Li Yuntian Tarot's weekly zodiac horoscope 3.7-3.13

Li Yuntian Tarot's weekly zodiac horoscope 3.7-3.13

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Zodiac Rat: Li Yuntian Tarot Weekly Zodiac Horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: Eat and drink everywhere this week, 1, there is food god luck, meal bureau or go out to eat more. 2, do not be a good person, good people do not have good rewards, no matter how repeatedly care about someone or an event is a waste of energy. 3, delayed shipping occurs, many events regardless of size events are in a delay or waiting state. 4, leadership and face attention to lose prestige or be criticized. 5, rash, reckless decisions will bring bad luck to a good career, encounter career development or change, career problems must be cautious and consult with key people.

Zodiac Bull: Li Yuntian Tarot Week zodiac Horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: This week has an isolated meaning, seems to be targeted, but somehow. It also means to do a difficult thing, if you want to succeed, you must pay a lot of effort, and do not easily give up hope, imply restrictions and loss of personal ability, and do things more passively. 1, receiving good advice and guidance from your people, you must obey. 2, there is a consultation, you can seek interpersonal consultation, advice, consultation, meeting and other use. 3, dramatic journeys, unexpected things happen. 4, do not quarrel with each other, otherwise it will be detrimental to yourself and will cause a lot of trouble. 5, work or residence has changed, or out of the country. 6, the whole person is aimless, you must set up dreams, policies, ideals for yourself to increase your confidence and luck.

Zodiac Tiger: Li Yuntian Tarot Week zodiac horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: This week's villain rumors invaded, 1, indecisive, not decisive enough, big hearted, indecisive, must be decisive, especially on decisive events. 2, do some things that you are reluctant to do, and do not want to do or go, crack: cruel refusal, pretend to be sick and other excuses. 3, unstable, rumors slander, pay attention to gossip, listen to even if you don't have to worry. 4, there is bad news, must accept, then see what events to deal with. 5, do not express opinions, because all are absurd, stupid ideas. 6, do not be a good person, good people do not have good rewards, and even the more they help, there is no return. 7, interpersonal relationships pay attention to the emergence of dissatisfaction or demand, prejudice and other phenomena, try to compromise, if the person can not be, you can ignore him.

Zodiac Rabbit: Li Yuntian Tarot Week zodiac horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: This week is related to interpersonal communication and conflict. 1, many things are limited to difficulties, and it is a hopeless proposal, no matter what opinions are expressed, it is difficult to be adopted, let alone deal with some major matters. 2, interpersonal relationship arguments or problems at that time there is no good solution for the time being, many obstacles appear, and I feel that there is an ominous premonition in my heart. Cracking: As long as you persevere, you can help you complete the plan. 3, constantly happening bad things, always having nightmares, doing one thing is very long, the process is more complicated, and it takes a long time to get rid of pain and confusion. 4. There are some statements or publications that appear.

Zodiac Dragon: Li Yuntian Tarot Weekly Zodiac Horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: This week's thinking luck appeared, thinking through many events in loneliness, and waiting for the luck to enter synchronously. This month is a state of self-reflection, contemplation (serious, deep thinking, deep thinking about a central idea or image in loneliness), which also represents a temporary departure from the external environment in order to evoke one's own subconscious energy and find the next answer by listening to one's own voice. Therefore, your mind must remain silent, so that it is enough to hear the inner voice, to stop the mind like water, to completely eliminate external interference. So you have the idea of staying alone away from the duster, which will allow you to see the brilliance behind the scenes. 1, this week a lot of things waiting for a good opportunity to succeed, can not rush forward, slowly wait for the event will proceed smoothly. You retire in the golden age of your career, and no one else understands that this is just a rest for the next golden age. 2, do things cautiously, cautiously, more contemplation, meditation will think through a lot of plans and policies, thoughtful, calm and composed, not much to say. 3, there are noble people who suggest to help, listen to the opinions of others, and it is also the most important advice, to be warned, cared for and reminded, must be obeyed. 4, contact with intellectual things, such as learning, analysis, understanding, writing, setting up plans, etc. 5, it is not suitable to participate in competitions, bidding, registration and other such quota activities.

Zodiac Snake: Li Yuntian Tarot Week zodiac horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: Fortune enters this week, and it must be used. This week represents the most practical things in the world, including money, wealth and body. Turning dreams into substance also brings wealth and status, implying that you have enough money to carry out your plans and spend at that time. 1, to obtain materials, status, wealth, divine blessings, to obtain benefits. Such as large sums of money, loans, intensive funds entering, getting financial help, etc. 2, prosperity, perfection, material and spiritual abundance, success, achievement. 3, good luck to, is in a lucky moment, get the victory. 4, will be to greater revenue, such as cooperation, business, side business, etc. 5. Receive an important message, or a precious gift. 6, travel to see the benefits, the word is the head, go out to talk about business, related interests, materials, money issues.

