#Quito finally arrived at Quito Airport, and fled Ecuador with some regrets! Yesterday was really frightening. I was getting ready to walk across the protesters' blockade and didn't want to

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Finally arrived at the Quito airport, just like this with a little regret, thrilling escape from Ecuador!

Yesterday was really frightening. I was getting ready to walk across the protesters' blockade line, not wanting the police to fire tear gas to disperse the protesters, the protesters ran in my direction, and then everyone mixed. I can't tell who is who, for fear of being accidentally injured by the police!

In Quito now, protesters with wooden sticks roam the streets, shouting rhythmic slogans; Most of the shops and restaurants are closed, and the atmosphere is tense in the streets.

Chatting with hotel guests, not only in Quito, but also in Guayaquil in the south.

My travel plans quito-Cuenca-Guayaquil-Galapagos had to be terminated.

Before booking a ticket, ask the hotel front desk if you can contact the driver who will arrive at the airport tomorrow and answer no problem. After the ticket is booked, the hotel front desk again determines the departure time for tomorrow, and then the front desk makes countless phone calls and answers that there is no driver to answer the order. So I went down the street to see if I could find a taxi driver to make an appointment. After waiting for more than an hour, I didn't see a single car.

My goodness, 48 kilometers from the hotel to the airport, it is impossible to walk!

Just like that, I stayed up all night in anxiety. Get up early, pack your belongings, and try calling a car with Uber. After calling several times, someone finally took the order. The driver told me that I couldn't be sure I could get to the airport, and if the road was impassable, I would have to walk across the blockade line to find another car.

Luckily, there were trails to detours in several blockaded places. The usual forty-minute drive took an hour and a half today.

My trip to Ecuador became an abbreviated version!

Today via Bogotá transit Lima, see you in the next country Peru! [Dog Head] [Dog Head] [Dog Head]

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