How strong is the deadly bullet change Yao, has crashed the car slightly cool, and the early stage of playing the mirror must also be suppressed

Recently, the glory of the king has a player of Yao fire, this player is a fatal bullet change, is properly Yao this hero's ceiling player, just like Xiao Jin'er, just use this one hero to rush to the first position of the peak game, by many friends said to be the next Xiao Jin'er, because they are all cold on the hero, but relying on details operation is to be able to kill randomly in the peak game.

And after the fatal change of bullet rushed to the first place of the Android Q district peak race, also crashed a round of slight cool, this game is also the biggest challenge in the peak race, after all, now when it comes to the first peak race, everyone's first thought is not the android Q area of the professional players, anchors, but the iOS area of the slight cool.

The hero used in this game is a mirror, and the hero used in the deadly change of bullets is also Yao, both people have got the wild position, is the real sense of the wild alignment, from the early rhythm of the deadly change of bullets to do is very good, although the slight cool got a blood, but the fatal change of bullets has been changing the rhythm, the slight cool to catch the machine He opened the dragon, and the use of the team's early advantages has been invading.

After that, the rhythm of the game began to become faster and faster, although the slightly cool side can always get the kill, but the deadly change can also help the team establish an advantage in other places, and after each kill, it can push the tower, the overall economy of the early team and the slight cool side of the five or five, and the slight cool side is more of its own lead.

After that, the mid-term fatal bullet replacement side began to invade wildly, but in the middle and late small-scale team battles, the upper limit of the mirror of weiliang was too high, it seemed that the deadly replacement side had Zhang Liang's control and Li Yuanfang's self-protection ability, but the timing of each wave of weiliang to enter the field was very good, and it was always easy to get off Zhang Liang and Li Yuanfang in seconds, and then complete the harvest.

After that, the advantage went to the side of Wei Liang, and when it was twenty minutes, the three people on the side of Wei Liang, the opposite Yao, Li Yuanfang and the assistant were all there, at this time the fatal change of bullet wanted to open the Storm Dragon King, the result was that Wei Liang had been prepared earlier, a person directly entered the field for a second to drop Li Yuanfang and Sun Zhen, and cooperated with Lü Bu to kill the fatal change, and finally the fatal change lost the only chance to turn over.

Personal Opinion:

In fact, through this game can be clearly seen, the rhythm of the fatal change, the operation is full of points, but unfortunately the fatal change encounter is slightly cool, the slightly cool mirror for the rear row of the threat is too big, compared to the fatal change of the operation space is a lot less, but the fatal change of bullet has also been slightly cool high evaluation, I hope that after the fatal change can have better results like Xiao Jin'er!

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