Zodiac Horse: Li Yuntian Tarot Week zodiac Horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: This week is related to a career or event. 1, the mood is sad, there are many troubles, many problems, obstacles appear, you must be careful to deal with. If you pretend to be sick or go out to ignore the world, you can reduce the incidence. 2, pay attention to accidental appearances, be careful, crack: check the safety of the vehicle, enter and exit the eyes around the officer, pay attention to slipping, such as going out as little as possible or instruct others to replace, cut more nails, nails, nails, haircuts can be dissolved or reduced, and hang Bagua ornaments or Guan Yu ornaments with you. Releasing bird animals increases causal luck. 3, do things passively, lose faith, be restrained, control and other disadvantages. 4, poor fortune. 5, interpersonal relationships have lost loyalty phenomenon, such as commitment, resignation, betrayal, etc., must be viewed in advance has left a hand.

Zodiac Sheep: Li Yuntian Tarot Weekly Zodiac Horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: This week there is a lot of resistance, 1, there is resistance to doing things, resistance, confrontation and other phenomena, caused by emotional instability, we must control emotions well. 2, pay attention to interpersonal disputes, especially the family, do not produce serious confrontations, and avoid the good fortune. Cracking: You must always remind yourself to calmly control your emotions, and the mobile phone screensaver or the vigilant words and paintings set up in the room or office can remind yourself. 3, the reality of the goal, the maturity of the personality, do things must be realistic, realistic, can not talk about human feelings, can not listen to people empty talk and not real, handling things must be objective reality in order to bring you success.

Zodiac Monkey: Li Yuntian Tarot Week zodiac horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: Awaken this week and figure everything out. Wise judgment must be used to bring you success. It means that the old ideas in your heart are dead! You are embracing the idea of a new world by the call of music, and you are summarizing and sorting out past experiences, identifying the mistakes and discarding them, leaving the best behind. 1, the emotional lover is back to good, emotionally both sides are seriously studying and growing, although the superficial change is not big, but the inner change has been great. 2, career or family revival, a great reversal, get rid of the crisis, a hundred patience into gold, resurrection. 3, there is a lost and regained event appears, an item or customer or received something, etc. 4, there is good news, career you have surpassed yourself, in the past efforts on the basis of success. 5, and then out of the ship or home shipping, such as going out or somewhere back to the auspicious. Can go out. 6, there are celebrations, such as banquets, birthdays, parties, cocktail parties, etc. 7, there are reform conditions, such as career or family changes do not miss, such as changes, decoration, relocation, event changes, etc. 8, health as there is a disease before soon into a state of recovery.

Zodiac Chicken: Li Yuntian Tarot Week zodiac horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: Power transport into this week. 1, do things boldly, have courage, start to act with all their might, there is a new turnaround, break through difficulties, and have amazing willpower and confidence. 2. Good health. 3, all events must be indomitable, go all out, overcome difficulties, strong faith, strong fighting spirit, hard work, extraordinary courage to succeed, with strong faith and effort, challenge the courage of known dangers, even if it is tricky work can break through the predicament, quite dangerous situations to achieve the goal, there is a turnaround. 4, there are new development of new business appears, in the career you continue to break through yourself, bosses and customers have full confidence in you, achievements follow.

Zodiac Dog: Li Yuntian Tarot Weekly Zodiac Horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: This week represents this challenge, but no matter who the enemy is, do not back down, in a favorable state, please show courage to move forward, because the goddess of victory is still smiling at you, suggesting success by perseverance. 1, this week many events in anxiety, sleepiness, doubt their courage, hesitation and failure, in fact, you can succeed, just afraid and worried, lack of courage, 2, the danger of being stolen or deceived, do not invest, about financial and material things must be careful, be careful of scammers or non-commitments appear. 3, panic, worry, embarrassment, not easy to bear; can not bear or embarrassing scenes, confusion and confusion, hesitation, not decisive enough. Cracking: Decisive, bold. 4, on behalf of the independent struggle of people, have enough courage and perseverance to face setbacks, will eventually get good luck and happiness, but should beware of women, rambling, intervention, enemies, etc., must stay away from women.

Zodiac Pig: Li Yuntian Tarot Weekly Zodiac Horoscope 3.7-3.13

[Li Yuntian Tarot Card]: This week is related to conflict or loss, the theme is competition, which is inseparable from its fire characteristics, and if you escape like you will fail, implying important news, you must pay attention to key news to take advantage of. 1, pay attention to legal issues, such as lawsuits, documents, contracts, interests and other related matters, cracking: go to the institution to turn around, personally go to observe other people's lawsuits, banks play a list, etc. can be reduced or resolved. 2, be careful of being deceived, the deceiver does not admit it, must be aware of the problem of the promise of the cheater and the other party. 3, more thinking, more reflection, inner war, heart troubles. 4, interpersonal relationships pay attention to arguments, debates, quarrels. 5, hesitant to do things, not decisive for the cause of failure, must be decisive to deal with things.

Li Yuntian Tarot's weekly zodiac horoscope 3.7-3.13

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