Abkhazia, Latin America: What a "paradise" on Ecuador's Pacific coast looks like

author:Unforgettable love

It's hard to imagine what resort towns and villages on the Ecuadorian Pacific are like. Six months ago, I didn't even know there was a high water level in this country, but it turned out... It has its own Latin American Abkhazia! Or rather, a hybrid of Abkhazia and Bali.

Port Lopez

Perhaps the most popular coastal town in Ecuador is Montañita. They say club parties and surfing are prevalent there, attracting the most free travelers. But we had difficulties. Our trip coincided with a holiday (carnival in Ecuador) and house prices soared.

After carefully choosing where to stay, we decided to head to Puerto Lopez , a small but cozy town. They chose it simply because they found affordable housing — $30 a night.

The first feeling I saw in Port Lopez was strange: I had never seen anything like this. At the same time, it doesn't look like any resort, it looks like a few.

Some kind of comfort destruction, it's like you're in Abkhazia, but the beaches are reminiscent of Bali. There are almost no foreigners here, but holidaymakers from different parts of Ecuador are plentiful. Loud music, crowded streets and seafood restaurants at night.

Surprisingly, I have almost no photos of the city (and my bloggers) – only the ocean and the sunset.

Apart from going to the beaches and restaurants, there is not much to do in Puerto Lopez. On the other hand, what else do you need to relax? By the way, the heat is simply unbearable. Even I occasionally suffer from heat stroke, even though I am resistant to heat.

The beach is not to say that it is crowded with people. And if you walk 500 meters along the shore, there is no one at all. People are too lazy to cut off the "unnecessary distance".

Why did I put the word "heaven" in quotation marks in the title? It's simple – until heaven, where they cultivate. But I don't think Ecuadorians even work on it.

It has to be said that this is not a classic resort with a cool hotel, but a simple fishing village. Periodically, the entire coast is lined with boats. In Puerto Lopez, in the neighboring village of Machalilla. I flew on top of the drone for a while:

Among the interesting sights of Port Lopez is probably the skeleton of a whale that washed ashore in the mid-2000s. The tablets describe the history of the carcasses found on the beach, as well as further cleanup of the remains of the megafauna.

The skeleton was then processed and it was decided to create an open-air exhibition:

Oh, yes...... There are also living attractions. Loved the character! He sells a variety of handmade ornaments:

I'd like to say more, but overall no more. Then something else came to mind – February was coming to an end. I don't want to take anything. You get the idea.

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