Han Han's new master in the end how much power, Han Han peak competition to find someone to hold a meeting, said but just call the master to help

Recently Han Han's peak game score fell to more than 2300 points, the unwilling Han Han began to rush the score mode again, and in the recent live broadcast of the score, Han Han encountered a pure output Ma Chao player when using the tiger, this game Ma Chao operation, consciousness are not online, after the game Han han began the traditional pull qi meeting, the result has not been opened in the end, can only call the recently recognized primary school student master to come to help.

This game from the early stage of Ma Chao has a big problem, into the game Han Han is still a very conventional start, after the fourth level directly to the confrontation road to help Ma Chao grab the line, and the rush to the line also received a signal from teammates, teammates said that the opposite side has supported the confrontation road, this time Han Han has begun to retreat, and Ma Chao felt that this is the opportunity to kill the opposite Xiang Yu, the result was killed.

This wave if Ma Chao goes directly, it can be very easy to go away, in the case of knowing the opposite side of the support to fight back to the almost half-blood Xiang Yu is very problematic, but Han Han did not say much, and then Han Han, who could not find the rhythm in the middle and lower, once again helped this Ma Chao, killed the opposite Shangdan and then took down the defensive tower on the road, and as a result, Ma Chao was caught by the opposite side of the field and killed single in the middle.

The rhythm of this game itself Han Han's side is still very good, has been turning the line to press the tower, but every time the line is transferred, Ma Chao will not join the group together, but a person eats two roads of the military line plus wild area to start the line, in the middle of the ma chao economy is the highest in the whole field, but Ma Chao, who got the highest economic meat, was still easily killed by the opposite side.

And with the frequent drops of Ma Chao, four dozen five Han Han this side does not dare to suppress too fierce, so that the opposite side also developed, the output of Han Han in the middle of the han side became scarce, first of all, Han Han's tiger itself is rhythm type and harvest type wild, shooter Lu Ban is difficult to protect himself, the only frankness is that Zhang Fei also needs to assume the position of the front row of the team, so the output task is basically on Ma Chao.

As a result, Han Han turned his head to see the full output of Ma Chao, the team battle was untenable and finally overturned, after the game Han Han began to find this Ma Chao meeting, from the economy, the proportion of output to the playability of the output Ma Chao has been discussed, but this Ma Chao player does not listen at all, there is no way Han Han directly asked for help from his primary school student master, the result of the primary school student came directly to this Ma Chao player can not say anything, and then met SOLO.

Personal Opinion:

I have to say that Han Han really picked up the treasure, although the last time he single-handedly lost to this primary school student, it was very humiliating, but the effect of this primary school student's program was very good, although Han Han and Han Han had been afraid of each other when they opened the black, but when they saw Han Han being bullied but others, they were directly open, not to mention the technology, just the meeting Had a primary school student master to help, and Han Han would not lose in the face of anyone in the future.

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