Does the boy mind if his girlfriend is fat?!

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Does the boy mind if his girlfriend is fat?!

What are the two favorite words for girls to say?

It's weight loss!

Every time you eat, it's a big confessional scene.

It's as if every bite of food you eat is a sin!

But do they really not like to eat?

Not really!

What they are worried about is whether their boyfriend will dislike their fatness?


Mention this

It's sad to help

Although the visual measurement of the leg length "one meter eight"

Sadly, its "radius" is also very large

So, you get the idea

(No matter how hot the day, the student sister will only wear a long skirt)


The heart of beauty is shared by everyone

Girls want to be attractive

and slim figure

Of course, I also hope that there is one who will not dislike his own fat



And do boys really mind if girls are fat?

When the girlfriend asks: Am I fat?

It is said that 99% of boyfriends' answers are that they don't mind!

Do guys really not mind if their girlfriends are fat?

Today, I sorted out the answers of many netizens

Let's take a look!


Being fat and thin is not important, self-confidence is the most important


Personally, I think that the aesthetic of thinness (80 pounds) as beauty is now pathological,

Few boys should really appreciate a picture of a rib cage that can be blown away,

So girls paper weight loss should not be too harsh on themselves.

Weight within the range of health is matched with your rich connotation and confident eyes,

Definitely the one who can attract you to appreciate you,

The most important thing is to be confident,

Whether you're fat or skinny,

You always have a place to shine.


Slightly chubby girls are cute


I also think girls are slightly fat and super cute.

If it's too fat,

I will lose weight with her,

If you can't reduce it, forget it,

But stay with her and stick to a healthy lifestyle.


I don't mind in my mouth, but I still care in my heart


Mouth said I don't mind,

As long as the face looks good,

I can accept how fat I am.

Actual inner os: No matter how good-looking you are,

If you get fat again, I can't even get my mouth down.


I don't mind if I can accept it

@Ride Across the Sea:

First of all, the reason for minding is to feel indiscipline,

Of course, every human body is different,

Some people eat as much as you do,

But it's thinner than you,

So fat ≠ are not self-disciplined.

In fact, I feel that some girls may have some misunderstandings about fat,

Some people say that 175 height and 160 weight is called fat,

Also said that he likes fat,

That's a little bit stronger at best,

You see if it's 200 pounds,

Do you like it or not.


Before judging, examine yourself

@Shen Sanmo:

If you ask your girlfriend to have a thin waist and long legs,

You have to open your clothes to see if there are abs and mermaid lines.

Before minding girls getting fat,

First of all, we must see if we are qualified to mind that the other party is fat.


Maybe still mind, after all, it became an ex-boyfriend


I'm a girl, and when my ex-boyfriend chased me,

Say you will love me for the rest of your life,

No matter what you become,

None will leave me.

Maybe it's love that drives people crazy,

And it just so happens that both of them are foodies,

Maintained a high degree of consistency in terms of eating,

If you are not careful, you will grow from 90 pounds to 110 pounds,

Later, the feelings of the two people slowly faded,

In the end he made an excuse and broke up.

My intuition tells me,

He must have broken up because he was fat,

Don't disbelieve the judgment of girls,

Half a year later, I found a slender girl to prove it!

I read the sharing of these netizens above

What Junjun wants to say is

About the boy does not mind

Turnip greens, each with its own love

Everyone has their own ideas

We girls

Or be the most beautiful of yourself


Maybe you used to be for someone you liked

While watching the food live

Nibble only apples at one side of the meal

Maybe you've ever been too fat because someone didn't like it

I worry about my weight every day



We don't need to cater to everyone's preferences

Go change yourself

Rather, it is to accept the premise of oneself

Go inward to cognitive

Use your own efforts to discover a better version of yourself

So that you have the confidence to obtain happiness

You tell me?

And ah!

External things can easily disappear!

But the inner one never leaves

While there is still time

Hurry up and elevate yourself within

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