Glory of Kings: Two small details to pay attention to in the new season, although insignificant, are closely related to the upper score

Hello, I'm a little wine. On April 14th, The Glory of kings ushered in the update of the S27 season, and the year of the Thousand Colors in the Clouds also officially entered the second story, called Fireworks Immortal. Now the King's Camp has a review of the S26 season's sons of Jade City's record review, you can go to see it.

Speaking of the season name of the S27 season, there is a common sense copywriting error in the Glory of Kings game. It is the homepage outfit of this S27 season, the name is used, and it is actually "fire is not extinguished". Although the code words are usual, there are still many errors. But the official copywriting should not be done by one person, especially in such key places. However, there are still many official copywriting errors, and they have long been accustomed to it.

The S27 season may be the shortest season in the Thousand Colors Cloud. Because judging from the end time of the current S27 Glory Order, it is June 19th. From April 14th to June 19th, there was only a 66-day difference between the two. That is to say, the duration of the S27 season may be less than 3 months, and may even be less than 2 and a half months.

Some people may not care, but for players like me who like to get stuck on the king, it's still important to know the approximate end of the season. At a minimum, you can reasonably arrange the number of up-and-forth matches per day to avoid a lack of time at the end of the season. Because I've been in a single row lately, I've only played 1-2 games a day. But if this season is only more than 2 months, it may be increased to 2-3 innings. Otherwise, the bastard may not be able to mix the king's position. It's been a few days since the season was renewed, and I've only played three qualifying games.

However, this may be changed on June 19th. Because the Battle Order Advanced Card in Glory of Kings, the end time is displayed on June 23rd. Therefore, the time for the end of the battle order is still debatable, and it may be postponed according to the actual situation. This is also encountered before, and it is not strange to see it.

The other is the change to Shen Mengxi, which was not mentioned in the update announcement, and I don't know if it is a BUG. That is, when Shen Mengxi opened the second skill, it was possible to release the three skills at the same time. This change can be described as a reinforcement for Shen Mengxi. During the previous period of big moves, I could only walk. Now it can be charged in an accelerated state, making it more difficult for enemies to defend.

Wen - a cup of wine to explain the king

The length of the S26 season is 98 days, and in the S27 season, it has become 66 days, and the gap is still quite obvious. Therefore, if you want to score points, you must seize the time, otherwise, if this season is too late to be the king, the year skin in the thousand colored clouds will not be able to get it. Although there are still ways to get it in the follow-up, but so many heavenly kings can't meet the higher requirements, do you think you can?

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