At the same time that the original god planned to target the shield, the idea of targeting the frozen also came, drawing cards? Draw a hammer

In terms of form, the original god may be an open-world game, or it may be classified as a cultivation game. But considering that the core of this game is to draw cards, most of the "careful thinking" in terms of design, such as the card pool is related to the activity/plot, the plot can not be skipped and so on, all in order to better allow the player to draw cards.

From this point of view, the player hopes to "preserve the value" of the characters that have been drawn; but in order to let the player draw new characters and draw more and more new characters, the plan will try to suppress the old cards as much as possible to raise the new cards. This can be said to be an irreconcilable contradiction between the player and the official. The difference is that some games have a "fiery cooking oil" approach, and some games have a "boiled frog in warm water".

First, Zhong Li was suppressed, and it seems that he has failed at present?

But essentially they are all the same, there is no doubt about that. Therefore, Zhong Li's invincible shield was targeted and suppressed, although it was completely unacceptable, but it was completely understandable. As for the Coral Palace Heart Sea, in the end, it was planned to be hard lifted up to fight with Zhong Li. Once Zhong Li was really suppressed, the future of Xinhai needless to say, everyone understood.

At present, in fact, the plan to suppress Zhong Li should be bankrupt... Whether it is a beast realm hound or an empty shell, the impact on Zhong Li is there, but if you want to say how big the impact is, it is not so much. On the one hand, the number of enemies targeting Zhong Li is small, on the other hand, these enemies are not easy to fight, is it easy for others to fight?

Except for the fact that Xin Hai was raised, the other characters were not in much better positions when facing enemies who "targeted" Zhong Li. Therefore, for Zhong Li, it seems to be a failure at present. But that doesn't mean the plot is over. In 2. When X is in place, the characters of version 1.X are more or less retired; seeing that 3.0 is coming, the retirement environment of the characters of 2.X can already be on the way.

Second, the idea of freezing is already being tested

In this revised version of the game, there is a design that "restores a lot of health when the enemy is in a frozen state". As we all know, the frozen / permafrost flow, pay attention to a relaxed and pleasant, the actual output is not high, even if it is used to output, for a little comfortable environment. However, if the enemy in the frozen state will greatly restore health, then the perpetual flow can be said to have retreated from the environment.

And the core of the perpetual flow, in the end, one is Ayahua shenli, and the other is the coral palace heart sea. The former version 2.6 is reproduced in the second half, and the latter version has just been reproduced for Thor in the previous version. Considering that at such a point in time, such a tag was designed in the organ chess tan, it is difficult to say whether there are any special ideas for planning.

All in all, after reading these two points, let's return to the statement at the beginning. The original god is essentially a card drawing game, and when it comes to drawing cards, the player wants to preserve the value; but the planning will weaken/limit the old card in order to let the player continue to draw cards. But whether it is in the light or in the dark, the player is not stupid, weakening/restricting the character, who can't see it?

Therefore, the restriction failure is enough, if the restriction is successful, is it not afraid of the player abandoning the pit? Of course, the original gods are not likely to have a real challenger at present, and in the next one or two years, but this is by no means a reason or a reason to plan wanton behavior. If a version is back in the environment, then a hammer card is drawn?

Finally, if the above is Gu Ying's unfounded worries, it would be perfect.

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