Can Trump stop the Rockets from winning? Higgins: O'Sullivan is no longer in dispute

Can Trump stop the Rockets from winning? Higgins: O'Sullivan is no longer in dispute

The semi-finals of the 2022 World Championships came to an end, with Mark Williams and John Higgins losing to the final. Roninho Sullivan and Trump will meet, who will spend the £500,000 championship trophy? Can Trump stop O'Sullivan's 7th crucible? The suspense is great! But John Higgins reveals: One thing is indisputable, and that's that Ronnie is the greatest player snooker has ever played!

In snooker circles, O'Sullivan is widely considered the greatest player, the leader of snooker, but there are always many fans who question this, because Hendry has more World Championship titles, so Hendry will rank higher.

In the semi-finals, John Higgins staged the 77th matchup of his career with Roño Sullivan, in which O'Sullivan only started 3-0 behind, but then went on to beat the Rockets with three consecutive sets. O'Sullivan was then in the lead, Higgins was completely passive, 34 innings and 17 wins, the two played only 18 innings, O'Sullivan won the match 17-11 to advance to the final.

In the 17th inning, Roninio Sullivan shot a 5-shot 12-shot 50 plus, and it has to be said that the 46-year-old Ronnie is in amazing form. John Higgins said after the game: "Ronnie's victory ended the debate of many people and who was snooker's greatest player has become very clear. Ronnie has now completely consolidated his position in the eyes of every fan. ”

Can Trump stop the Rockets from winning? Higgins: O'Sullivan is no longer in dispute

Higgins finally stressed: "I think a lot of people will still insist on supporting Stephen, who has won the seven-time World Championship, he is the greatest, but in my eyes there is no controversy, Ronnie is." ”

On O'Sullivan's final against Trump, Higgenstein said: "It's going to be a tough game and Trump was unbelievably good against Mark. He was excited because it was a great moment on snooker. Trump's semi-final was tough, first 7-1, then 12-5 to extend the lead, but Mark Williams went down five innings to bring the score closer to 10-12.

In the end, Mark Williams played fully to get the match point 16-15, unfortunately, in the crucial two sets of the fight Trump took the advantage, and won 17-16 to advance to the final. There is no doubt that the final will be more difficult and more exciting!

The final was played in 35 rounds and 18 wins in 4 stages. The winner will receive a championship prize of £500,000 and the loser will receive £200,000. I believe that in the hearts of every fan, there is a supporting player, whether it is O'Sullivan, or Trump, who will end up in the end, whether you can guess the result, wait and see!

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