Poison Dart Frog: Amazing poisoner

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#奇妙的动物 #

Frogs are very common animals in life, but there are some species of frogs that look strange and highly poisonous, because their venom is often used to guard hunting and smeared on arrows, so it is also called poison dart frogs.

Golden Arrow Poison Frog

Poison Dart Frog: Amazing poisoner

Known as the world's most venomous frog, it is an amphibian capable of living underwater and in humid rainforests.

It is full of golden yellow, and the native Colombians will use the venom of the golden poison dart frog to hunt, and the arrow or flying fat coated with the venom of the golden poison dart frog can maintain the toxicity for two years.

They live on Colombia's Pacific coast and are five centimeters in size, but produce poisons that can kill 20 people, the equivalent of more than 10,000 rats and two African elephants.

Although it contains high poison in the body, there is no high poison in the body when they are born, and the high poison in the body is because it eats ants or insects with high poison, which leads to the production of high poison in the body.

Barrel head frog

Poison Dart Frog: Amazing poisoner

Highly poisonous frogs that grow in the forests of Brazil have spikes on their heads, and when in danger, they will attack with the impact of their heads, causing the spikes on their heads to pierce into the body of the threat and inject them into the reader.

They are so toxic that one gram of venom is enough to kill 300,000 rats and 80 adults.

Night Feast Frog

Poison Dart Frog: Amazing poisoner

It is a unique amphibian that lives in subalpine regions of Australia.

It is a vertebrate known to be able to produce its own venom, and other poisonous frogs obtain venom from food.

Most of these frogs' venom speed is on the surface of the skin, spreading through wounds and pores, and as long as the venom does not enter the bloodstream, there will be no fatal injury. Therefore, when some hunters obtain poison speed, they will wrap them with leaves and rub the tip of the arrow on the skin surface of the poison frog to obtain the poison speed.

Endangered animals

Although the venom speed of these frogs is very strong, their adaptability and reproductive ability are relatively weak, and the requirements for temperature, humidity and vegetation are very harsh.

Because of the overexploitation of humans, the deforestation of rainforests, and the pet trade, their living environment has deteriorated, their reproduction has been destroyed, and they have become endangered species.

After the queen, I hope that everyone will protect our environment, and protecting them is also protecting ourselves.

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