The bird's nest fruit from Ecuador in South America settled in China, and the fruit family has a new member

author:Edong Sannong

#Agricultural Technology Science Popularization Contest #More than 17,000 kilometers away from us, on the other side of the world, Ecuador and other countries in South America, there is a tropical fruit, called "bird's nest fruit", which has taken root on hainan island in the mainland, began to plant in large quantities, and has produced fruitful fruits, allowing Hainan people to taste this fruit from a foreign country, bringing a "sweet taste".

What kind of exotic fruit is bird's nest fruit? Bird's nest fruit is very similar to dragon fruit. Judging from the appearance of the fruit, the skin of the dragon fruit is red, which is a high and uneven skin with fish scales, while the skin of the bird's nest fruit is only yellow in color, and the skin also has fish scales and some small burrs, and the skin is uneven.

The flesh of the bird's nest fruit is not as red as the dragon fruit, but white, as white as the white snow. Like the flesh of the dragon, there are many seeds like black sesame seeds growing on the flesh, just like some black sesame seeds sprinkled on the white snow.

The flesh of bird's nest fruit is sweeter than that of dragon fruit. According to nutritionists, bird's nest fruits are rich in carbohydrates, mainly fructose, rich in vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, potassium, selenium, iodine and other elemental substances, the nutritional value is higher than that of dragon fruit, and the edible taste is stronger than that of dragon fruit.

What is the prospect of bird's nest fruit in the consumer market in mainland China? Bird's nest fruit was introduced from Ecuador in South America in recent years to hainan province. This unique style of tropical fruit, the current planting scale is not large, the total output is not high, only supplied to Beijing and other first-tier cities, usually for South Americans living in the mainland, and the mainland likes to eat this fruit people consumption.

If you like to eat dragon fruit, once you eat this bird's nest fruit, you will inevitably like this fruit. At present, dragon fruit has entered thousands of households, is liked by ordinary consumers, and also believes that bird's nest fruit will gradually be favored and appreciated by ordinary consumers.

When this bird's nest fruit enters thousands of households, sales will increase greatly, and its market price will gradually decline, which can be accepted by ordinary consumers. At present, the sales price on the market is 10 to 15 yuan a catty, when this fruit is as common as dragon fruit, the price will be very close to the people, will become a new member of the mainland fruit family.

Is bird's nest fruit good to grow? Adaptable or not? The plant of bird's nest fruit, from the appearance, is exactly the same as the dragon fruit, and it is difficult to distinguish at all. According to the growers of bird's nest fruit on Hainan Island, its biological characteristics are exactly the same as that of dragon fruit, which likes to grow in the tropics and is suitable for planting temperatures above 20 °C.

At present, according to the fruit farmers on Hainan Island, there are people in Guangdong and Guangxi who like to grow fruits, and the cuttings have been successful, and it takes two years to hang the fruit. From this point of view, the adaptability of this bird's nest fruit is strong enough, and it is estimated that where dragon fruit can be planted, bird's nest fruit can also be planted.

The cultivation method of bird's nest fruit is basically similar to that of dragon fruit, with long light time and good heat tolerance, which is suitable for tropical planting. Bird's nest fruits can be propagated both from seeds and by cuttings. Its cultivation method is basically the same as that of dragon fruit. Bird's nest fruit results later than dragon fruit, and the yield is lower than that of dragon fruit. However, at present, the market price of bird's nest fruit is much higher than that of dragon fruit, so the economic benefits of bird's nest fruit per mu are higher than that of dragon fruit. #One Country, One Product##One Country, One Product Approaching Latin America#

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