Golden shovel shovel dragon's nest: Jade Dragon God Stone Proud Jade, smooth transition, the first choice for points

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The Jade Dragon in the Dragon's Lair version is similar to the alchemy technology in the Neon Night version, both of which increase attack speed and restore maximum health. This lineup is relatively stable in the front and middle of the lock, and the late stage is not strong, which is more suitable for eating bad points.

The maximum number of bonds of the Jade Dragon is 12, but it is more difficult and requires two transfers, so it is generally 9 Jade Dragon. 9 Jade Dragon needs to occupy eight positions, and dragon god stone proud jade is eight fee cards, usually 8 population D cards, so in addition to the jade dragon itself with two shapeshifters, there is no place to match other bonds. If you can go up to the nine populations, you can go up to another Lulu, with the shackles of the occult magician and the magic master.

There are two main C heroes that can be selected in the Jade Dragon, one is the Phoenix, the recommended equipment is: Green Dragon Sword, Technology Gun, Pearly HandGuard, and the other is Shi Aoyu, the recommended equipment is: Infinity Blade, Titan's Determination, and Absorbing Sword (Technology Gun).

The main tank hero is Niko, recommended equipment: Dragon Claw, Thorn Vest, And Berserker Armor, this hero will start by transforming into a friendly hero of the neighbor, adding extra attack power and attack speed to herself and copying all other attributes except health. When the shield is broken, it will stun nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds, and can resist control.

Operational transition

Kalmar, Tariq, and Ash in the Jade Dragon are all relatively easy to brush, so it is not difficult to gather 3 dragons. By the time of the four populations, the last Riona, with 3 Jade Dragon + 2 Guards. Since Both Ash and Kalma have the bondage of the Dragon Venerable, after reaching the five populations, they can also have a Serty, Li Qing or Svein, and match the bondage of the 3 Divine Dragon Venerables.

In the early stages, if you see Izzeril, you can stay, and this hero's bond includes the Swift Shooter and the Storm Dragon. And Ai Xi in the Jade Dragon is a swift shooter, and Li Qing in the Divine Dragon Venerable is a Storm Dragon, which can be matched with bondage.

In addition to the bondage combination, equipment is also very critical for a smooth transition. If you first combine the Green Dragon Sword and the Pearl Shield, you can directly use the phoenix, the hero's skill is range damage, and the lock blood is very stable with suitable equipment. If you first craft the Stone Auror Jade equipment, in addition to the Infinity Blade, you can give it to Li Qing. Of course, if There is Xin Brush to Sai Fen, the whole set of equipment can be given to him, because his skill is also physical attack damage, similar to Shi Aoyu.

If you can lock blood, you can swipe the card again to 8 people, which is also the population level of the final formation of the lineup. If the card is not smooth and the blood is not stabilized, the seven population D can also do it, after all, the probability of the seven population brushing the four fee card is also 15%.

Enhanced runes are recommended

First aid equipment, emblem of the Jade Dragon, Heart of the Jade Dragon, Pandora's seat

As mentioned above, if there is no relevant transfer, the 8 population can no longer match the lineup bondage, but if there is the emblem of the jade dragon or the heart of the jade dragon, you can have a Lulu on the 8 population, with two additional bonds. In addition, in terms of intensity, the probability of eating chicken in the later stage of the two-star Shi Aoyu is not high, but if there is Pandora's seat, it is easy to chase three stars, at that time, eating chicken will not be too much of a problem.


From the perspective of individual strength, Shi Aoyu is not as good as Sai Fen, the same output package, Sai Fen can pose a great threat to the enemy C position, and Shi Ao Yu damage is high, but slightly clumsy, the skill can not be displaced. However, in addition to Shi Aoyu in the Jade Dragon, there is also a phoenix with a good output, and in the case of few peers, it is also a good lineup.