Douyin wants to be a "wine seller"

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Douyin wants to be a "wine seller"

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In the past year's Douyin live broadcast room, the stories of Pan Zi (Pan Changjiang), Qingzi (Li Guoqing), Tiaozi (Han Zhao), and Zhenzi (Yu Zhen) selling wine were widely circulated.

Just when netizens were curious about what kind of business live streaming liquor sales were, which attracted many "old artists" to lose "a british name" and squeeze into the track, the Douyin Buddha-figure also went down.

On April 1, according to Tech Planet, Douyin is forming a liquor self-operated e-commerce team, which will rely on the Douyin platform to achieve live/short video sales of liquor, and is currently recruiting e-commerce liquor procurement and sales related personnel, and the liquor products sold are mainly liquor non-Maotai series of goods.

In this regard, liquor analyst Cai Xuefei believes that the traffic advantage and brand endorsement of Douyin are enough to profoundly change the online sales pattern of Chinese liquor, and traditional strong third parties such as and Tmall will be affected. In addition, the fate of douyin is also conducive to standardizing the chaos of live broadcasting and selling alcohol.

However, whether Douyin can really tell the story of self-operated wine and water e-commerce remains to be tested by time.

Is live streaming wine a gold mine?

Selling alcohol in the live broadcast room is becoming a "trend".

According to ai media consulting data, the scale of the new retail market for alcohol in 2020 is about 116.75 billion yuan, and the market size is expected to reach 136.31 billion yuan in 2021.

At present, live streaming and selling alcohol has become a battlefield for many middle-aged male stars to "re-employment". Zhang Jizhong, a 71-year-old director, sold tens of thousands of "Wuliangye" for 19.9 yuan on his personal live broadcast debut; Zhang Chenguang, a 65-year-old Golden Bell film emperor, was once in tears because he sold wine in the live broadcast room and was complained by netizens that "late festival is not guaranteed", but he still chose to sell wine when he broadcast live again; Li Guoqing, the founder of, 57, is now living as "Qingzi"...

What kind of "magic" does live streaming wine selling have? In this regard, Cai Xuefei explained that the live broadcast of the wine sales track is active and related to the category characteristics of the wine itself.

"Alcohol is an impulsive consumer product, and it belongs to daily consumer goods, the audience is relatively wide, and at present, the leading role of opinion leaders is particularly obvious, and it is easy to form a consumption trend." In addition, the gross profit margin of liquor is generally high, which can support large-scale price promotions and group discount activities in the live broadcast scene, and can also support higher star live broadcast fees. That's why it has created the popularity of live streaming of liquor or liquor. ”

According to a person in charge of the live supply chain, "Compared with the 15%-20% commission of the general category, the commission for the wine category is as high as 50%-60%, which is almost equivalent to the commission of many domestic beauty kit products." ”

With the increasing popularity of live streaming and selling wine, Douyin, as the head platform of the current live e-commerce field, has become one of the biggest beneficiaries.

According to the "2021 White Paper on User Insights and Content Ecology in the Liquor Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper") released by ByteDance's Giant Arithmetic, there are nearly 1,500 wine tasting teaching creators above 10,000 fans on Douyin in 2020, an increase of 329% over 2020.

Among the many liquor sellers, in addition to the well-known stars, there is also no shortage of MCN institutions, liquor e-commerce brands, and liquor brands.

For example, Luo Yonghao's live broadcast room of making a friend ranked first in the 2021 Douyin live broadcast sales list, while Luo Yonghao began to sell wine as early as the second scene of joining the Douyin broadcast, and Gu Xiaojiu's sales exceeded 10 million yuan in 90 minutes on the shelves.

Shu Yanling, the head of the business of making a friend, said in an interview with the media, "Alcohol is very popular in the category of Luo Yonghao's goods. It also revealed that from the existing data of making a friend, in the second quarter of 2021, alcohol accounted for about 10% of its overall GMV.

The well-known liquor e-commerce brand Jiuxian Network is also one of the "big V for selling wine" in Douyin.

Jiuxian was launched in 2009 and listed on the New Third Board in 2015, but due to poor operating conditions, Jiuxian Was delisted from the New Third Board two years after listing. In 2019, Jiuxian Network saw the rise of short video content, organized a complete team, began to upload videos on Douyin, and named the account Jiuxian Network La fei ge (Lafigo).

