Kate Middleton and Megan Markle have been dressed in imitation of Princess Diana

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As one of the most popular fashion icons of the 80s, it's no surprise that Princess Diana's timeless style of dressing is still revered. Her aesthetic is high or low, and she is a royal family member who can easily transition from sweatshirts and bicycle shorts to outerwear and prom dresses. As we look back at her most memorable looks (a bunch of bubblegum pinks, brilliant power shoulders and that one-of-a-kind vintage dress), we're still surprised to find that Princess Diana's approach to fashion is not only groundbreaking, but defining the times, continuing to provide us with plenty of clothing inspiration long after her death.

But it seems that we are not the only ones who have asked the late princess for help when choosing clothing. Indeed, both Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, have reflected time and time again the princess's gift for communicating through clothing, and her skirt and hood are both a form of diplomacy and, at some point, a powerful weapon. The contemporary royal family has consciously or unconsciously expressed its thoughts to the late mother-in-law in many public occasions. Sometimes, it manifests itself in the choice of professional wear or printed dresses; On other occasions, it's a simple little detail — a frill of color, or a color that's instantly recognizable, worn on anniversaries or special events.

Below, we've rounded up all of our favorite royals to pay tribute to Princess Diana to inspire their own dress. Scroll down and relive the history of each of their repetitions.

Kate Middleton (2022) and Princess Diana (1988)

At the 2022 Royal Jockey Race, the Duchess of Cambridge attracted a lot of attention in a black-and-white polka dot midi dress designed by Alexandra Ritchie, which bore a striking resemblance to the dress her late mother-in-law wore when she attended the same event in 1988. While there are subtle differences — Kate's is a turtleneck and bishop's sleeve, while Diana's is more fitted — the palette, skinny silhouette and obvious '80s sensitivity are interpreted by many as a nod to the princess.

Kate Middleton (2021) and Princess Diana (1992)

On her trip to Scotland with Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a bright blue Zara coat with a Hope-branded pleated skirt to match the suede pouch and matching sepia heels. Hello! She noted that Princess Diana was wearing almost identical clothes in September 1992, an incident that is all the more important in the recent findings. In 1995, the BBC interviewed her mother-in-law, and journalist Martin Bashir forged bank statements to get a chance to meet Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton (2020) and Princess Diana (1996)

Double-breasted long-line coat, black contrast clasp – every feature of the Alexander McQueen coat worn by the Duchess of Cambridge in London to commemorate the launch of the photography project "Hold Still", bears a striking resemblance to the large number of red coats worn by Princess Diana herself, especially her coat with a white scarf and sneakers in 1996.

Kate Middleton (2019) and Princess Diana (1996)

In 2019, during the Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Pakistan, Kate chose a range of traditional costumes that were very similar to those worn by her mother-in-law when she visited the country. Princess Kate arrived wearing a pale green turquoise sare designed by Catherine Walker, exactly the same color and designer that Princess Diana wore 23 years ago. It would have been fitting that the Duchess of Cambridge had received a photo album of Princess Diana's visit to Pakistan during her visit.

Kate Middleton (2019) and Princess Diana (1991)

On the visit, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a Kelly green tunic, also designed by Catherine Walker, compared to the dark green scarf worn by Princess Diana.

Megan Markle (2019) and Princess Diana (1988)

For some, the combination of purple and red may be too bold, but not for the Duchess of Sussex or Princess Diana. Meghan Markle's red wrap coat and purple midi skirt were designed by Aritzia to echo the one-shoulder gown color chosen by Princess Diana when she visited Bangkok, Thailand in 1988.

Kate Middleton (2019) and Princess Diana (1985)

The polka dot skirt that the Duchess of Cambridge loves to wear, Alexandra Ritchie, has been worn many times, and this dress is strangely similar to a dress worn by Princess Diana at her home in Kensington Palace in 1985, all the way to dark blue and contrasting white collars.

Kate Middleton (2020) and Princess Diana (1983)

In November 2020, at zoom at Memorial Week, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a silk shirt from British brand Ghost with a scalloped black collar. Commentators pointed out that Princess Diana often liked the prairie collar during her lifetime, and she wore a flower-patterned dress and shirt, and the rebellious place of the shirt was on the gorgeous collar.

Megan Markle (2013) and Princess Diana (1996)

While we know that Megan Markle wore this dress before becoming Duchess of Sussex, we can't help but notice similarities between her dress and the lace-covered dress that Princess Diana wore during her visit to Washington, D.C. in 1996.

Kate Middleton (2015) and Princess Diana (1990)

Princess Diana is an avid lover of pink, especially this bright hue. In 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge paid tribute to the royal family in a neon-coloured Multiberry Coat that reminds us of a similar dress worn by the Princess in 1990.

Megan Markle (2017) and Princess Diana (1997)

Megan Markle has proven herself to be a big fan of white shirts and light-colored jeans — the same pairing princess Diana did in the late 1990s, often wearing brisk shirts and high-rise jeans.

Kate Middleton (2018) and Princess Diana (1991)

On the second day of the 2018 Swedish Royal Tour, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a canine tooth pattern coat designed by Catherine Walker. In 1991, Princess Diana also wore a canine tooth pattern suit designed by a British designer in Canada, especially a red suit.

Megan Markle (2019) and Princess Diana (1982)

Just a few months before the birth of her first son Archie, the Duchess of Sussex wore a green Erdem coat with lots of memories of her late mother-in-law. In 1982, when Princess Diana was six months pregnant with Prince William, she wore a Bellville Sassoon coat with the same collar embroidery and sleeves as Markle's.

Kate Middleton (2013) and Princess Diana (1982)

As the Duchess of Cambridge stepped up the steps of the Lindau campus outside St Mary's Hospital, many observers were quick to point out her delicate respect for Princess Diana. When Kate's mother-in-law gave birth to her first son, Prince William, she wore a blue-green dress with dots. This was the model chosen by the Duchess for her debut, introducing Prince George to the world.

Megan Markle (2018) and Princess Diana (1994)

It's perhaps not surprising that the former star of "Suits" is also obsessed with clothing. Duchess Sussex's Alexander McQueen suit is slightly business-oriented, while Princess Diana's own suit is student-style, with a tie, oversized, exuding a rebellious youth temperament.

Kate Middleton (2016) and Princess Diana (1991)

Two different anniversaries, but the same black coat, hat, poppy pin — even the look in the eyes.

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