Glory of kings: all blowing strong, no one talks about Lanling King? After strengthening, the winning rate has increased significantly

Hello everyone, I'm Bells~

The adjustment of various positions in the S27 season is still quite large, many heroes have risen, and many heroes have fallen, such as Lü Bu against the road, the winning rate is once again at the bottom, and he won the title of version trap.

And about the rise of the hero, the position of the wild everyone is saying that the dawn is too strong, but no player mentioned the Lanling King, in fact, after strengthening, the Lanling King's winning rate has been significantly improved a lot, from the bottom of the winning rate to the winning rate is higher than 50%, is it also quite a good wild hero at present, is everyone secretly holding the Lanling King on the score, unwilling to say?

Let's review why Lanling King's previous winning rate has gradually become the lowest in the field, first of all, the gradual clarity of the game of playing wild, that is, the development of the line is the mainstay, rather than the main catch, and the positions are basically not one-on-one lines, but frequent wandering and playing more, which is very unfriendly to lanling king.

Because Lanling King is a hero with a very high gank rate, he needs teammates and opponents to stabilize the line, especially single-handedly, then the damage can be full rather than scattered, there is a very strong termination ability, and he is not a hero who develops the line, but a hero who can catch people through stealth at the second level, and the line will also expose his vision and make it more difficult for him to catch people.

And these two problems, in fact, have been greatly improved in the strengthening of lanling king, first of all, the lanling king's one skill output judgment standard, and now it will be output according to the hero with low health, rather than being scattered, then it means that two hit two, three big three, the opponent stands together, a skill can also accurately hit the damage, accurate seconds to drop the opponent.

The second is the increase in the speed of movement after stealth, so that Lanling King can also adapt to the mainstream gameplay of the current wild rubbing line, without being isolated by the wild and falling into the main auxiliary wild hero, from the perspective of the enhanced winning rate, the effect of strengthening is also very obvious.

Lanling King's winning rate has increased a lot from the bottom this season, and the winning rate of the peak race and the top qualifying tournament has increased from the bottom to more than 50%, and the winning rate has improved significantly, and even the appearance rate is much higher than before.

And Lanling King can return to the wild position this season, and has a good winning rate, but also has a lot to do with the adjustment of the development road in the S27 season, before because of the poor experience of the development road game, too difficult to play, either Marco Polo, or 100 miles to keep the covenant, or Sun Shangxiang and Li Yuanfang, Lanling King simply can't catch, now?

Houyi strengthened, Garo strengthened, Luban No. 7 has not been weak, now the middle and low levels are basically these shooters, and even the peak game has many players who do not hesitate to take Houyi and Garo, to be honest, this time to take out the Lanling King effect is excellent, Bell Has used the Lanling King many times this season without displacement shooters, the effect is very good.

Because after the modification of a skill, even strengthened the second ability of the late Lanling King, why did the previous Lanling King not drop people in the later seconds, that is, the late opponents are standing together, your output can not be full, but after the adjustment of a skill effect, now as long as you develop well, the late opponents stand together You can also seconds, unless the shooter is out of meat, so it is really recommended that you choose this wild hero when you see no displacement shooter.

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