Glory of Kings: Learn these few confrontation road heroes to get on the king at will

In a game, the key position is the confrontation road, and the confrontation road is also the place that best reflects the level of a player, and the confrontation road not only requires sufficient conscious experience, but also requires interdependent techniques.

This learns these warrior heroes to easily glory

The first one: Charlotte

First of all, to play Charlotte well, you must have a clear understanding of her skills, Charlotte skill analysis:

Passive skill - Seven Star Radiance Sword: Charlotte's skills are divided into two kinds of starting skills and additional skills, when Charlotte's skills hit the enemy will be strengthened the next skill as an additional skill, when the skill hits the enemy three times in a row, Charlotte's next general attack is upgraded to the Seven Star Radiance Sword, which will cause seven consecutive damage and slowdowns to the enemy, and the last paragraph also comes with a slash damage of 12% of the damaged life. This damage is the primary source of Charlotte's damage, and Charlotte gains 30% no damage when she unleashes the Seven-Star Radiance Sword. In addition, Charlotte's additional skill hits to the enemy will reduce the opponent's attack speed. Here to give a Tips, that is, Charlotte's reduced attack speed can reduce the enemy's attack speed to a negative value, that is to say, Charlotte's line of some heroes with low attack speed is easy to put the opponent in a state of in-situ sluggishness. Therefore, maintaining Charlotte's skill release accuracy not only allows the skill to continue to be in a strengthened transmutation and can advance the trigger of the Seven-Star Radiance Sword.

One Skill- Swift Triangle: The Starting Technique is a short delay in releasing the Swift Triangle Sword in a specified direction, dealing damage to enemies in the path and increasing Charlotte's movement speed; the Additional Skill is to immediately release the skill to deal higher damage and restore health. This ability unleashes a long range, can be used for ranged consumption, and is the first step in most combos, speeding up to get close to the enemy to deal subsequent combos.

Second Skill - Forward Fountain: The Starting Technique is when Charlotte moves in a specified direction and initiates multiple stages of stabbing damage, and each damage hit will restore 50% of Charlotte's damage health. The bonus skill is to deal 6 stab damage, each of which also restores health and reduces the cooldown of the ability. Charlotte can escape or burst with the displacement of the second skill, but although it is easy to hit as a starting skill, the subsequent skill connection will become very poor, and it is generally not recommended as the first step of the combo.

Three skills - Breaking the Air Lightsaber: The starting skill is that Charlotte draws seven sword marks on the ground, each of which will cause damage and slowdown, during which Charlotte is in a hegemonic state and gets 30% injury-free. The additional skill is an extra flight control. This skill is very useful for injury and dodge skills, as the control skill range is small, it is best to keep the enemy in the center of the range, increasing the probability of flying.

Charlotte combos

Base Combo: 12a3a

Hit the enemy with one skill, use the increased movement speed to quickly approach the enemy, use the second skill to burst forward and then follow the big move to fly and finally hit the enhanced general attack seven-star light sword.

Dual Passive Enhanced Radiance Sword: 12a3a2a1a2a

If you want to play two passive enhanced general attacks, the premise is that your own cooldown reduction is more than 30%, one skill starts with two skills close to the enemy, and then follows the big move to fly to release the first enhanced general attack seven-star light sword. At this time, the two skills are basically cooled down, and the two skills are used to continue the pursuit, during which 1-2 general attacks are interspersed to wait for the cd of one or two skills, and the first and second skills are released again to pursue and finally play the second time to strengthen the general attack seven-star light sword.

Charlotte Outfit Recommendations: Boots of Resistance + Shadow Tomahawk + Grip of The Ice Mark + Witch Cloak + Broken Star Hammer + Broken Army

Inscription Recommendations: Hidden *10, Hawkeye*10, Anomalous*10

The second: Lü Bu

Skill profile + detail analysis

Passive: In the enchanted state, Lü Bupu attacks a skill move that will cause real damage, and the general attack hits back to blood.

Enchantment is the core of Lü Bu, and it is guaranteed that he is in a state of enchantment when exporting.

Don't be afraid of tanks, we kill tanks easily

One skill: Half-arc damage, hitting an enemy into an enchanted state.

Enchantment status A skill hits an enemy to return blood, and the more targets hit the more blood, the more blood there is.

Team battles are single-handed to ensure that a skill is not empty, and the distance is mastered.

Second skill: Slow down enemies from a distance to get a shield, and the shield can return blood.

The more the two skills hit the target, the thicker the shield is up to three layers, and whenever the second skill is first drawn to the place where the target is more.

Online use more than two skills to suck soldiers back to blood endurance.

The special effect of the release of the skill can help us determine whether there is anyone in the grass.

Big Move: Lü Bu jumps at the enemy to deal damage, causing the flying hit to enchant and restore health.

Sometimes there is no need to pursue big move hits, and it is also very effective to seal the position and divide the battlefield.

If you are enchanted beforehand, then Lü Bu's big move is also a real injury.

Using the big move instantly can also be immune to some controls, such as the Dai Ji Er skill and Zhang Liang big move.

Practical combos

A flash

A flash can make up for the lack of distance released by Lü Bu's skill,

You can also hit the enemy by surprise, as long as you pick up the flash before Lü Bu's skill damage comes out, it can be completed, simple and practical.

Big flash

Sometimes when we use the big move before the enemy has escaped from the big move range, this time we can use the flash to adjust, and then still complete the control and damage, this technique is Lü Bu's most practical move, and can be used to adjust the position to cut the back row later.

Maximize the real damage of the skill


First one skill enchantment, then two skills slow down the enemy immediately take the big move. Be sure to let the enemy in the center of the big move, this situation unless the enemy has a displacement, we must hit the big move, even if the enemy displacement we can also take the flash to adjust the position. This combo can ensure that the big moves behind us also cause real damage, maximizing the real damage of our skills.

