Huawei's second princess Yao Anna: Won the international award was questioned, and her sister posted praise for breaking the rumors of discord


As soon as "Huawei Second Princess" Yao Anna made her debut, she attracted heated discussion from all sides, and the loudest voice was nothing more than not understanding why she did not inherit a good family business, but had to toss it.

Some people even questioned her crappy dance, saying that she could still debut at such a level, and it was the capital behind it.

In the face of overwhelming controversy and doubts, Yao Anna, who grew up spoiled, couldn't help but be aggrieved and said in an interview why everyone liked her sister but didn't like me.

Originally, it was a careless sentence when the little girl was wronged, but it was over-interpreted by the media as the discord between the sisters, and Yao Anna entered the entertainment circle in order to avoid her sister's sharp edge. But is that really the case?

The same Huawei princess why the growth environment is very different

Yao Anna and Meng Wanzhou are both daughters of Ren Zhengfei, but they are a pair of half-sisters with very different growth environments. In the year of Meng Wanzhou's birth, Ren Zhengfei had not yet made a trace, and shortly after Meng Wanzhou was born, he and his wife both enlisted in the army, and the little Meng Wanzhou began to live with his grandparents.

Because of financial constraints, Meng Wanzhou at that time even ate a candy is very luxurious, and her grandparents are honest and responsible rural people, not concerned about her study, so in fact, she did not study very well since she was a child, and she returned to her parents after eight years.

But the good times were not long, only two years away from her parents, her father was fired from the company because of work mistakes, and her mother really could not stand such a life, decided to divorce her father, and Meng Wanzhou, who was a young child, changed from a left-behind child to a child of a single-parent family, which caused great harm to her young soul.

Father is busy starting a business and has no time to take care of her, she was sent back to her grandparents, the lack of parental companionship in the process of growing up, the impact on the child will be a lifetime, which is why Meng Wanzhou after growing up is so sensible and stoic and strong in the eyes of everyone, because in such an environment, she has no other choice but to make herself strong.

In contrast, Yao Anna was born to Ren Zhengfei's second wife, Yao Ling. At the time of her birth, Huawei was basically on the right track, so she was a little princess born with a golden spoon.

Because she is an old woman, Ren Zhengfei poured all his love into her. In addition to the unreserved love of her parents, Yao Anna has lived a real life as a celebrity since she was a child, and she has also learned ballet.

When she was very young, she went to Chongyang to study at Oxford College in the United Kingdom, and was admitted to Harvard University with full marks when she was just an adult, and did not go abroad for the first time until she was 24 years old, and it was a world of difference for Meng Wanzhou, who was sent by the company's mission.

Why do people only like sisters and don't like me

As the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, the two will inevitably be compared together, and because Meng Wanzhou has suffered more from snacks, everyone will inevitably be more harsh on Yao Anna, who grew up in a favorable environment.

Although Yao Anna graduated from computer science and statistics, she is not interested in business, and she has grown up studying ballet since she was a child, but she wants to become an artist and break out of her own piece of the entertainment industry.

After graduating and returning to China, Yao Anna became a signed artist of Tianhao Shengshi and officially announced her debut shortly after.

"Huawei Second Princess" Yao Anna entered the show business as soon as the news was released, it set off an uproar, and everyone felt strange that she ran to the entertainment industry without inheriting a good family business.

What is even more controversial is that when Yao Anna announced her debut, her sister Meng Wanzhou was illegally arrested in Canada and is suffering abroad, if everyone thought that she was just unreliable in the show business at first, now such behavior can be said to be a bit heartless.

Because of this, the insults and criticisms of Yao Anna on the Internet have been raging for a while. Yao Anna did not understand, she just chose to do what she wanted to do, why everyone did not look at her. Depressed, she said in an interview: "Why does everyone only like my sister but not me?" ”

In everyone's eyes, the rich and the rich are mysterious, a look and a sentence can make up a lot of things, the little girl was originally a heartless word, but was caught by the media and hyped up, becoming a sister discord, Yao Anna's high-profile debut is not unintentional, but a downfall.

Yao Anna's award-winning sister sent congratulations

In the face of these rumors, neither Meng Wanzhou nor Yao Anna made a positive response. Yao Anna was controversial for a while and then slowly fell silent.

But at the Cannes Film Festival, which just ended some time ago, Chinese films failed to win awards, but Chinese short films shined. Directed by Chen Jianying, "A Cliff Rises on the Sea" won the Palme d'Or for short films, and the lead actor is Yao Anna, who has not been optimistic.

Yao Anna held her breath to prove herself, and now she has finally won the award, but some people still say that she relied on her family lineage and capital, because of family reasons to get this resource.

But then director Chen Jianying personally spoke for her, saying that Yao Anna was able to get this role by her own efforts, was selected according to the normal audition process, did not use the so-called capital and relationship, and was also very serious and focused in the process of filming, the two often exchanged each other's feelings, there was no sense of distance.

Subsequently, her sister Meng Wanzhou also posted in the circle of friends to express congratulations on her sister's award. She said that she was never the first to congratulate Yao Anna, and she did not often praise Yao Anna's efforts since she was a child, but she was always surprised by her, and expressed her good wishes to her sister: "Since there are all kinds of possibilities in life, then go forward with emotion." ”

Meng Wanzhou used the tone of an elder, and every sentence was a gentle and powerful encouragement. Perhaps it is precisely because the two have an age gap in their twenties, so that this passage sounds more like a mother than the sister.

In fact, as early as when Meng Wanzhou returned from Canada, Yao Anna expressed her feelings for her sister, she said that she welcomed her sister home, and said that her sister would always be her pride and role model. It can be seen that the relationship between the two sisters has always been very good, but the introverted personality is not good at showing it in front of outsiders.


The outside world has always liked to compare the sisters together, in fact, the interests and hobbies of the two are not the same at all, whether it is Meng Wanzhou running the company with her heart, or Yao Anna making her own world in the show business circle, they are just doing what they want to do with their hearts.

Although it is half-brother, but after all, blood is thicker than water, the feelings of the sisters have actually been very good, this time Meng Wanzhou spoke out to protect his sister, in the hearts of the sisters, each other is the tacit pride of each other.

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