Scattered Unparalleled Legends - Teach you how to play Venus King combined with legends to share

Hello everyone, welcome to the [Dark Lightyear Legend Download], today Xiaobian to share with you is the scattered legendary mobile game to play gold experience, interested in small partners and Xiaobian to take a look at it!

【Quick Punch】

After entering the game for the first time and quickly rising to level 25 with the main line mission, it is recommended to make a first charge, get two super levelless restricted weapons in the early stage - green poison verdict, and use the hero double card before entering the Ancient Formation to use the experience beads to help you and the hero quickly rush the level.

Purchasing the 12th-level protagonist pack at the opening of the service activity can quickly guide the mission through the main line, enter the treasure map as soon as possible, and quickly seize resources.

【Monster Spawning Skills】

If you feel that there is some pressure to fight monsters, you can try to discard a certain reward to replace the map to a lower level for hanging up or buy a cutting package in the opening gift bag, which can greatly increase the damage to the monster. Then receive free anti-heavenly treasures such as cut gems, vampire auras, critical strike soul beads, and invisibility cloaks that are given away due to the purchase of the gift pack. Cross-level poker will be stress-free

【Free Trade】

This service supports free trade, after quickly seizing map resources, the precious props and membership materials brushed out can be consigned at the auction house, and good luck will soon return the money!

【More hang-up tips】:

Higher membership level Jade Seal will provide higher monster explosion rate and damage bonus, and after early activation, cooperate with the activation of the power of rage, giving you a super cool drop experience!

Some of the event rewards will have free Golden Dragon Elves, not only can you automatically pick up props to speed up the spawn rate, membership privileges also have automatic synthesis, automatic sale, automatic medicine buying and other functions, hang up at any time, free your hands!

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