The old area ushered in "new industries" to drive regional economic development

CCTV News: Now, Yulin, Shaanxi Province, brings together a large number of world-class energy enterprises and scientific research institutions, and the vast land has become an experimental field for energy innovation. The basic atmosphere of scientific and technological innovation has also attracted more projects to settle in the old area. In September last year, the Shaanxi Yulin Jingbian UAV Test and Test Center was completed and put into use, filling the gap in the test and testing link of the mainland UAV industry chain.

Direct-strike multiple UAV take-off tests

The old area ushered in "new industries" to drive regional economic development

In the UAV test base, the test is carried out every day, and the vertical take-off and landing drone that is taking off next to me is like a hybrid private car in our lives, relying on its own battery power to rise to 25 meters in the ascent stage, and then switching to fuel mode to fly straight out, the maximum speed can reach 140 per hour.

In addition to vertical take-off and landing, everyone should pay attention to the rocket booster drone launch vehicle on the opposite hillside behind me, which has now completed the lifting of the drone and laid the ignition device, and now wait for the commander to give an order.

Visit the first professional UAV test base in the mainland

Now that the drone has risen to an altitude of about 500 meters, through the photoelectric system on the drone, it can be seen that our entire reporting team standing in the airport appears very small, because this airport covers an area of more than 5,000 acres, equivalent to the size of nearly 500 international standard football fields.

The old area ushered in "new industries" to drive regional economic development

The large venue, coupled with complete functions, has brought more and more drones to come here. Next to me are drones that have been completed or are ready to be tested. This is called Lingque 216 and is produced by Xigongda Aisheng UAV Company. It can be said to be a star product, because it is small in size, easy to transport, stable in performance, and recently participated in the flight search and rescue support mission of the return module of the Shenzhou XIII manned spacecraft. And next to this big black guy, it is called solar WiFi drone, the wings are particularly long, it uses solar power, to achieve long-term air flight and provide WiFi signal, like Yulin, a revolutionary old city, only need 3 such aircraft, you can achieve full coverage of the global WiFi signal.

Promote the landing of industrial chain enterprises and drive regional economic development

Now, we see that the rocket booster drone just now has completed the test, today because the weather is very good, the wind is not very strong, the aircraft's entire attitude is very stable, we see that the aircraft has landed smoothly, and the staff is on the way to recycling.

The old area ushered in "new industries" to drive regional economic development

The number of UAVs tested at this base has reached more than 1,000 sorties, and this base can currently meet the needs of 12 functions such as certification, scientific research and appraisal of various types of UAVs in this base.

As an old revolutionary area, Shaanxi Yulin strives to find new points of strength and source power in the process of economic transformation. At present, the local intelligent unmanned system industry has been written into the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan as an emerging strategic industry, and the supporting aviation industrial park is also being planned and constructed.

Source: CCTV

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