World Championships! O'Sullivan: I don't care if I lose to Higgins! Jimmy White: Duplicity!

World Championships! O'Sullivan: I don't care if I lose to Higgins! Jimmy White: Duplicity!

The 2022 World Championships ushered in one of the most crucial semi-final matches, that is, Roño Sullivan vs. John Higgins, the 77th time in their careers. This is O'Sullivan's best chance to storm his 7th world title, and for fear of losing to John Higgins, O'Sullivan confessed: I don't care if I lose, I'm just enjoying the game!

As for O'Sullivan's mentality, Jimmy White boldly questioned and said bluntly: "This is not the truth, Ronnie did not say the real idea, he may want to equalize Hendry's 7 crown record, or even to surpass Hendry, this is what Ronnie had in mind." So I don't believe what he says. ”

Currently, Roño Sullivan is in the second phase of the match against Higgins, where the two are tied 4-4. Higgins took the lead in three consecutive sets in the opening game, and fans watching the game saw O'Sullivan vent his anger with the club for losing a simple ball in the third set. Jimmy White said bluntly: "This fully proves that O'Sullivan's heart is very eager to win the game. ”

O'Sullivan then tied with a 2-stroke 100-2 50 plus score. At the beginning of the second stage, the two fought very entangled, Higgins was still very stable, while O'Sullivan was a little impatient and played quickly. John Higgins had bad luck, with three bag throws in two sets, but unfortunately O'Sullivan only seized one chance, and Higgins won 2 consecutive sets to win 6-5 to win the score.

World Championships! O'Sullivan: I don't care if I lose to Higgins! Jimmy White: Duplicity!

Jimmy White bluntly said that O'Sullivan was duplicitous, not that he didn't care about losing to Higgins, but that he didn't care about not winning the game. The 46-year-old O'Sullivan defeated David Gilbert, Mark Allen and Maguire to advance to the semi-finals, which means that O'Sullivan is one step closer to equaling Hendry's world championship record.

O'Sullivan said: "Really, I don't lie, I'm really having fun, even if I lose 4-17, I still think I'm having a lot of fun, especially playing with John. Enjoy, enjoy life, that has always been my motto. Snooker is just a game and I'm so glad I'm here. ”

O'Sullivan and Higgins have played each other 3 times this season, but unfortunately lost to Higgins 3 times, which is the fourth meeting of the season and the semi-final of the World Championships, for O'Sullivan, the winning significance is even greater. Jimmy White continued: "I think Ronnie plays well, as long as he can calm down and face Higgins more steadily, it will be better. We all loved Ronnie and never denied that he was the greatest player Snooker had ever played. ”

This time, whether Roninio Sullivan can achieve the record of equalizing Hendry, there are still two levels to break. In another semi-final, Trump led Mark Williams 11-5, and if nothing else, Trump can advance to the final, so even if O'Sullivan wins Higgins, there is a final match against Trump, and this test is even greater!

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