Wildfire Leader Ike Skin is finally online! Multiple Easter eggs pay homage to the Battle of two cities animation

Originally scheduled for release at version 12.1, Ike's new skin, Wildfire Boss, was postponed until this week's 12.4 release, which has undergone model and effect updates over the past month and added very cool HomeGuard effects. Although Ike's new skin is a T3-level skin, the quality reaches the T2 level, and this is the skin of the "League of Legends" canonical plot, and the skin team has well restored the image of Ike in the animated series "Battle of Two Cities".

In the plot of "Battle of Two Cities", we see Ike becoming the leader of the Wildfire Gang, actively fighting against the Alchemy Baron in the Zuan region. Ike's image in the anime differs from the game's, as he hasn't developed a Z-type resonant drive during the Wildfire Gang, and Ike rides a hoverboard as a moving tool and uses a bat as his weapon. In this Wildfire Chief Ike skin, we can see many elements in the anime series, which are indeed more careful.

For example, every time Ike appears in the anime, he basically wears a hood, stands on a hoverboard, and flies with a bat. The HomeGuard effect of wildfire leader Ike's skin is exactly a reproduction of the way Ike appeared in "Battle of Two Cities", as a T3-level skin, this treatment can be said to be very high. When Ike finished the HomeGuard effect, he jumped off the skateboard and talked about his hood, revealing his white hair.

In the homecoming animation, Ike also incarnates into the animation distance, and he wears his own mask. Until the start of the seventh episode of the Twin Cities anime, the leader of the Wildfire Gang has been wearing a mask, and no one can be sure that he is not Ike. The skin team didn't let Ike skin wear a mask the whole time, but still kept the easter egg in the homecoming animation. Moreover, Ike will also drive a skateboard to do a few handsome flips to get back to the base.

The skin's Ike special effect is green as the main color, and Zuan's main color is green, after all, the chemical industry in the Zuan area is popular, and the clothes of wildfire leader Ike are also green. However, the particle effect uses an electric current, which is similar to the new hero Zeli. In Zeli's backstory, she already knows Ike and joins Ike's Wildfire Gang. However, Ike himself also likes to tinker with various devices, and the ability to design with his hands is full.

Wildfire Chief Ike has a lot of Easter eggs on his skin, first of all, Ike has become a child's Q version style. We all know that Ike's title is "Time Assassin", and he has the ability to travel through time, so this Easter egg is the imaginary Ike turning into a child after turning back time. However, the child Ike who appeared in the first episode of the "Battle of two cities" animated series, at that time, Ike was still short-haired and flathead, and this skin Easter egg did not completely copy the character design.

Another Easter egg of this skin is that Ike uses the bat as a guitar and hums while playing, but his singing voice is not flattering. In the "Real Hurt" skin universe, Ike is set as one of the members of the band, and he still has a lot of musical cells. From the background setting of LoR, Zuan's street music is very developed, Ike usually wanders the streets and may also be interested in music, and the rune land has instruments similar to guitars.

When this skin of Ike dies, there will be a flash of white light, and then Ike's body will disappear from the same place. In the League of Legends universe, Ike has used the power of time freely, and he has traveled through time many times to save many people. Therefore, Ike does not really die in a sense, just like his R skill "Space-time Break", Ike will teleport again and again, returning to the past point in time, so as to find the right future direction.

Ike waited a month and a half for the skin to meet with everyone, and When the game was delayed, Fist said that they wanted to spend some time adjusting the skin and developing additional HomeGuard animations. They believe that in the "Battle of Two Cities" animated series, Ike drove the iconic hoverboard over Picheng and Zuan many times, adding this animation has great significance for the storyline of wildfire help Ike, and also celebrates the successful conclusion of the first season of "Battle of Two Cities".

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