He lost his mother at an early age, and at the age of 15, he took 800 million yuan in debt for his father! Controversy over kissing Kim Yu-jeong

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The name Park's sword refers to the sword as precious as the sword in the king's hand, which was promised by the priest of the church. However, the editor would like to say that park sword people as his name, I myself are shining like a sword.

Speaking of Park Baojian, I have to mention a stroke that has been highlighted in his acting career. The story of Shuangmendong "Please Answer 1988", in 2015, a Korean drama swept through Asia, and the boys and girls who chased Korean dramas probably could not escape this phenomenal Korean drama.

Park Baojian was red and purple because he played the go genius teenager Choi Taek in it, and the Douban rating of this drama was as high as 9:7, which was recognized by 760,000 viewers. This drama has no face of good people, bad people, only ordinary people under the grind of life, no vigorous, only the purity of chai rice oil and salt. But he's trivial but funny. In the play, Aze, played by Park Baojian, is the darling of Shuangmendong, and no one can match him in Go.

He lost his mother at an early age, and at the age of 15, he took 800 million yuan in debt for his father! Controversy over kissing Kim Yu-jeong

In life, he is a cute teenager who can't even tie a shoelace, especially the scene where he drinks milk on his head at the door of the house and is patted on the ass by Deshan, which is really milked by a bunch of sister powders who look at it. Aze's pure delicacy and kindness are vividly and sincerely interpreted by Park Baojian. With the role of Aze, Park Baojian suddenly became a high-profile master actor from a nameless entertainment circle.

You must know that before this, he took the subway without anyone taking care of it. What really makes him shine is the 2016 costume drama "Moonlight of Cloud Painting", which tells the romantic love story between the heroine and the woman dressed as a man and the son of the world.

Park Baojian plays Wang Shizi Lee Young, with which he won many awards, and the drama also set a new high in the ratings of KBS monthly fire dramas. During the broadcast, "Cloudy Moonlight" simply slaughtered the ratings of "Two Days and One Night" on the major lists park baojian rose by 5%. "Cloudy Moonlight" was 15% on the third episode, and I have never seen any post-90s actor with such influence.

This year' Park Baojian is the most shining TV drama actor is the first Korean actor to appear on the Forbes celebrity list, and it is also a treasure held in the palm of the hand by Korean netizens. However, there are more people who are red. As soon as the wind blows, the media will publicize it like a storm.

Once, he was photographed having dinner with forty-six-year-old Li Yihua. The announcement of the sky said that the twenty-four-year-old Park Baojian fell in love with Deok Sun's mother, who is his mother-in-law in the play. Later, when filming "Moonlight of Cloud Painting" with national child star Kim Yu-jeong, because Kim Yu-jeong was not yet twenty years old at the time, a kiss scene in the play exploded public opinion on the Korean network.

Many South Korean netizens criticized Park Baojian for not having a kiss scene with a young actor who is not yet twenty years old, which is too immoral. But I know that both are professional actors, and whether they can make intimate scenes must have been discussed. In addition to the scandal with the opposite sex, Park Baojian is also deeply involved in the same-sex scandal.

Netizens broke the news that the hospital treated a male star with an fissure and was sent to the hospital, bluntly saying that the male star lied that he accidentally fell while taking a bath, because he sat on the bath bottle, resulting in the netizen not naming his name, but disclosed the English pinyin p bg of the male name. The post caused netizens to go viral. In the end, Park Baojian became the object of suspicion and was even on the hot search.

He lost his mother at an early age, and at the age of 15, he took 800 million yuan in debt for his father! Controversy over kissing Kim Yu-jeong

Many netizens said that in disguise, when stars have to face such controversies every day, they also need a strong heart. Fortunately, Park Baojian has always remained sober in the midst of flowers and dirty water, not drowned in praise, lost his way, and not abandoned himself because of slander. After that, he also collaborated with the super actress Song Huiqiao and Kong Liu, who is also a top actor, and won such an honor in just a few years, which is enough to prove his excellence and diligence. On the contrary, what no one expected was that he chose to retire at the top.

He secretly applied for enlistment from the brokerage company. You know, for most male stars, going to the military for military service means nearly two years of silence, two years is enough time for the new generation of male actors to emerge like leeks. In fact, such a worry seems to be nothing, because his life experience is more bumpy than the story of Aze in the play.

Park Baojian outside the play, like Choi Taek, lost his mother from a young age, just like the father of despondents in the play asks Aze when will he miss his mother? Aze replied that every day, this touching moment also existed in Park Baojian's daily life.

During the audition for "Please Answer 1988", Park Baojian read a dialogue aloud, and when he ate these days, he would think that his father would not let me eat you. Make it for me when you come back from your honeymoon.