In 2020, affected by the epidemic, La feige began to bring goods on Douyin live broadcast. As of July 2021, the cumulative sales of La fei ge have exceeded 600 million, and during the 618 Douyin Good Things Festival of that year, the amount of goods brought by La Fei Ge exceeded 30 million, and the average UV (sales /number of visitors) value remained above 4, and it has become the absolute head anchor in Douyin.

There are also many liquor brands on Douyin. As mentioned in the White Paper, in December 2020, compared with January of the same year, the number of single-month broadcasts of enterprise numbers in the liquor industry increased by 94 times, and the average single-day live broadcast time increased by 179 times.

Among them, the official flagship store of Luzhou Laojiao has accumulated more than 130 effective live broadcasts in 2020, and the number of payment orders in December 2020 has soared by 400% compared with October, and the GMV has increased by 264%.

Sales and routines fly together

However, under the high sales and high profits of Douyin Live Selling Wine, there are also many routines hidden.

In December 2020, the official Douyin account of the State Administration for Market Regulation released a video of Xie Mengwei live streaming with goods, accompanied by the text "Hero Gazi Brother began to play the villain?" ”

In the video, Xie Mengwei is selling Moutai wine and promises to "buy two boxes of Moutai and send one box of Wuliangye." However, the State Administration for Market Regulation pointed out that the two liquors he sold were branded wines.

"Everything on the Internet is virtual, you can't grasp it, you're young, you're inexperienced, the water is deep." When Gazi was caught in a storm, Pan Changjiang also gave Some Advice to "Gazi" in Lianmai. But not long after, Pan Changjiang himself also joined the army of live broadcasting and selling BRAND wine, and he was out of control.

For example, in March 2021, the "golden wine" sold by Pan Changjiang in the live broadcast is an OEM wine produced by Giant Group commissioned by Wuliangye Group Health Wine Company. However, in the live broadcast, Pan Changjiang said that the product was produced by Wuliangye and gave a "fan welfare price" of 299 yuan / 6 bottles, but in Taobao and Pinduoduo, there were 6 bottles of "golden wine" for only 150 yuan.

In March 2022, another media reported that Pan Changjiang said in the live broadcast that he and the chairman of Moutai Company had known each other for more than ten years, "Last night I drunk him and asked him to sign a contract to give me pricing rights." In response, Moutai responded that there was no cooperation with Pan. Since then, Pan Changjiang has refunced rumors that the "drunken theory" is untrue. The news is denied, but it does not change the fact that the preferential price of the live broadcast room is more expensive than the market price.

Director Han Zhao, who once played the role of "Tiaozi" in "Yang Guang's Happy Life", and Yu Zhen, an actor who was well known to the audience for starring in "The Legend of The Hero of Lü Liang", also flipped over the car in the douyin live broadcast.

In November 2021, Han Zhao's live sale of liquor was reported by the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Rights Protection Alliance for suspected price fraud and misleading; two months later, Yu Zhen was complained by netizens about "running a train with a full mouth", and when introducing a wine, he claimed that the wine was originally a high-end liquor to be exported abroad, with crystal bottles, yew wood inlaid with 20 grams of gold saucers, and the peach shape was worth more than 100,000 yuan, but the final price was only 158 yuan.

For the routine of selling wine in the live broadcast room, some netizens summarized it as "three axes": classic character appearance, first name wine and then miscellaneous cards, and self-funded "one drop to the end". Specifically, Feitian Moutai and Wuliangye are the most common drainage models, while the real protagonist is the OEM wine that follows.

It is understood that there are many kinds of OEM liquor in large liquor factories, and there are hundreds of KINDs of OEM liquor at the peak of Wuliangye alone. A researcher in the liquor industry said that he had done research, even if he sold 15.8 yuan of brandy, 9.9 yuan of dry red, still have money to earn, because the cost is very low, many wineries in the order volume of 10,000 pieces, the ex-factory price of a wine only adds 1 yuan to the cost price.

There are also many sellers who are frantically tempting on the edge of the law, and even sell fake wine. In February this year, the Chongqing police cracked an extraordinarily large case of "fully automatic production + live streaming diversion with goods", and initially estimated that the amount involved was 100 million yuan. According to the personnel involved in the case, they hired "net reds" to carry goods on an Internet short video platform, and have successively produced and sold about 20,000 bottles of high-imitation Moutai brand wine.

Cai Xuefei pointed out: "Most of the wine sold in the live broadcast room is actually some low-quality and high-priced products or some edge-rubbing products, and the infringement of consumer rights and interests is common, and it is also the focus of the next step of regulation." ”

Cai Xuefei also believes that if Douyin can directly sell alcohol, then it will be able to properly curb this chaos. "As one of the largest traffic platforms in China at present, if Douyin directly does alcohol in the future, I think it will have a direct role in promoting the combing and standardization of online sales in the wine industry."

