Prince William sharpened his sword for ten years, and on his 40th birthday, he left the light to his mother Diana, with good intentions


On June 21, Prince William celebrated his 40th birthday. "Forty not confused", an important life node, the Duke of Cambridge also really lived a little "not confused" taste.

It is reported that in early January, due to the recurrence of the epidemic, Catherine-Duchess of Cambridge's 40th birthday was very simple and low-key. At that time, sources revealed that the Queen planned to wait until the 40th birthday of the Duke of Cambridge in June to host a lavish and grand joint birthday party for her most trusted and favorite eldest grandson and eldest granddaughter-in-law at Windsor Castle or Sandringham Manor.

According to royal tradition, when members of the royal family celebrate their important birthdays, the royal family does not rule out celebrating them in a special way. Previously, in 2000, Prince William's 18th birthday coincided with the Queen's sister Princess Margaret celebrating her 70th birthday, Princess Anne celebrating her 50th birthday, and Prince Andrew celebrating her 40th birthday, so the Queen had hosted a very luxurious and grand joint birthday party for them at Windsor Castle.

Yesterday, however, there didn't seem to be a big birthday party. At noon, the birthday star brought a chocolate cake to visit Big Issue 's newspaper seller" David Martin again. A few days ago, it was this newspaper seller who took Prince William on the street to experience a newspaper selling experience.

Some foreign media commented on the current Prince William: This decent, decent man is now very "family-oriented, dedicated", he is a loyal husband, a responsible father, this man who will become the king, and the "lazy William" who held a party in Mahiki and Boujis has long been sentenced to two people.

The last 10 years or so has been the most important decade of William's life. From marrying Kate Middleton to becoming the father of three children— Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—William went from being a "megaloman" to a true "quasi-king."

A royal aide said: "William's marriage to Catherine was crucial. Catherine was stronger and calmer than people thought. She was william's spiritual pillar. William admired her calmness and innate sense of responsibility. Of course, the role that really makes him is the role of the father. William's childhood was notoriously fragmented. His parents were unhappy in their marriages and most of them quarreled when they met. Eventually, he lost his mother. Therefore, William would never allow his childhood experiences to be staged in his children. ”

After becoming a husband and a father, William became more and more responsible and more aware of the importance of the mission on his shoulders. Today, the father/would-be king of three spends more time on the philanthropy that he focuses on.

The Duke of Cambridge's current focus on philanthropy is broad, including mental health, homelessness, environmental protection and cancer treatment. On his 40th birthday, however, Prince William once again set his sights on tackling the problem of the "homeless" population. This was one of the areas of philanthropy that his mother, Princess Diana, was most concerned about during her lifetime, and it had a profound impact on him.

Princess Diana's most important area of philanthropy during her lifetime was the living conditions of the "homeless" and "AIDS" populations. Although Slovak is dead, her "legacy" is still there, and his son is continuing her career. In 2005, William became a royal patron of Centrepoint, a charity dedicated to addressing homelessness. Subsequently, he became an important supporter of The Passage, a homeless shelter.

Big Issue is a magazine that supports the "homeless." The day before his birthday, William not only appeared on the cover of the magazine, but also wrote a special article for Big Issue magazine to express his support for the magazine.

In the article, William wrote: "At the age of 11, I visited the homeless shelter with my mother for the first time. In her own unique style, she is determined to expose a neglected and misunderstood problem. Over the next 30 years, I've seen countless projects in this space grow, including the relevant charity that I've had the privilege of being a patron. ”

Diana has been dead for 25 years, but the influence of this kind, beautiful, and elegant princess on her son is profound. At the same time, William also said that he will let his children follow in his and Diana's footsteps and continue to pay attention to this social problem that he believes will one day be truly solved.

William said: "In the years to come, I hope to let George, Charlotte and Louis see these amazing organizations doing inspiring work, supporting those who need it most – just as my mother used to do for me." ”

Forty years old is a very critical and important milestone in his life, and William is remembering his mother in a very subtle way while fulfilling his mission with his heart. At the same time, William seems to want to remind the royal family of everything his mother has left behind, although the current pattern of the British royal family has changed dramatically.

Unlike his younger brother Prince Harry, who mentioned Diana only "the pain of loss", Prince William never mentioned his own wounds and pains, although the pain of losing his mother was no less painful to him than Harry felt.

William's deep approach was also echoed by the royal family. Early in the morning of June 21, the Queen of England, while sending birthday wishes to her grandson, also reaffirmed The status of Princess Diana. The old man's birthday greetings contained the following sentence: "Prince William Arthur Philip Louis (William) is the eldest son of the Prince of Wales and Diana, The Princess of Wales." He was born on 21 June 1982 at 9.03pm at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London. ......”

Since Princess Diana's death, with the exception of his two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, who occasionally mention their mother in public, the rest of the royal family has not publicly mentioned the late Princess of Wales, who still retains the title, for many years. On the day of her eldest grandson's 40th birthday, the queen rarely mentioned the daughter-in-law who had made her angry to the point of "dizzying". There is no doubt that this contains affirmation and gratitude. Of course, it is not excluded that there is a hint of apology to William in it. After all, the old lady, forced by the situation, eventually broke her promise not to let Camilla be queen.


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