Last year, 14-year-old young actress McKenna Grace, who rested at home for 7 months because of the epidemic. However, 7 months later, McKenna was surprised to find that she had not even grown 1 centimeter tall

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Last year, 14-year-old young actress McKenna Grace, who rested at home for 7 months because of the epidemic. However, 7 months later, McKenna was surprised to find that she had not even grown 1 centimeter tall! And the reason why she is not tall is probably because she is "self-inflicted".

There are many child stars, who were cute when they were young, but as they grew up, they grew older and more disabled. However, there are still a few child stars who always maintain a high appearance, and McKenna is one of them, she is simply equally proportional.

McKenna is Hollywood's royal Lolita, and at a young age, she has a number of representative works, and even some old actors are ashamed of themselves.

In "Genius Girl", she plays with "Captain America", as long as she cries, the audience can't help but be distressed, and even the most iron-hearted people will be stimulated to protect.

In "Captain Marvel", only 20 seconds of flashback shots make the whole film have an unforgettable classic moment, and even steal the limelight of the heroine.

In "Bad Seed", she obviously has a face that has been kissed by an angel, but she is actually an evil demon, as long as you look at her, the chill in her eyes can easily penetrate your heart.

Her facial features are exquisite and perfect like a doll, as long as she blinks casually, flashing eyelashes, she can attract everyone's attention and overshadow the people around her.

However, McKenna's real strength is not only this. The most important reason why she is so popular is her superb acting skills that do not match her age.

Don't look at her young age, because of her early debut, she is actually an old drama bone. Someone said of her: "13 years old, 13 years of acting!"

At the age of 10, McKenna filmed "Genius Girl", and she can already integrate the innocence and maturity of the protagonist very naturally.

When filming "Bad Seed", she played a blackened little girl, and at the end of the film, her inadvertent evil smile and indifferent eyes contrasted strongly with her beautiful face, which was simply creepy.

With the double guarantee of appearance and acting skills, McKenna's path as an actor is theoretically bright.

However, she seems to face the same shortcomings as the Harry Potter actor, which is not long.

Last year, McKenna participated in the filming of the fourth season of "The Handmaid's Tale", but due to the epidemic, filming was temporarily suspended. So McCann went home to rest, and she found that she hadn't grown 1 centimeter tall in the past 7 months.

In an interview with a remote connection, McKenna talked about how tall she was, and she was very happy.

It turned out that because she still had to continue filming, if her height and appearance changed too much, it would not fit the role in the play.

McKenna was happy to be happy, but for a teenage girl who was in adolescence, not having a long body was obviously abnormal. When she was 14 years old, her height was only 153, which was really too short in the entertainment industry to play a little girl for a lifetime.

I once read a report that a child star, due to precocious puberty caused by makeup, bone age is older than the actual age, so stop growing.

However, the child star's mother later came out to clarify, saying that it was a rumor, that the child did not grow up, and that there was no direct connection with makeup.

So, McKenna doesn't have a long body, probably because she doesn't eat meat and is a vegetarian.

According to her family, McKenna started eating vegetarian food at the age of 6, and even eggs are not on her menu. This vegan diet will definitely lead to malnutrition and have an impact on growth and development.

McKenna chose vegetarian food because her parents were vegetarians, a habit she developed from an early age.

In any case, even with height restrictions, the future McKenna must have a lot to offer. She started acting at the age of 6 and has now made more than 20 film and television dramas, and at the age of 13, she also became a producer and won the title of "Hollywood's youngest producer".

McKenna's drama path is very comprehensive, not only can act in comedy, but also in horror films such as "Bad Seed" and "Annabelle", she has also acted in film and television dramas such as "Little Sheldon" and "Ready Player One", which was amazing as soon as she appeared, and the response was all praise and applause.

As she grew older, McKenna's facial features slowly grew, but she was still as delicate and cute as ever, simply a fairy tale princess. In addition, McKenna's talent is also very good, not only can sing, play guitar, but also compose her own songs, and has released a solo album.

However, even if she is perfect, she still can't escape the doubts of others: "she is perfect like a dummy", "she is too confident", "that confidence makes people feel uncomfortable".

Maybe it's too perfect, but it's also a disadvantage, because it will set off the stupidity and ugliness of others.

The brainless vase can be controlled, the beautiful fool is cute, just like Adele once did, a fat girl who loves to sing, must be close to ordinary people in some way, in order to become an idol loved by the whole people.

If a person has all the advantages at the same time, both beautiful and intelligent and hardworking, such a perfect person must attract jealousy and be subjected to some negative remarks, which is inevitable.

In fact, even if she has a super high starting point like McKenna, the effort she puts in is not something that ordinary people can afford. She has been running back and forth between the various crews since she was a child, and her academic performance has not fallen behind, and she has to continue to make up lessons after work.

Every time she receives a role, she must take the time to consult the information in advance, truly experience the experience of the character, and study the inner activities of the character, so that she can play a character well.

Behind the perfection, there is also a price to pay, and no one can succeed casually.

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