Byte is eyeing the liquor business

In addition to building a platform and helping others sell alcohol, ByteDance itself also has a layout in the field of alcohol.

In 2018, when Jiang Xiaobai's revenue exceeded 2 billion, ByteDance's war investment department conducted angel financing for a brand called "Follow Me Small Wine". There are reports that Byte launched this "Follow Me Wine" with the intention of creating a fast-moving consumer liquor similar to "Jiang Xiaobai".

At that time, as soon as Sui I Xiaojiu was launched, it was designated as the official limited liquor by Byte's well-known light humor god review community, Pippi Shrimp. In addition, platforms such as Douyin and Today's Headlines have also spared no effort to create momentum for "their own brothers".

In September 2019, Byte also opened a "follow me liquor flagship store" on Taobao, but its subsequent sales were not satisfactory. Some media investigations found that a year after the flagship store was opened, the number of fans was only more than 7,000, of which the best sales of "Sui I Small Wine 42 degrees Aromatic Pure Grain Sorghum Wine" monthly sales were only 22 singles, and there was only a category of 42 degrees of fragrant liquor in the store, and the difference between products was only the difference in capacity.

Today, the flagship store has disappeared from e-commerce platforms such as Tmall.

Also in 2018, Bai Guang, director of strategic cooperation at ByteDance, and Liu Yuzhang also took over the newly established Beijing Xingang Trading Co., Ltd. to explore new consumer businesses such as tea and red wine.

The trademark information shows that the company applied for a liquor trademark called "Inspiration Code" in 2019, which was approved in September 2020. In addition, the company has announced that the successfully registered liquor trademarks also include Portuguese, Inspiration Bubbles, Light Portuguese and so on.

However, the wine of related brands is rarely reported in public channels, and it is not currently on the shelves of major e-commerce platforms. However, there are reports that the "inspiration code" is currently available in the Byte Mall inside byte.

In addition to its own wine, ByteDance has also invested in the track on many occasions.

At the beginning of 2021, Beijing Quantum Leap Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of ByteDance, took a stake in Houxue (Beijing) Liquor Co., Ltd., a producer of liquor products, distributing liquor, fruit wine, rice wine, vinegar, cooking wine and other products, and has completed three rounds of financing so far.

It is worth mentioning that after Houxue Liquor completed its most recent financing in March 2022, the shareholders behind it have gathered the three giants of Byte, Ali and Tencent. Houxue Liquor's empty truck soda liquor has grown rapidly in recent years by betting on the low-grade liquor track.

It is understood that the air card products are mainly 0 sugar 0 fat 0 purines. According to the report, as of May 2021, the sales volume of the empty card on Tmall has remained the first in the category for four consecutive months; during the 618 period, the empty card sold an average of 9 cans of soda wine per second, an increase of 158 times over the sales volume during the New Year Festival.

However, Radar Finance noted that the current fans of Taobao's air card flagship store are only about 25,000 or so, and its hot no. 1 product shows that the monthly sales are 700+, and many of the answers in the question area are spit on the taste and taste of the empty card products.

In January 2022, ByteDance also invested in the establishment of Beijing Chaojiu Twilight Drink Trading Co., Ltd. According to Tianyan, the company's registered capital is 1 million yuan, which is indirectly wholly owned by ByteDance (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Tech Planet reported that the byte was rumored to be the liquor and water e-commerce business that was going to be powered, that is, it was attached to the umbrella of the Morning BrewIng Twilight Company.

Some people close to Byte revealed that Douyin personally sold liquor this time, will first build a self-operated store, and then through the integration of short videos and live broadcasts, to achieve rapid growth of wine and water e-commerce business, it is not excluded that Douyin will support its traffic. If the self-operated liquor and water e-commerce business is done, it may also extend to the subdivision business such as wine delivery in the same city and offline stores.

On this basis, industry insiders believe that the layout of liquor e-commerce is also conducive to expanding the basic business of ByteDance's self-operated e-commerce.

However, Radar Finance noted that at present, Taobao, Meituan, and Jingdong have extended their tentacles to the liquor self-operated e-commerce business, such as the Meituan launched the liquor takeaway business "Crooked Horse Delivery Wine" Mini Program in 2021 and matched it with offline direct stores. In the context of the track is already crowded enough, Douyin wants to break through it, and it still needs to go through a "vicious battle".

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