Valve will launch the free game "Aperture Technology Part-time Job" for Steam handheld

Valve today unveiled a free-to-play short game for its handheld Steam Deck called Aperture Tech Part-time. This game is set in the Portal series of game universes that Valve calls "little popular", in which players will play a "worker" of an aperture technology company, and gradually understand the control and functions of the Steam Deck handheld device while working.

Scheduled to be available for free on Steam on March 2, it supports Chinese Simplified, and players don't need to own a Steam Deck to play. Due to the particularity of the content of this game, this game will only support controllers, and does not support keyboard and mouse play.

In addition, Valve also stressed that this new game is not Portal 3.

The country will be unlocked on March 2

The minimum configuration memory requirements are high

Valve's official description of the game is as follows:

Aperture Technology Workers reassembles the aging walking simulation category and takes a new adventure in a world that has been swept away by lightning and overwhelmed by Andofen.

As a nameless newcomer, this is your first day on the job – your heart is full of hope, your footsteps are full of dreams, and you are eager to climb to the top of the company. But things change, and they always change while sitting.

Designed for Valve's new steam Deck, a free-to-play short game, Aperture Technology Takes You Step-by-Step Through the Controls and Features of this Handheld Device, and It's No Less Boring Than It Sounds.

Not Portal 3!

Lower expectations: This is not a sequel to Portal. Then, prepare to raise the expectations, as it belongs to the Portal Extended Universe. Aperture Technology Jobs will put the player in the position of the aperture technology helmsman, then quickly remove the rudder and put a test table in front of the seat.

Steam Deck: Your handheld console

Prior to this, nine times out of ten were sitting, and video games were virtual fantasy worlds that could be escaped. We've made a big shift with the Steam Deck, a portable device that frees your body to run marathons and jump planes, while allowing your brain and hands to simulate all the familiar sittings.

It's MIAN FEI (free)!

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