Glory of Kings 6 most useless passive The first one played 100 rounds I don't know the specific effect

Angela: Played 100 rounds and don't know the exact effect

Say it is not afraid of everyone's jokes, before I still prefer to play Angela, because the feeling and LOL inside Anne is very similar, when I first played Angela, I felt that this passive is a dizzy skill, and later found that there is no such effect, but fortunately Angela itself is more explosive, so I did not pay attention to the specific effect of this passive, and now I find myself playing Angela hundreds of times, what the specific effect of this passive is, I really don't know, I can only say that the passive presence is too low.

DA: You know what?

The hero himself is a hero with strong second ability, and it is estimated that most players will pay attention to their active skills and ignore this passive. In fact, as long as you remember the sequence of combos, it doesn't matter if you know this passivity or not. Dai's passivity, in fact, is also very simple, in simple terms, that is, after the skill hit, you can reduce the opponent's magic resistance, it can be said that this is one of the reasons why Dai Ji can second people, but also the release of the underlying logic of the combo, but because of this passive you can not remember it does not matter.

Cao Cao: This is passive

I don't play Cao Cao much, plus this hero has been weakened many times, basically has become a garbage hero, and it is already very good to remember this hero's active skills. This passivity has really been forgotten. I looked at passive, which was the effect of increasing the speed of the attack. I can only say that it still looks very good, but unfortunately, now Cao Cao himself is not angry, even if he opens a big move, he can't cooperate with this passivity. After all, the attack speed does not directly increase the damage, if you are more powerful, there is such an attack speed increase must be very strong, now it is very general.

Yang Jian: It is not very useful

Yang Jian's passivity is actually of little use, just add magic resistance, what use do you think it is? Now the people who play Yang Jian, is there anyone who specifically looks at this passive effect? There should be few people who will play Yang Jian for this passive. In fact, Yang Jian, the hero, this passive can be considered to change, because this is a hero in the early stage, adding a little output ability can definitely make Yang Jian more powerful. After all, at level 2, if you can still have a little more output, I think the kill rate can basically reach 95%.

Li Yuanfang

Li Yuanfang's passive practicality is not big, after all, just look at the grass, you know, as a shooter, its own output ability is very important, giving such a passive, although it will not be squatted, but you have to understand a point, that is, the map of the glory of the king is too small, as long as there is a little awareness, it is impossible to be squatted to death, after all, it is too easy to predict the position of the other party. Can you think about it, when you play with other shooters, are you often squatted in the grass? Theoretically, there should be very little.

ARTHUR: Back to the blood

Arthur's blood return is passive, theoretically there is no use, you have to know Arthur as a tank, this skill is of little use in the early stage, although in the later stage, it seems to be very powerful, but you have to understand that for most players, the rhythm of the glory of the king is relatively fast, will not give you too much blood back. This kind of passive, can only be said to be in the training mode, it seems to be very good, because after the equipment is ready, it feels like it can be full in a few seconds.

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