25 years ago, Diana and her boyfriend Dody embraced and kissed in the Mediterranean Sea, but both broke their souls

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Diana is very good as a mother, but as a wife she is a loser, even if she has a beautiful face, she still loses to Camilla, who is several times worse than herself.

Diana and Charles formally divorced in 1996, and during these 15 years of marriage, both of them suffered from love or non-love.

It is even more a tragedy for Diana, who cannot be loved, and the sincerity of her efforts has been ruthlessly trampled. She became the loser of the whole marriage, thinking that after the divorce was the world of freedom, but before she could feel the freedom, she left due to a car accident.

Diana's lovers actually have quite a few, according to the announcement of seven, of these seven lovers Dody is not Diana's favorite person, but is the person who has completed her final life with her.

Her lover was one of the richest of the many, a famous egyptian rich second generation, and his father Fayyad was worth over 100 million. Dody has lived a life of a clumsy child since childhood.

A playboy who crosses the love scene, an elegant and noble Diana, the two are originally representatives of the two extremes are unrelated, but fate makes the two meet, and also rubs out the spark of love.

For Diana, who has been unloving and sensitive since childhood, it seems that she is not suitable for this kind of playboy, but in order to prove her sincerity, the sea king has broken off all the women around her after interacting with Diana to show his sincerity.

The famous British rose is admired in both stature and appearance, and who does not love this kind of woman. Maybe only the blind Charles couldn't see it.

For the sake of this beauty, Dody is willing to give up all the women around her to pursue her alone to see the charm of The Concubine and Dody's love. In fact, the two did not meet after Diana's divorce, dody had known Diana at a charity event before.

He also invited Charles to play polo several times as a way to reach out to Diana. However, Dody had a girlfriend and Diana was still with Charles, so the two talked as friends.

It wasn't until Charles and Diana officially divorced in 1996 that Dody embarked on a frantic quest for his goddess.

I have to say that although Dodi is a stupid boy, he still has certain principles for love. He dares to love and dare to do but also has his own bottom line principles, and what he can't get can be admired, but he will never rob it.

In the face of Dody's pursuit, for Diana, who lacks love, how can she resist Dody, a master of the love field, and take Diana under Dody's sweet words and completely fall into Dody's sweet words.

After Dody announces his relationship with Diana, he takes Diana around. And Diana has also shown her free nature more boldly since she broke free from the shackles of the royal family.

In terms of dressing, because it was previously hindered by the identity of the royal family, it was more conservative in dress, after all, as a royal princess, her own dress also represented the face of the royal family.

Diana had also worn some swimsuits to show her body, but the royal family criticized Diana fiercely for exposing reasons.

But after no restraint, she also began to boldly wear her favorite clothes to reveal her stunning figure, after all, the girl did not love beauty, who did not want to be praised, Diana was no exception.

On August 24, 1997, Dodi was taking Diana on a trip to the Mediterranean.

At that time, Diana did not bring her two little princes, so the two embraced and kissed quite boldly on the yacht in the Mediterranean, showing each other their love, and the entire sea landscape became a prop for their confession.

But neither of the two in love ever thought that this would be their last warm embrace, and their lives had begun to count down.

From the photo, Diana can be seen completely unaware that danger is approaching her, and she is still lying on the beach receiving the sun.

She looked at the sea and looked at her lover, although her every move had been exposed to everyone's eyes, but she did not care, at this moment all she saw was love and freedom.

Later, it was revealed that Dody had also customized a ring for Diana to propose to her, but this moment did not come, and tragedy happened to the two.

However, some people say that Dody's pursuit of Diana is just a whim to satisfy his vanity. And Diana didn't actually like Dody that much, just to enjoy her freedom and wealth.

It can be said that Dody did not love Diana, according to the records of the camera in the car at the scene of the accident in Paris, before the accident, Dody had used his body to block diana in front of her to protect her.

If it weren't for the love of a person, it would be difficult to protect a person with your own life if you love deeply.

If you say that Diana only loves wealth and freedom, in fact, her personal wealth is enough for her to eat, drink and have fun for a lifetime.

And the expression of loving someone can't be hidden, and from the photos of Diana and Dody playing, you can see that you like it or you can be very simple. She will be happy and sad, she will be happy to be with the people she likes, but she feels sad again because she does not think that her and Dodi's future will go smoothly.

But it's all just speculation, and there's never a sure answer to Diana and Dody's relationship. Because this answer has gone with the departure of the two people.

She spent 15 years of torment, but finally got liberation and went to freedom, but this free day is too short, but at least the last person who accompanies her is the person who loves her, and Presumably she will not be lonely.

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