying up late makes the liver not rest, which increases the conversion of fat in the body.

In this way, it provides a rich food source for mites, which is why staying up late is prone to acne. Therefore, not staying up late and developing good living habits is of great significance to prevent the breeding of mites.

5. Eat a balanced diet

Many people have had a sweet and thick eating habit of cooking oil, eating too much greasy food and sugary food, the body can not fully metabolize the fat and sugar in it, it is easy to accumulate under the skin, becoming a food source for mites.

Therefore, paying attention to the light and regular diet in peacetime is also an important measure to prevent fullness!

6. Maintain a good mood

Due to the development of society, people have produced a lot of pressure in life and work, resulting in long-term emotional depression and instability.

Modern medical research has found that people who have been in this mood for a long time are prone to endocrine disorders, resulting in abnormal metabolism of skin and sebaceous glands, and easy to breed mites.

Therefore, maintaining a good mood is also conducive to the removal of mites.

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