Inscription Recommendation: Hunting + Void + Red Moon

Recommended equipment: Boots of Resistance + Extreme Cold Storm + Broken Army + Endless Blade + Famous Knife + Pure Sky

The third: Mulan

Conventional discharge (common to all segments)

Inscription collocation:

Mutant × 10, Hawkeye × 10, Hunting × 10

Mulan's outfit double wear (black cut + broken star hammer) must be the core, and the other can be adjusted according to the individual playing style.

After the anti-injury stab armor is weakened, the income for Mulan is sharply reduced, so it is not recommended for everyone to come out.

In the case of a shooter on the other side, it is recommended to do a violent armor if there is an ominous sign and no shooter lineup.

2. Outfit ideas

Fate × 8 + Source × 2, Hawkeye × 10, Hidden × 10

This set is my usual outfit, and it is not recommended for guys who are just getting started practicing. Go out without buying shoes, pre-order meteorites for the first piece of equipment, and grab the first wave of outbreaks at level four to kill opponents alone. As long as the first wave can be killed, the back is an infinite snowball bursting all the way. This outfit made a black cut about a minute and a half earlier than the first set, which can usher in a strong period in advance.

If the early stage is very smooth, I will change the order of the Broken Star Hammer and the Witch Cloak. Since Mulan's early naked black cut is very brittle, the red inscription with eight fates can increase the amount of health by 270 and the resistance by 18.

Don't underestimate these eight fates, Mulan's initial blood volume is only 2886, and the eight fates are equivalent to increasing the blood volume by about 10%.

If Mulan wants to play the essence, she must play enough to take the initiative. Heroes like Mulan and Yang Jian both need to fight economic crushing in order to have a repressive force and fault tolerance rate. If you always want to shrink under the tower and always passively defend, it is really better to play Bai Qi and Xiahou Huan directly.

Second, play the silence technique

First of all, we must understand the mechanism of silence:

When stacked in 5 layers in Mulan's sword form, it will trigger the imprint, dealing 200% physical bonus point physical damage, while silencing the target for 1.5 seconds.

The light sword one skill provides Mulan with two small displacements of the foundation. If you hit an enemy unit, you can use it again, and each small displacement can be stacked with one layer of imprints, that is, a skill can stack up to four layers of imprints.

The Light Sword II skill has four levels of damage, that is, it is full of four layers of marks. If the flying sword passes through the enemy, one layer of imprints is stacked; if the end of the two-skill flying sword hits the enemy, two layers of imprints will be stacked.

For each normal attack, a layer of imprints can be stacked.

Silent Combo: 21A1(A)

The most common combo moves have the advantage of low difficulty in operation and not easy to make mistakes. The short board is that when facing enemies with displacement, it is easy to be escaped by the enemy.

Silent Combo: 121A

As long as a skill touches the opponent, it can play silence in seconds, and the silence speed is very fast. The disadvantage is that it is easier to make mistakes, and it takes three layers of marks to play a skill twice, so it is more suitable for use when squatting in the grass.

Silent Combo: 1A1A2

In actual combat, I used more combos, and the second skill finally used to seal the road to retain the opponent, and if necessary, I could also play a heavy sword double push.

Silent combo: 1+1A2A

Borrow a creep as a springboard, and use it in the line to have an unexpected effect. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to get started, and the degree of mastery of a skill displacement needs to be very skilled, and once it is impossible to control it, it is very easy to displace the head.

Third, Mulan practical skills

1. Epee double push

Use the Epee II skill to pick up the short sword of the Pachines Ii skill, and trigger the passive reduction of the EPB II skill CD to achieve double push. It should be noted that in the case of full level two skills and CD minus more than 25%, seamless double push can be achieved.

2. Skill articulation of general attack

Mulan is a hero with very frequent combos, whether it is a light sword or a heavy sword, and can connect with general attacks when using skills. Skill Articulation General Attack not only cancels the skill backswitch, increases the fluency of the combo, but also maximizes damage.

For example, 11A+11A in the epee form can play two epee skills and two general attacks. Secondly, when entering the field to harvest bloody enemies, you can also try to practice five knives in one second:

Operation buttons: 13A+11A+2+11A

3, cut the back row to learn to use flashing

As soon as Mulan's heavy sword flashed, everyone understood, and I didn't need to say more. What I want to emphasize here is that you must learn to use the light sword skill + flash to increase your breakthrough ability.

Especially in the late stage of playing the front group, many children's shoes often react with me that they can't find the opportunity to enter the market. At this time, it is necessary to use the flash to increase their breakthrough distance, and Mulan can flash first and then a skill;

It can also be flashed later by a skill, as long as the end of the flash hits the enemy, then the second stage of a skill can also be triggered. Mulan's body is relatively brittle, if you flash into the field first, you can also practice flashing combined with the double push of the heavy sword. In team battles, the overlord body injury-free time can last for nearly 5 seconds, which can help the team take on more responsibility for anti-injury.


There are two keys to playing Mulan well, one is the continuous move, and the other is to cut into the opportunity. The timing of entry is a matter of consciousness, and it takes more actual combat to make more accurate decisions. And the strokes can be rapidly improved in a short period of time, some children's shoes may be silent and unfavorable, so how can you play Mulan well?

When playing silence, everyone must learn to use the flat A and two skills to cancel the back shake, and also pay attention not to let the one skill fly. If you want to make the light sword a skill as far as possible not to float, this is a pure operational problem, no one can teach you. Therefore, when playing a hero like Mulan, you must go to the training camp to polish the details of the combo.

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