Princess Kate watches a horse race, following the example of Diana wearing a polka dot skirt in 1998: How beautiful is I with my mother-in-law?

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If it is said that the most influential fashion Icon in the fashion industry now, Princess Kate of the United Kingdom should be the first, as long as the clothes she wears to attend the event will always be snatched up at the first time.

Why is Princess Kate so popular? Unlike the old money family from an aristocratic family, Princess Kate was not born of a high class, so her daily dress, in addition to maintaining the dignity of the royal family, is also very affinity and elegance, which is worth learning from the daily life of our ordinary people.

No, recently Princess Kate watched the Royal Jockey Club's outfit out of the circle again. This Alessandra Rich polka dot dress is really beautiful, elegance and retro coexist, intellectuality does not fall into the cliché, in the background of the polka dot skirt, Princess Kate looks very noble.

But there are also many careful netizens who find that Princess Kate's polka dot skirt seems to be very similar to a set of wearing by her mother-in-law Diana in 1998. From the picture, both skirts are all black polka dot embellished styles.

Princess Kate's skirt is longer than the knee, the fabric texture is more ethereal, and the overall style presented is gentle and gentle, which is exquisite and evocative; The short line of this polka-dot skirt on Diana's body, coupled with the curved cut of the extreme waist, makes the sexy feminine and flexible lively here neutralized. Although the two princesses are wearing polka-dot skirts, the styles presented are very different. Princess Kate watches a horse race, following the example of Diana wearing a polka dot skirt in 1998: How beautiful is I with my mother-in-law?

There are many popular elements in the fashion industry, but the only one that can hold elegance and liveliness at the same time is really only a polka dot. Every spring and summer, polka dot can always become the protagonist of the world with its own unique personality, this article, cat sister through the dress of Princess Kate to analyze for everyone: how to wear a polka dot skirt more fashionable.

First, the fashionable law of the polka dot skirt

>> Choose the type of polka dot according to your sense of facial features

The polka dot skirt seems to be simple in structure, but it can also take on different styles as the size of the polka dot changes. The visual feeling of the large polka dot element is more impactful, and it can be compared to a bright and colorful beauty, which shows the romantic and wild classical beauty with ease, so that people will sink immediately at a glance. This dress on Kate's body, the domineering big polka dots involving the thin and soft chiffon fabric, silently highlights the elegant and romantic mood of mature women, becoming the most eye-catching focus of the crowd.

The style of small polka dots is very different from that of large polka dots. Its sense of volume is small, just like the light face of the attractive beauty, uniquely a light and delicate feeling, attracting people to constantly watch; Its beauty is shelved, far from the world's nobility and elegance; Kate, dressed in a small polka dot skirt, is dignified and generous, and has a charming temperament at all times, and can turn everyone upside down without deliberately. The style presented by the small polka dot skirt may not be gorgeous, but it is definitely called its own high-class and elegant.

After appreciating the difference between the style of large and small wave points, the next step is to choose the type of wave point according to your own style and sense of five senses. The big polka dot is more atmospheric so it is suitable for women with deep facial features and tough facial lines to try, while girls with too plump figures are not suitable for wearing clothes with large polka dots, if the polka dot circle is opened, it is easy to look more robust.

The small polka dot skirt is weaker because of the weak sense of existence, so it is more suitable for women with moderate and small sense of facial features and rounded face shape to try; And the small polka dot is easy to show a lively and flexible quality, when it is evenly active in the clothing, the sense of fashion is at hand. For an aristocratic woman like Kate, who is charming and has an outstanding temperament, it is natural that the big polka dots and the small polka dots are very suitable, but for the general population, according to their sense of facial features, they will not wear the polka dot skirt out of the earth.

>> wear solid color shoes

Many people wear polka dot skirts to show rusticity, often because they are dressed too delicately and appear to be too strong. Dressing pays attention to the overall sense of coordination, there are put and received, there is a focus and a foil, so as to create a coordinated and orderly collocation. The polka dot skirt itself is beautiful enough to be strong enough, its inherent classical meaning and gorgeous background lay out its extraordinary temperament, if you have to choose a pair of super eye-catching shoes to match, it will inevitably appear arrogant and over-profile.

Princess Kate knows how to balance. A green polka dot dress with a pair of pure green simple high heels, shoes do not steal the scene, not ostentatious, and the polka dot skirt to maintain the same tone, the quiet and elegant style of the interpretation to the fullest, don't look at this set of Look looks simple, the inner doorway is really worth examining.

In addition to polka dot dresses, we can learn this from Princess Kate's outfit.

Second, how to wear a floral skirt is not tacky

Romance does not die, freedom is eternal, and pleasant flowers are spread between the skirts, awakening the long expectation of summer. In the bustling city, we all miss Monet's manor and the natural countryside of the mountains and rivers at some point, which is the sense of atmosphere that the floral skirt wants to create, lazy and peaceful. The floral skirt is not only a representative of the French style, it is also the favorite of elegant women, just like the dignified and atmospheric Princess Kate, the love for the floral skirt is also the same as always, so how to avoid wearing the floral skirt out of the tacky sense?

>> Avoid heavy colors, light and light colors are high-grade

The color of the floral skirt is the key to affecting the change of the style of the floral skirt, try to avoid some big red and green colors, wearing on the body will appear very dull skin tone. Princess Kate loves some light-colored floral skirts, and the contrast between the floral pattern and the bottom color of the skirt is gentle and soft, and the visual feeling conveyed is more comfortable.

The overall color of the floral dress pictured above is a light Morandi color, like the color stripped from Van Gogh's Impressionist oil paintings, which has both a refreshing sense of summer lemon forehead and a soft and hazy mood of the left bank vines, with a slim and gentle X-shaped cut, which shows the elegant and indifferent noble temperament of Princess Kate.

>> with lightness and ethereality to create a sense of lightness

The reason why floral skirts appear tacky is often because the texture is too thick, the visual feeling is inflated, and the whole person cannot breathe. If you want to solve this problem, you can make some articles on the fabric, choose a light and breathable fabric, and the light and flowing texture will be displayed in an instant. Princess Kate's dark blue floral dress is made of chiffon fabric, elegance and nobility flow freely between the sideburns, and the contour lines of the skirt are simple in design, but there is still an indescribable ultimate fragrance.

Third, how to wear colorful dresses more fashionable

Princess Kate wears more skirts every day, in addition to polka dot skirts and floral skirts, colorful dresses are also items with a very high rate of appearance. Many mature women think that the upper body of the color dress will appear too tender, but in fact, there is no fixed connection between the two, and the color dress can also wear a sense of age reduction fashion.

>> Color with low saturation is preferred

The color conveys a completely different style according to the different shades of concentration, and the color of Kate's dress on the upper body is a highly saturated dark green, which is full of a grand classical luxury beauty, which perfectly restores the majesty of the royal family and the glory of an era. Like this color, its own retro connotation is actually more dazzling than its good looks, and it is very valuable when attending formal events, but daily wear will be slightly old-fashioned and restrained.

Everyday wear color dresses, the first choice of low saturation color, such as the nobles love to wear taro purple is a good choice. The sweet potato purple hides the woman's quiet and elegant temperament, although it looks tepid, but everywhere is full of pure determination and self-confidence, gentle colors and curvy skirt silhouette complement each other, and Princess Kate's calm and elegant temperament is seamlessly integrated.

I hope this article can bring you some gains, then we will see you in the next issue.

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