Meng Wanzhou sent a post to wish her 24-year-old sister Yao Anna the award, and the sisterhood of the two people is enviable

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Mention Yao Anna you may not know who she is, but when it comes to Meng Wanzhou, you must know that the two people are half-sisters, according to the reason, the general feelings of half-sisters are not very good, but Meng Wanzhou and Yao Anna are different, and the feelings of their two sisters are very good.

Recently, Yao Anna starred in "A Cliff Rises by the Sea" won an award at the Cannes Film Festival, as Yao Anna's sister Meng Wanzhou is very proud of Yao Anna, posted a blessing to Yao Anna in the circle of friends, and also said a touching word.

Meng Wanzhou said that from childhood to adulthood, I don't often praise your efforts, but I am often surprised by you. Never the first to congratulate you, but the beauty can always be slowly precipitated, and Fanghua can always be quietly opened. In these words, they all praise Yao Anna, praise her hard work, and be a girl who can always bring surprises to others.

And the director of this short film, Chen Jianying, is also praising Yao Anna, saying that she is very suitable for this movie, and saying that she is a very sincere, focused, and no sense of distance.

Maybe everyone doesn't know the relationship between the two of them, Meng Wanzhou and Yao Anna are half-siblings, the difference between the two people is 26 years old, although the age difference is very large, but their feelings are very good.

The sister won the award, the sister posted praise and encouragement, the sisterly love, such feelings are also very enviable, I hope everyone can go to see this short film "A Cliff Rises by the Sea".

What do you think of Meng Wanzhou's relationship with Yao Anna?

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