This son's phone message to his remarried mother touched the pain in his heart. Such a Park Sword really makes the audience can't help but feel sad, because they can't take a family portrait while their mother is alive. When he grew up, Park Baojian especially liked to take pictures. On a trip to Europe, he walked alone on the path his mother had walked and photographed the scenery along the way. But Mom couldn't come back.

He lost his mother at an early age, and at the age of 15, he took 800 million yuan in debt for his father! Controversy over kissing Kim Yu-jeong

In the second episode of "Fancy Youth", in the desert, watching the sunset, Park Baojian burst into tears. He confided in his friends that he regretted not taking a family portrait with his mother until the end of the show, and he cried alone for a long time. For others, an extremely ordinary group photo is a regret for him that he will never have.

However, even more unfortunate than Choi Taek, Park Baojian's father is not very reliable. In order to do business, he borrowed 300 million won of usurious loans, and also made the fifteen-year-old Park Baojian a joint guarantor, and the burden of repayment fell on the young man. In 2014, the original loan of 300 million won has rolled to a staggering 800 million won.

Park Baojian had no choice but to file for bankruptcy, working to pay off his father's debts while going to school, and when he was working and studying at university, he often took public transportation to save gas money. After becoming popular, he has maintained a low-key and simple lifestyle for many years, and until now there are often sharp-eyed South Korean people who catch wild Park swords on the subway.

Therefore, Park Baojian can meet Aze not only because he has good acting skills, but also because he originally has Aze's shadow on his body. Such a coincidence has to make people sigh that all this is predestined.

As we all know, many stars will intentionally establish a good image, but Park Baojian's personality, innocence and kindness, and actively praised by insiders. A few years ago, Park Baojian came to the mainland for the first time to share the stage with Wu Lei. The host joked with him that Wu Lei was his predecessor, and then he really bowed to Wu Lei.

Kim Jong-kook points out that Park's level of kindness is the only one who can win over Yoo Jae-seok. When Song Joong-ki first saw Park Baojian, he exuded an indescribable aura. One of the bosses, Cha Tae-hyun, confessed that he was initially worried about how such a kind child would survive in the entertainment industry, and also suspected that he was only superficially kind, but Park Baojian was real, and many small details were not pretended.

He lost his mother at an early age, and at the age of 15, he took 800 million yuan in debt for his father! Controversy over kissing Kim Yu-jeong

And with such an innate charm to win everyone's love. Why do he have so many fans? Because the more I know him, the more I can see his upbringing and character in the details, he really treats fans as friends, and bows to each fan to greet him. After stepping down, he did not accept gifts from fans because of his waist injury, but accepted their letters. It will also live mediate the contradictions between fans. But he also firmly adheres to his bottom line, allowing fans to live their own lives and pursue their own happiness.

Because he knows the benefits that fans bring to him, he will also return the favors to his fans as much as possible. One person prepared more than 800 gifts and signatures, tried to remember the names of fans, and performed the most solemn kneeling salute in Korea for overseas fans. Before, an overseas fan went to Korea to see him and kept calling him, but the staff did not let him get close.

Park Baojian heard this, turned around, and bowed ninety degrees to the fans. In 2019, Park Baojian became the spokesperson of Shinhan Bank of Korea, making the number of sol users of Shinhan Mobile Bank exceed 10 million for the first time. And in that year, Shinhan Bank became the first in the field of Korean industry recommended banking in the field of the only financial company to be evaluated by the top ten companies.

Generally artists have to go to military service when they reach the age, after all, the development of artists is not good. At the peak of such popularity, he secretly applied for enlistment on his own, presumably with his own life plans. According to military sources, Park Washik-jin was promoted to commander in November 2021, and in December he was certified as a hairstylist, giving his companions a haircut from time to time in the military.

He lost his mother at an early age, and at the age of 15, he took 800 million yuan in debt for his father! Controversy over kissing Kim Yu-jeong

In fact, fans heard this news and enthusiastically presented their ideas to South Korea's gold medal variety producer Luo Yingxi on the Internet.

Jokingly, a variety show with a haircut as the theme must be a big seller, when will Park Baojian produce a new work? Whether it is a variety show or a TV series, Xiaobian can't wait to see the handsome Park Baojian again on the screen?

In fact, according to Yonhap News Agency, Park Baojian was discharged from the army early on February 21, 2022. Now he has been discharged from the army for nearly two months, busy with various fan meetings, but there is still no news of new dramas, which is unpredictable. However, here, Xiaobian still sincerely wishes the best Park Baojian in the world, who can return like his nemesis Song Joong-ki and remain the king, and go to a higher level with his works.

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