Huawei's little princess Yao Anna won the Palme d'Or for Short Films in Cannes! Sister Meng Wanzhou sent a warm support

author:TD Summons

Speaking of Yao Anna, you may not be familiar with it, but when it comes to his father, Huawei BOSS Ren Zhengfei, he is a household name. At the end of the Cannes Film Festival on June 18, Yao Wenna starred in the short film "A Cliff Rising by the Sea" that won the Palme d'Or for short films.

How did the second daughter of Huawei BOSS Ren Zhengfei run to act in the movie? He is the envy of many people. Born in 98, she was born with a golden key, graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor's degree, worthy of the name of high value, white and rich beauty, such a petite miss, sit and enjoy its success, this life is enough, everyone may think so.

In fact, Yao Anna has loved dancing since she was a child, and has been practicing dance since she was a child, and has been training in a professional dance studio since she was 15 years old. But even if she likes it, she is not very good, holding the title of "Second Princess of Huawei", dancing a lame dance, has been controversial, and when she released her own singing and dancing singles, she has also been criticized and criticized by many people, giving people the feeling that his movements are stiff and too strong. But he himself is still quite hard, has always insisted on going his own way, very hard.

Originally, he could also borrow Huawei's resources, but in this regard he was different, not relying on Huawei, not relying on his father, not using his relationship, and the director praised her for not having a sense of distance and focusing on filming. I work hard, pursue my own dreams, make progress step by step, and grow steadily and steadily.

After his sister Meng Wanzhou learned the good news of the award, she posted encouragement and support on Weibo: "Once we flapp our wings, the stars are accompanied, and we are separated from the distance from love to dream; Ten thousand miles of trekking, unceasingly, we strive to measure from self-discipline to the world of freedom. The sister's warm words did not have any sensationalism, full of warmth and warmth everywhere, and also expressed encouragement and support for the sister. Looking forward to her better performance in her future career, bringing us more surprises and gains.

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