College students' "non-essential departure" poem became popular, with a full text of 146 words

Jimu news reporter Zhan Ju Xia Yu

In the past few days, a poem of "non-essential departure from school" has attracted the empathy of netizens. This modern poem, centered on the high-frequency word "non-essential" under the epidemic, tells about the vision of life after the epidemic. After being launched on social platforms, it was sought after by everyone.

College students' "non-essential departure" poem became popular, with a full text of 146 words

This poem is from the 2022 Global Chinese College Students Short Poem Competition and is the number 669 entry. The poem was first posted online on April 12 this year by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduate Student Association through its official Weibo. The Jimu news reporter saw that the poem was 146 words in its entire poem, with the theme of non-essential departure from school, and the first half asked questions: "Crouching on a cloud on a cornice", "Covering back a bag of chestnuts", and taking a two-hour school bus to hold the other half's hand... Is this all unnecessary? Then suppose: What if the picture of this cloud is passed down as a classic, what if the person holding hands is the partner of this lifetime?

College students' "non-essential departure" poem became popular, with a full text of 146 words

At the end of the poem, the author says that the epidemic has made everything necessary to sit on the edge of the situation, and the human world is made up of countless non-essentials. The author is a student at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. After the poem was released on the Internet, many netizens posted a message: "The sweetness of life is composed of many, many unnecessary ones." These sweetnesses can dilute a lot of bitterness", "Life is composed of countless non-essentials, will understand what life is necessary", "Every time these non-essential pull me back to the edge of the cliff, how can they be unnecessary?" ”

After reading this poem, Liu Yishan, former vice chairman of the Hubei Provincial Writers Association and a famous writer and poet, told the Jimu news reporter that this is a modern poem written without pursuing profundity in connotation. The poem settles on the "non-essential", which is the instantaneous flight of a college student's thoughts during the epidemic. Liu Yishan laughed and said, "Readers and friends can also read such poems unnecessarily. According to the Jimu News reporter, the short poem competition is the fifth global Chinese college student short poetry competition, sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the competition contains two tracks of text poetry and lens poetry. Among the works that have been entered and made public, there are many epidemic-related works, including "Masks", "Plague", "Quarantine Diary March 7, 2022" and so on.

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