The Hearthstone Priest gets the first 0-fee orange card, restores the mana crystal, and thinks it's Xiao De's card

Book continued above, we then look at the new version of Hearthstone to explore the new card of the Sunken City, before the article we saw the directional retrieval card of The Little De 0 Fee, and this time announced the first 0 Fee Legend Retinue in Hearthstone, the profession is a priest, the effect is also very powerful, let's take a look at it.


Tales of thieves retinue, 6 costs 6/5 beasts

Mega +2, your ColaBatoa Pliers gain +2 attack power.

Appendages: Crab claws from ColaBatoya cost 2/1

Raid, Dead Language: Equip a 2/1 crab claw (Cola Batoa's pliers: 1 cost 2/1 whiteboard weapon).

According to the explanation of the blue post, the ontological effect of Labatoya Buff is a minion and a weapon, so after the debut of the two raiding creatures equivalent to 4/1, so it is not bad at a glance, equivalent to a 6 cost 6/5 body, and four 4/1 attack frequency, for thieves, can be used to return to the field to grab the rhythm, weapons can also be used to hit damage, even if it is a simple card, itself does not need other cards to cooperate, many forms can be taken with one.


Shaman Epic Spell, 3 costs Nature Spell

Make your minions gain spell damage of +1.

A bit like the Druid's four-fee spell growth spore that year, this card is not only reduced to 3 fees, but also specifically chooses the evolution route that is most suitable for the shaman: faqiang, which should be a good reinforcement for faqiangsa, and I don't know if the new version of the shaman will return to the paving route to punch the face. By the way, many people think that the card face of this card is very beautiful, and I have to say that the art style of this version of Hearthstone is very good, just like the review said, the giant creatures are handsome, the small animals are cute, and there are very beautiful underwater landscapes, and the trailer is also the best in history.

Here is also the original drawing of this card to be shared.

Priestess Varischi

Priest Legend Retinue, 0 fee 1/1 Naga

Battle Roar: Each time you cast a spell during this turn, you restore an empty mana crystal.

If Breeze remembers correctly, this orange card is the first 0 fee legend card in Hearthstone, and her effect at first glance is a druid orange card, which everyone says is a fake card that Marfario secretly gave his wife. When the new card was released, it also came with a demo video, the priest relied on desperate prayers, coins, secret words: devouring and other low-cost spells to make the recovery crystal very much, and finally rely on the blessing heart fire effect to raise a 30/30 creature to kill the opponent, and this card can also cooperate with the red panda and Zora who is likely to enter the core series to restore the crystal many times.

However, there is a difference between the demonstration video and the actual battle, the other party in the actual battle can not wait for you to put together so many low-cost spells and Buff cards, after the retreat environment, the priest's low-fee spells are basically back to the blood and the field and the card, in the process of the battle will inevitably be consumed, in addition to the blood weaver and interpret the hand of the fee reduction card are retired to the environment (otherwise do not dare to play this card), the standard environment in the actual combat strength how to personally practice. Of course, in the wild environment, this card bunker, mourning green becomes 4 fees, mourning yellow but there is no ah, easy to get a bunch of more costs, plus this time to get so many high-quality cards, I don't know if it will become the new Marsells like the warlocks of the year?

The serpent walks dead scale Naga

Neutral Epic Retinue, 7 costs 5/9 Naga

Battle Roar: If you cast three spells while this card is in your hand, it deals 3 damage to all enemies.

emmmm, how to say this card, the ladder does not need such a high fee of inefficient AOE, but if he is an arena card, the arena wants to achieve his effect, it is not so easy to play three spells, overall it is a relatively low quality card, which belongs to the arena.

Isara Ship Branch

Rogue Epic Spell, 5 fees

Summon two 3/3 pirates with stealth and place a sunken ship at the bottom of your deck.

Derivatives, submarine ships, released when drawn, summon two 3/3 pirates with stealth

It seems that this version will have an Aisara spell card for each class, and when released, a sunken card will be stuffed into the bottom of the deck. This card at first glance looks like a 5 fee stealth four wolves on the police, but need to have a bottom card to cooperate, for thieves, the cost is a bit high, if the new version of the environment is slower, with the opportunity to play the rhythm may be OK, and is a pirate card, the new version of the thief should also play pirates, do not know whether there is cooperation.

Priest Epic Spells

9 fees Natural spells

Destroy all Minions and all their copies (wherever they are).

This is a new card released by a Korean anchor, the official translation name is not known for the time being, according to his effect and cost, for the time being, call him "Zhulian Nine Tribes". The effect of this spell should be a bit like a group flying thorn, as can be seen from the demo video, if you have the same retinue as the other party, you will also be destroyed by this spell, I don't know if this copy is equivalent to the card of the same name, if so, in the standard environment, when the opponent shaman hits the snow fall + parrot combo directly, you can directly cut off the follow-up to continue the snow fall or parrot means, you don't have to bring, It's strong as long as it's in the pool (though the standard priest finds that the only way to spells is neutral minions...). Although the wild environment looks like it can target the infinite Sand Walker's war roar, don't forget that Sand Walker's war roar is most likely to have Looseb's...

The above is the new card of this wave of new releases to explore the sunken city, the preview season is still in progress, don't forget to pay attention to the breeze, and get the latest information of the new version in time!

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